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Hope Star Thursday August 27 1914
Picture of 10 men with caption One Survivor, J. S. Zeigler. Does not name
other men.
Below is the obit:
Hope's oldest citizen passes away Friday Night
Adam S. Rominger dies at his home on South Vine Street.

Adam S. Rominger died at his home on south Vine street in Hope Friday night
at 9 o'clock, aged 94 years, 9 months and 29 days.
Mr. Rominger was born near Salem, N. C. and came to Indiana in the year 1839
and with the exception of a few years spent in Columbus and Franklin,
Indiana, Hope has been his home all these years.
Mr. Rominger built and operated the first Grist Mill in Hope and helped to
build a number of the houses in the town.
Mr. Rominger has been very active for a man of his age; he was a member of
the Moravian church for over 80 years and was a regular attendant at the
church services and Sunday school.
Funeral services held in the Moravian Chapple Monday, Aug 24, at 2 p.m. by
the Rev. Conrad Hermsteadt, the Moravian preacher of Indianapolis.
Burial in the Moravian cemetery.
E. E. Norman & Son funeral directors.

Another Obit, but incomplete


From the Hope Star Journal Thursday Sept. 17, 1914

Adam Sandford Rominger, familiarly known as "Uncle Sandford", or "Father
Rominger", was born to Benjamine and Elizabeth (Shore) Rominger, near
Winston-Salem, N. C. in the year of our Lord 1819, October 23.
Godly parents of the Moravian faith dedicating him in early infancy to the
Lord by the rite of holy baptism, the Rev. Ruede performing the act: this
consecration was ratified by the youth in later years when he was confirmed.
>From the date of baptism, year after year until this time a scripture text
card had annually come into his hand from the presiding pastor, these were
carefully treasured up and until the advanced years of his departure were
considered precious and worthy to be read and lived up to.
At about nineteen years of age, he with his parents, younger brothers, Jonas
W. and Simon F. and sisters, Melvina C. and Mariah came to what was then, in
1839, known as the far West, Indiana. They located on a farm now known as
the "Big Spring" place and at present the property of Ardell Burney, later a
purchase of a farm, at present known as the "Phillip Miller home", gave them
a home on Duckcreek but not too far away to find them ever in God's house
when the church bell sent out the call for worship.
The two younger brothers were help enough for the father, hence the subject
of this sketch left his father's home to learn as an apprentice the trades he
later became expert in and followed until late in life.

About this time he went farther West to see if greener fields could be found.
St. Joe, Mo, was the objective location, but he had previously met a lovely
maiden in Hope, Ind. and for this companionship his heart yearned, hence
after one year's absence of journing and Western life he returned and settled
down to business as carpenter and later Cabinet-maker. At the former he
built well, as buildings yet remain of his hands work. When past 85 years
old he built a neat residence of four rooms from foundation to finish
unaided, a complete structure.
While doing shop work in those early days, the burial case was an unheard-of
commodity the the elbo (?) coffin being the popular outfit and when needed,
orders were filled by the Cabinet-maker on short notice and frequently in
those days when epidemics of Scarlet fever and like serious maladies
prevailed calls for from one to four from one family came in quick
successions, so that day and night the bench and tools were in constant
Later in 1843 on November he was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to
Miss Amanda Levina Leinback, daughter of the late John Henry and Rebecca
(Spainhur) Leinback, also of N. C., the Rev Titus officiating. To this union
were born two sons and two daughters, the sons departing this life, one
Julius Henry in early infancy and Rufus Edwin in the first flush of
manhood-the daughters Misses Emily A. and Adelaide C. remain to mourn the
loss of faithful loving good parents.
Of a natural public spirit, the good of the community where he dwelt was
uppermost in his mind and the betterment of all sought. One of the first
active business interests of the town of Hope was its large and at that early
day extensive Grist and Merchant Mill built and put on good financial basis
by this man and a cousin S. C. Rominger which remained until the flames claim
it in 1892. The same firm at the time of building owned and operated an
extensive Saw Mill in what is now the heart of Hope.
During this long useful life changes came, business success as well as
reverses succeeded each.....

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Source: Hope Star-Journal, Obits, compiled by Mildred Dixon Harrod

ROMINGER, Charles A.
Born February 13, 1856 north of Hope, son of Charles W. and Mary A. Walter
Rominger, died Friday [February 28, 1933] at Hope, age 76. He married May 1881 to
Loucretia Barthlo [sic] of Ohio and they had four sons and three daughters. Esta,
Lela and Ray died in childhood. He had a wood working shop. Surviving are his wife;
daughter Mrs Attison (Alma) Johnson; three sons, Paul Rominger of Beech Grove, Clifford
Rominger of Bloomington, and Robert Rominger of Hope; two sisters, Mrs Martha Essex of
Hope and Mrs Ella Hornaday of McCune, Kansas; and a brother Lewis Rominger of north of
Hope. Funeral service was Monday at home with burial at Hope.

Hope Star-Journal - Friday, January 6, 1933

Parents of Charles A Rominger were Mary Ann Walter and Charles William Rominger.
Charles A Rominger was one of ten siblings.
Charles A Rominger married Lucretia (Loucretia) A Bartlow, May 22, 1881 in Bartholomew Co, IN. They had four children.
Parents of Loucretia Bartlow are unknown.
Children who died in childhood: Esta, Lela and Ray.
Daughter, Alma Rominger married (1) Charles Williams and (2) Attison Johnson. No info concerning any children.
Son, Paul E Rominger married Beulah McCullough; one daughter, Doris Joan.
Son, Clifford Rominger; no info concerning any marriage.
Son, Robert Rominger; no info concerning any marriage.
Sister, Martha A (Mattie) Evangeline Rominger married Samuel Henry (Essec) Essex; five children.
Sister, Ella (Mary Ella) Rominger married (1) Christopher (Hornady) Hornaday; five children. Married (2) James C Kelley.
Brother, Lewis Taylor Rominger married Lillie Leona Gillespie; son and two daughters.
Sister, Emeline E Rominger m. Samuel Henry Dodd; six children.
Sister, Amanda H Rominger m. Louis L Parks; two daughters.
Sister, Minerva Louise (Nerve) Rominger m. Mathias Banford Collins; four children.
Sister, Mary E Rominger
Brother, William T Rominger m. Mary (mnu); four daughters.
Brother, Thomas W Rominger m. Charlotte P Zeigler; one son, two daughters.

