Azalia Methodist


At south edge of Azalia in Section 34.

These interments have been gleaned from obits or contributed by researchers.

More will be added as the project continues.  




Maiden Name




Allen Fay         unmarked grave; Daughter of Burl & Helen Allen
Allen Sarah E.   1848 1934  
Baker Jiney     1810 1873  
Baker Samuel     1804 1849  
Baker Samuel W.   1849 1924  
Baker Thomas N.   1821 8/14/1865 Major 8th Ind. died in Indianapolis
Barker Catherine T.   1861 1931  
Barker Mildred     1865 1929  
Barker Weston W.   1867 1931  
Barton Bessie Josephine       daughter of A. M. & Z. Barton 22 days old.
Bennett George W.   1810 1872  
Bennett Jerry A.   1873 1873 infant son of J. S. & E. A. Bennett
Bennett William     1842 1856 son of G. W. & B. A. Bennett
Betts William         unmarked grave
Bivens Amanda         unmarked grave;
Bivens Cornelius         unmarked grave;
Bivens Elizabeth         unmarked grave;
Bivens Margaret         unmarked grave;
Bozzell Infant         unmarked grave; Infant child of Arthur & Lina Bozzell
Bradford Cader     1871 1871 infant son of Harvey & Mariam Bradford
Bradford Isaac L.   1861 1863 son of J. and M. Bradford
Bradford John W.   1802 1881  
Bradford William F.   1866 1867 infant son of Harvey & Mariam Bradford
Clark Benedict     18?? 1896 G.A.R.
Clark Ida G.   1856 1905  
Crippen Henrietta     1857   daughter of Wm. E. & M. A.
Crippen Marietta     1854 1854 daughter of Wm. E. & M. A.
Crippen Mary A.   1831 1895  
Crippen William E.       no dates; Co. G. 6th Ind. Inf.
Cross Emily     1863 1863 daughter of J. & J.R. Cross
Cross John     1822 1853  
Cross Joshua     1864 1869 son of J. & J. R. Cross
Downing John T.     1860 son of E. and & S. J. Downing
Fisher Elizabeth     1855 1877 wife of J. E. Fisher
Garner Cheveril     1819 1885  
Garner Jennie         unmarked grave;  wife of C. Garner
Garner Nancy     1821 1871  
Guinn Nina E.   1881 1881 daughter of John H & Rebecca Guinn
Guinn Rebecca A.   1855 1881 wife of John H. Guinn
Hardy Infant     1/29/1856 1/29/1856 son of  J. and S. A. Hardy
Hardy Mary Ann     1851 1855 daughter of J. and S. A. Hardy
Harris Isaac         unmarked grave;
Harris Matilda         unmarked grave;
Hartley Peter         unmarked grave;
Henry Effie         unmarked grave; daughter of J. & M. Henry
Henry Lena         unmarked grave; daughter of J. & M. Henry
Henry James H.   1836 1883  
Henry James H.       no dates
Henry Margaret         unmarked grave;  wife of James Henry
Herod Mary         unmarked grave; wife of Absalom Herod
Imel Harriet     1851 1929  
Kelley Davis     1790 1847  
Lanham John         no dates
Lanham Sarah     1796 1881  
Laurence Abbie         unmarked grave;
Little Virginia         no dates; daughter of B. F. & Nancy Little
Lovelace Letitia Y.   1826 1896  
Lovelace Sarah     1845 1892  
Ludden ?         unmarked grave;
Ludden John         unmarked grave;
McHenry Amanda     1851 1851 daughter of R. H. & M. W. McHenry
McHenry Isabel     1834 1870 Wife of R. H. McHenry
McHenry Jesse     1869 1869 son of R. H. & I. McHenry
McHenry M. W.   1829 1857 wife of R. H. McHenry
McHenry Zilpha     1870 1870 daughter of R. H. and I. McHenry
McMaster Dessie     1875 1875 daughter of J. F. & E. L. McMaster
Martin Andrew         unmarked grave;
Martin Levi D.       no dates; Co. H. Alabama Cavalry
Martin Lucy         unmarked grave;
Maxwell Infant     1868 1868 infant son of C. H. & M. J. Maxwell
Melton Anderson         no dates; Co. 6 12th Ind. Infantry
Murray Elmira E.       unmarked grave; daughter of Elmer & Ollie Murray
Myrick Elmira     1844 1934  
Myrick James B.   1884 1894  
Myrick Henry         no dates; Co. A. 22nd Ind. Inf.
Myrick William W.   1880 1899  
Newby Albert S.   1857 1857 son of R. G. and M. E. Newby
Newby Jane         unmarked grave;
Newby Josiah         no dates
Newby Martha     1812 1875 wife of S. Newby
Newby Nathan         no dates
Newby Nellie         no dates
Newby S.         no dates
Newsom Edith A.   1844 1865 wife of D. Newsom
Newsom Sultana     1812 1850 wife of James Newsom
Overdurf Sarah Jane     1847 daughter of J. A. & Martha Overdurf
Overman Caleb         unmarked grave;
Overman Nancy         unmarked grave;
Owens Myrtey J.   1879 1879 daughter of D. & M. Owens
Parker Charles S.   1857 1863 son of T.C. & S. Parker
Parker Children         children of I. G. & L. A. Parker
Parker Elizabeth H.   1823 1860 wife of J. D. Parker
Parker Infant     1853 1853 infant daughter of T.C. & S. Parker
Parker Lincoln         unmarked grave;
Parker Sarah         unmarked grave;
Parker Stephen         unmarked grave;
Parker Thomas         unmarked grave;
Parker Thomas C   1826 1902  
Parker Thomas E.   1871 1892 son of T. C. & S. Parker
Patrick Martha S.   1795 1860 wife of William Patrick
Poland Elmira         unmarked grave;  wife of W. Poland
Poland Hannah         unmarked grave
Polen Catherine     1863 1865 daughter of W. & H. E. Polen
Polen Hester     1814 1859  
Polen Infant     2/05/1852 2/05/1852 Infant son of W. & H. E. Polen
Polen Washington     1812 1899  
Redford Infant         unmarked grave;
Riley Marshall         unmarked grave; son of Oscar & Lella Riley
Rogers Goldie         unmarked grave; daughter of John & Jessie Rogers
Shaw Edcile         age 5 months
Shumway Charles     1798 1871  
Shumway Jane     1801 1860  
Smith Infant         unmarked grave; infant child of Everett and Stella Smith
Smith Lella         unmarked grave; infant child of Everett and Stella Smith
Spurling ?         unmarked grave;
Sutphin Dora         unmarked grave; wife of Asbury Suthpin
Tankersly Infant         unmarked grave;
Thornton Son         son of A. And M. E. Thornton
Tungate Susan         unmarked grave;
Wood Martha         unmarked grave;