Bartholomew County Cemeteries

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"I researched the location of Bartholomew County Cemeteries.  I took your table and numbered the rows, then added my information to it.  We have more cemeteries than this and I will try to get them in a similar format for you to post.  All I ask is that you please make a note to stress the importance of knowing who the owner of the property is.  I have noted PRIVATE PROPERTY on these cemeteries.  Hope this helps."
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1 Azalia Methodist (M.E.) Azalia M.E. Sandcreek SE1/4 34-8-6 E. side of C.R. 350E, S. of C.R. 770S Caretaker: Sandcreek Twp. Trustee
2 Baptist Friendship Baptist Columbus SE1/4 33-9-6 NE of St. Rd. 7, W. of C.R. 250E Caretaker: Columbus Twp. Trustee
3 Bethel Bethel Union Chapel German; Union twp prior to 1941 NW1/4 28-10-5 N. side of Ohio Ridge Rd., W. of Quan Wae Dr. Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee
4 Burnsville Burnsville Christian Church Rockcreek SW1/4 34-9-7
NW1/4 3-8-7
E. side of C.R. 900E, N. of C.R. 200S Caretaker: Rockcreek Twp. Trustee
5 Carters Chapel Carters Chapel M.E. (2 sites) Columbus SE1/4 2-9-5
NW1/4 11-9-5>
N. side of Lowell Rd., E. of the Northbound Lane of I-65 & S. side of Lowell Rd., in between the Southbound and Northbound Lanes of I-65 Caretaker: Columbus Twp. Trustee
6 Carvin Carvin Family German SW1/4 2-10-5 W. of C.R. 170W, N. of C.R. 900N PRIVATE PROPERTY
8 Cemetery St. Louis M.E. Hawcreek NE1/4 18-10-7 E. side of C.R. 670E, S. of C.R. 800N Caretaker: Hawcreek Twp. Trustee
9 Cemetery - Bick Farm Same as Row #2
10 Cemetery - Crump Farm Bonnell Farm Columbus SW1/4 8-9-6 W. side of Middle Rd., N. of Rocky Ford Rd. PRIVATE PROPERTY
11 Cemetery - Fletcher School Fletcher's Chapel M.E. Hawcreek SE1/4 2-10-7 E. side of C.R. 1075E, S. of C.R. 950N Caretaker: Hawcreek Twp. Trustee
12 Cemetery - Hollowell Farm Hollowell Mill Columbus SE1/4 29-9-6 E. side of Marr Rd., E. of retaining pond; N. of State St. PRIVATE PROPERTY
13 Cemetery - McQueen Farm Bryant Family Hawcreek NW1/4 36-10-7 N. of C.R. 500N, W. of the Bridge over Clifty Creek PRIVATE PROPERTY
14 Clemons Clemons Family Harrison SE1/4 18-9-5 W. side of C.R. 500W, S. of Georgetown Rd. Caretaker: Harrison Twp. Trustee
7 Columbus City City Cemetery Columbus SE1/4 13-9-5
NE1/4 24-9-5
W. side of Chestnut St., N. side of 16th St. SE of Donner Park. Caretaker: City of Columbus
15 Conner Family Conner Family Flatrock NE1/4 1-10-6 W. side of C.R. 600E, S. of C.R. 1000N PRIVATE PROPERTY
16 Critser Criteser Mill Hawcreek SE1/4 24-10-7 N. of C.R. 600N, E. of C.R. 1050E PRIVATE PROPERTY
17 Crail Crail-Bishop Family Harrison SW1/4 18-9-5 E. side of C.R. 600W, S. of Georgetown Rd. Caretaker: Harrison Twp. Trustee
18 Crump Family Crump Family Columbus SW1/4 7-9-6 S. side of Laurel Dr., E. of Western Edge Caretaker: Family?
19 Daughtery Daugherty Wayne NW1/4 18-8-6 E. side of St. Rd. 11, N. of C.R. 450S Caretaker: Cemetery Association
20 Donaldson Donaldson Presbyterian Rockcreek SW1/4 7-8-7 N. side of Legal Tender Rd., NE of St. Rd. 7 Caretaker: Rockcreek Twp. Trustee
21 Enon Moravian Enon Moravian Clay SE1/4 7-9-7 S. side of C.R. 250N & W. of Enon Rd. Caretaker: Hope Moravian Church
22 Flat Rock Baptist Flatrock Baptist Flatrock SW1/4 30-10-6 S. side of 550N, between old River Rd. & the newer River Rd. Caretaker: Cemetery Association
23 Fletcher Same as Row 11
24 Gaddis Gaddis Farm Clay SE1/4 14-9-6 Petersville; in the SW corner of the intersection of C.R. 500E & 25th Street (formerly S.R. 46) PRIVATE PROPERTY
