Barmes Family

Here are some photographs of my Barmes ancestors who came to Hope, Indiana in 1834. 

A quick glimpse of our line is as follows: 

  1. John Philip Barmes from Bavaria - buried in Hope

  2. Fredrick Elde Barmes - born and buried in Hope  (twin brother of Charles)

  3. Jesse Delmar Barmes - born and buried in Hope (brother Elda and sister Elsie Barmes Rothrock)

  4. Virgil Brewer Barmes - born in Marion County

  5. Leroy Delmar Barmes - born/buried in Madison County

  6. Diana Barmes Jolliffe-Haas

  7. Darin Jolliffe-Haas

We will be having a Barmes Family Celebration to commemorate our 171 years in America this August in Hope.



Darin L. Jolliffe-Haas

    Charles & Frederick Barmes    

Twin Brothers


Charles Barmes Family Eldie, Elsie & Jesse Barmes

Eldie Barmes Family

Elsie & Mary Rothrock

Elsie Barmes


Frederick Barmes Frederick Barmes Jesse Barmes Leroy & Evelyn Barmes w/ Leroy Barmes, Mabel Daughterty
  Civil War   Grandpa Jesse Barmes 1926 & Emma Barmes