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Decatur Cemetery

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Abstracts: Adams Co. Public Library News Index
Jahn: Jahn Funeral Home Records (1921-1922)
Zwick: Zwick Funeral Home Records (1918-1922)
Will: Adams County Wills
Notes: NSF = no stone found; M/M = Mr & Mrs; B & D = birth & death records

Page updated 8/2/2018
Decatur ~ Maplewood (formerly Greenwood) Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit Photo
Ilnat John 1909 1965
Iliff Joyce A 3/3/1939 4/4/2008 Howard C & Marcella I Betz Iliff obit
Imler Chester V 1885 1955
Imler Don K 1919 1945 KIA in Germany WW II Cpl 90th Div
Imler Zelma E 1889 1987
Inniger Gloria S (Kaehr) 12/12/1944 1/19/2014 Clair Roy & Lucille Tinkham Kaehr obit
Inskeep Katie Ann 3/9/1988 3/9/1988 Anthony J & Lisa Isch Inskeep abstract
Irwin Arthur G 1905 1963
Irwin Christine 9/6/1945 9/6/1945 Arthur & Freeda
Irwin Freeda E (Jeweal) 7/16/1910 12/25/2002 Arthur G - 10/9/1926 Dallas & Daisy Glass Jeweal obit
Irwin Harry O "Jack" 2/26/1918 12/9/1994 Manley & Orpha Tumbleson Irwin obit
Irwin Imogene I (Clifton) 6/5/1918 11/14/1990 Harry O - 1/2/1938 obit
Irwin James Allen 2/12/1968 2/12/1968 Dr Robert & Phyllis Rehme Irwin abstract
Irwin James Lee "Jimmy" 3/28/1931 1/29/1978 Kathy abstract
Irwin Michael E 8/14/1944 11/18/1986 abstract
Isch Glen R 7/16/1917 10/3/2007 Joe R & Minnie Aeschliman Isch obit
Isch John E 1/26/1939 1/4/2011 Ralph & Opal Walters Isch obit
Isch Katheryn G (Burke) 1926 Glen R - 6/3/1943
Isch Lois J (Archinal) 11/1/1937 John - 10/26/1958
Isch Thomas Gene 1/4/1949 1/24/1972 Glen R & Kathryn Burke Isch obit

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