25 Galbraith Galbraith Family Hawcreek NW1/4 24-10-7 S. of C.R. 700N, W. of C.R. 1050E PRIVATE PROPERTY
26 Garland Brook Garland Brook Columbus SW1/4 20-9-6 E. of Gladstone Ave, S. of 10th St. Caretaker: Cemetery Association
27 Harmony/Section Section-Harmony Sandcreek NE1/4 16-8-6 E. side of C.R. 250E, S. of C.R. 400S Caretaker: Family?
28 Haiselup Haiselup's M.E. Harrison SE1/4 34-9-4 E. of White Horse Rd., S. of C.R. 170S Caretaker: Harrison Twp. Trustee
29 Hartsville Baptist Hartsville Baptist Hawcreek NW1/4 36-10-7 W. side of Washington St., N. of School St. Caretaker: Hawcreek Twp. Trustee
30 Hartsville College Hartsville College Hawcreek SE1/4 36-10-7 S. end of East St. Caretaker: Hawcreek Twp. Trustee
31 Hoyt Family (no stones) Hoyt Family Flatrock SE1/4 26-10-6 N. side of C.R. 550N, E. of C.R. 475E PRIVATE PROPERTY
32 Jones/Yeley Jones-Yeley Family Flatrock SW1/4 36-10-6 S. side of C.R. 450N (Nortonburg Rd.) half-way between C.R. 500E & C.R. 600E PRIVATE PROPERTY
33 Kansas Kansas M.E. Camp Atterbury (in Ninevah Twp prior to 1941) NE1/4 12-10-4 Caretaker: Camp Atterbury
34 Kyle Farm Kyle Family German N1/2 2-10-5 E. of C.R. 170W, S. of C.R. 1000N PRIVATE PROPERTY
35 Lambert Lambert Station Columbus NE1/4 5-9-6 S. of C.R. 400N (dead end), E. of Marr Rd. Caretaker: Columbus Twp. Trustee
36 Lawton/Harmony Lawton-Harmony Harrison NE1/4 31-9-5 N. of Youth Camp Rd., W. of C.R. 525W Caretaker: Harrison Twp. Trustee
37 Liberty Cemetery Liberty-Hawpatch Flatrock NE1/4 31-10-6 S. of C.R. 500N, straddles C.R. 100E (old Middle Rd.) Caretaker: Flatrock Twp. Trustee
38 Little Sand Creek Little Sandcreek Baptist Clifty & Rockcreek SE1/4 27-9-7
NE1/4 34-9-7
E. side of Talkington Rd., S. of C.R. 75S Caretaker: Cemetery Commission
39 Marr Marr Family German SE1/4 35-10-5 N. side of C.R. 400N, E. of US 31 Caretaker: New Hope Church
40 Moravian Hope Moravian Hawcreek NW1/4 20-10-7 W. side of St. Rd. 9, S. of Town Square Caretaker: Hope Moravian Church
41 Mount Carmel Mt. Carmel Harrison NE1/4 26-9-4 N. of Bethany Rd., W. of Wolf Creek Rd. Caretaker: Harrison Twp. Trustee
42 Mount Olive Mt. Olive M.E. Harrison SW1/4 13-9-4 N. side of Georgetown Rd., W. of C.R. 600W Caretaker: Mt. Olive Church
43 Mount Pleasant (Christian Union) Mt. Pleasant M.E. Columbus NE1/4 33-9-5 W. side of Terrace Lake Rd., just S. of its intersection with Carr Hill Rd. Caretaker: Columbus Twp. Trustee
44 Mount Pleasant Mt. Pleasant U.B. Clifty NE1/4 13-9-7 S. side of C.R. 200N, E. of the Co. Line Rd. (C.R. 1200E) Caretaker: Clifty Twp. Trustee
45 Newbern Newbern Christian Clifty SE1/4 9-9-7 N. & E. of the intersection of Vine & East Street in Newbern Caretaker: Clifty Twp. Trustee
