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Decatur Cemetery

Capitolized surnames have a biography attached. Click on the first name to view the Bio.
Abstracts: Adams Co. Public Library News Index
Jahn: Jahn Funeral Home Records (1921-1922)
Zwick: Zwick Funeral Home Records (1918-1922)
Will: Adams County Wills
Death Index: 2005 Adams County Death Index
Notes: NSF = no stone found; M/M = Mr & Mrs

Page updated 8/3/2018
Decatur ~ Maplewood (formerly Greenwood) Cemetery
Last Name First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit Photo
Uhrick Elmer Lewis 12/10/1928 7/19/2014 Norma J Swygart - 1946; Madonna DuBois - 1980 Vernon & Devota Clark Uhrick obit
Uhrick Ernest D "Beany" 12/7/1910 11/5/1986 Marcella M
Uhrick Hazel M (Ogan) 6/11/1950 2/24/1995 Kenneth P - 4/20/1974 Robert & Viola Hinshaw Ogan obit
Uhrick Kenneth P 1946
Uhrick Marcella M (Nelson) 8/2/1910 6/15/1990 Ernest D - 7/27/1930 John & Elta Mae Essex Nelson obit
Uhrick Martha E (Reppert) 12/19/1912 10/17/2005 Paul S - 5/30/1937 William & Emma Yost Reppert obit
Uhrick Ned E 3/3/1938 3/3/1938 Paul & Martha
Uhrick Norma Jean (Swygart) 7/5/1929 7/19/1979 Elmer L - 12/15/1946 Lafayette & Leah Dibble Swygart obit
Uhrick Paul S 10/12/1913 8/30/1964 Martha Reppert - 5/31/1937 Frank & Rosy Diehl Uhrick obit +
Unknown Emma no dates
Unknown Leon no dates
Unknown Noah no dates
Urick Bonnie J (Fulton) 6/11/1942 11/9/2010 Palmer D - 11/23/1961 Oral F & Mary A Nash Fulton obit
Urick Ethel M (Tumbleson) 6/11/1914 3/6/1994 Robert D E Wade & Eva McClain Tumbleson obit
Urick Freeman 1/1/1904 11/24/1952 George abstract
Urick Jerry Wayne 1/25/1944 2/16/1944 abstract
Urick Palmer D 2/1/1942 1/30/2008 Bonie J Fulton - 11/23/1961 Robert & Ethel Tumbleson Urick obit
Urick Robert D 9/9/1913 3/17/1976 Ethel Tumbleson - 9/14/1935 George D & Mary D Elzey Urick obit

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