46 Newsom Cemetery Newsom Family Sandcreek SW1/4 11-8-6 N. of C.R. 400S, E. of US 31 Caretaker: Family?
47 New Harmony Same as Row 27
48 New Hope New Hope Christian Church German SE1/4 35-10-5 N. side of C.R. 400N, E. of US 31 Caretaker: New Hope Church
49 New Zion Zion Chapel M.E. Harrison SE1/4 6-8-5 E. side of C.R. 550W, S. of C.R. 250S Caretaker: New Zion Church
50 Norton Family Norton Children Flatrock NW1/4 35-10-6 W. side of C.R. 425E, N. of C.R. 450N (Nortonburg Rd.) PRIVATE PROPERTY
51 Old Saint Louis Same as Row 8
52 Old Union Old Union Christian Church German SW1/4 12-10-5
NW1/4 13-10-5
W. of C.R. 50W, S. of C.R. 800N Caretaker: Old Union Church
53 Parkison Banister Rockcreek SW1/4 35-9-7 W. side of C.R. 1050E, N. side of C.R. 200S Caretaker: Rockcreek Twp. Trustee
54 Resthaven Rest Haven German (mostly in Johnson Co.) NW1/4 3-10-5
NE1/4 4-10-5
E. of US 31 at the SW corner of Edinburgh Caretaker: Town of Edinburgh
55 Roberts Chapel Robert's Chapel M.E. German (north side of the road in Shelby Co.) NW1/4 4-10-6 S. of C.R. 1000N (Bartholomew County) & E. of C.R. 175E Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee
56 Robertson Robertson Family Clay SW1/4 7-9-7 N. side of C.R. 225N & W. of C.R. 650E on Clifty Creek Golf course PRIVATE PROPERTY
57 Roth Roth-Gutknecht Lutheran Ohio NW1/4 12-8-4 W. side of C.R. 650W, N. of the Marina Caretaker: Family?
58 Saint John's St. John's Lutheran Union German (in Union Twp prior to 1941) NW1/4 32-10-5 N. side of C.R. 450N, W. of C.R. 400W Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee
59 Saint Paul's Evangelical St. Paul's Clifty Lutheran Columbus NE1/4 33-9-6
NW1/4 34-9-6
S. side of St. Rd. 7, E. of C.R. 300E Caretaker: St. Paul's Church
60 Sand Creek Sandcreek Friends Sandcreek SE1/4 27-8-6 S. side of C.R. 650S, E. of C.R. 375E Caretaker: Azalia Friends Church
61 Sandhill Sandhill Clay SW1/4 15-9-6 S. side of 25th St. (formerly St. Rd. 46), E. of Talley Rd. Caretaker: Clay Twp. Trustee
62 Schoaler Schooler Family German NW1/4 13-10-5 E. side of C.R. 100W, N. of C.R. 700N PRIVATE PROPERTY
63 Sharon Sharon Baptist Clay NE1/4 7-9-7 E. side of C.R. 700E, S. of C.R. 300N Caretaker: Clay Twp. Trustee
64 Shiloh Shiloh Baptist Harrison SW1/4 13-9-4 S. side of Georgetown Rd., E. of C.R. 700W Caretaker: Shiloh Baptist Church
65 Sidener Family Sidener Family Hawcreek SW1/4 8-10-7 W. side of St. Rd. 9, N. of C.R. 800N PRIVATE PROPERTY
66 Sidney Branch Sidney Branch Flatrock SE1/4 9-10-6 W. side of C.R. 300E, N. of C.R. 800N Caretaker: Flatrock Twp. Trustee
67 Simmons Simmons Family Hawcreek SW1/4 6-10-7 E. side of C.R. 625E, S. of C.R. 950N Caretaker: Flatrock Twp. Trustee
68 South Bethany South Bethany Christian Church Harrison SE1/4 34-9-4 N. of Youth Camp Rd., E. of Wolf Creek Rd. Caretaker: South Bethany Christian Church
69 Spaugh/Cox Family Andrews-Cox Family Flatrock NW1/4 11-10-6 S. side of C.R. 900N, W. of C.R. 425E Caretaker: Family?
70 Springer Springer Sandcreek SW1/4 14-8-6 E. side of US 31, S. side of C.R. 475S Caretaker: Cemetery Association
71 Steinberger Steenbarger German SE1/4 13-10-5 E. side of C.R. 50W, S. of C.R. 800N Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee
72 Stone Arch Bridge Stone Arch Bridge in Johnson County
73 Tannehill Tannehill Mill German NE1/4 21-10-5
NW1/4 22-10-5
Due West of the I-65 interchange with US 31 at Taylorsville Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee
74 Thayer Thayer Family Flatrock NE1/4 14-10-6 E. side of C.R. 425E, S. of C.R. 800N PRIVATE PROPERTY
75 Thompson Thompson Columbus SW1/4 29-9-6
NW1/4 32-9-6
E. of Gladstone Ave, S. of RR tracks at Kreutzer Dr. Caretaker: Columbus Twp. Trustee
76 Treadway Treadway Family German SW1/4 11-10-5 N. of C.R. 800N, E. of I-65 Caretaker: German Twp. Trustee

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