Hope Star Journal Friday, November 21, 1930

Born at Hope May 18, 1848, son of Jonas and Caroline Rominger, died Monday at Hope, age 82. He lived southeast of Hope 5 years, then 5 years in Hope, then Clarksburg where he carried mail 26 years. He had a livery in Hope. Surviving are his widow, Cornelia Schultz Rominger, whom he married October 21, 1869; 5 daughters, Mrs. C. J. Utter, Mrs. John Stamm, Mrs. Lora Simmons, all of Hope, Mrs. Walter Hite of near Greensburg and Miss Alta Rominger of Indianapolis; 2 sons, Frank L. Rominger of Rushville and Lisle Rominger of Indianapolis. Funeral service was Wednesday at the Moravian Church with burial at Garland Brook Cemetery in Columbus.


Form the Hope Star Journal Friday April 19, 1907

Cassius Marion Rominger was born near Hope Oct. 9th, 1851 and departed this
life at his home on Jackson street Friday April 12, 1907 aged 56 years, 6
months, 3 days.
He was the youngest of Granville L. and Mary (Carter) Rominger, and the
grandson of Phillip Rominger one of the pioneers of the Moravian congregation
of Hope.
He was married to Flora B. Bliss, of Rushville, Ind. December 10th, 1872, and
to this union were born two children, one daughter who died in infancy and
one son Millard V. Rominger.
He was a lover of his home and seldom stayed away from it any length of time.
He has always lived in Hope and was a familiar figure on our streets and
having been a Notary Public for a number of years was known by most every one
to be honorable and upright in all dealings with his fellowmen.
He leaves a wife, son, one grand-son and a number of others relatives and
friends to mourn their loss.
The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon April 14, 1907, conducted by
the Rev. W. H. Romig, and the remains were laid to rest in the Moravian

Same paper-further down:
Card of Thanks
We desire to express our hearfelt thanks to our many friends and neighbors
for their sympathy, kind words and floral offerings, in the great loss of our
loved-one, Cassieus M. Rominger.
We also wish to express our appreciation to the minister, singers and funeral
directors for thair kind and efficient service in this our time of great
Mrs. Flora Rominger and Son

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Source: Hope Star-Journal, Obits, compiled by Mildred Dixon Harrod

Born at Hope May 18, 1848, son of Jonas and Caroline Rominger, died Monday
[November 17, 1930] at Hope, age 82. He lived southeast of Hope five years,
then five years in Hope, then Clarksburg where he carried mail 26 years. He had
a livery in Hope. Surviving are his widow, Cornelia Shultz Rominger, whom he married
October 21, 1869; five daughters, Mrs C J Utter, Mrs John Stamm, Mrs Lora Simmons,
all of Hope; Mrs Walter Hite of near Greensburg and Miss Alta Rominger of Indianapolis;
two sons, Frank L Rominger of Rushville and Lisle Rominger of Indianapolis. Funeral
service was Wednesday at the Moravian Church with burial at Hope.

Hope Star-Journal - Friday, November 21, 1930

Parents of Freeman Rominger were Caroline Rebecca ROMINGER and Jonas Martin ROMINGER (1822-1904); m. 1845.
[Caroline Rominger & Jonas Rominger believed to have been cousins.]
Freeman Rominger married [Cert. C8, 167] Cornelia A (Shultz) Schultz, d/o Catherine M Pickett and Louis (Lewis) T Shultz.
Freeman Rominger was aka: "Edward Freeman (Truman) Rominger".
Daughter, Jennie F Rominger m. Clinton J Utter [Dec 17, 1903; C16, 004]
Daughter, Lora Rominger m. Edward B Simmons [Apr 4, 1903; C15, 335]
Daughter, Enrie E Rominger m. (1) Stamm and (2) Stamm - a different man.
Daughter, Maude Rominger m. (Hyatt) Hite
Son, Lyle A Rominger m. Lena Moore; children: son & daughter.
Son, Frank L Rominger m. Edna Florence Bradley; no children, adopted wife's niece.
Source: Hope Star-Journal, Obits, compiled by Mildred Dixon Harrod

ROMINGER, Irwin Theodore
Born and raised at Hope, lived at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, died Tuesday,
December 30, 1931, with funeral service Friday at Winston-Salem. He was the last
of his immediate family, youngest son of Levi Joseph and Rebecca Ann Rominger.
They had ten children but only three lived to maturity. He married Alma Schaefer
June 20, 1894. They had one daughter and two sons who died in infancy.

Hope Star-Journal - Friday, January 2, 1931

Irvin Theodore Rominger (1858-1930), was one of ten children of Rebecca Ann Fetter & Levi J Rominger. Only Julius, Henry and Irvin survived to maturity. Irvin Theodore Rominger married Alma C (Schaffer) Schaefer, June 20, 1894, in Barth Co, IN.
Brother, Julius Charlton Rominger m (1) Emma Augusta Burcham; son Oliver Franklin Rominger m. Lucy Charlotte Winterberg. Julius Rominger m. (2) Clara Elizabeth (Richseche) Ricksecker; four children.
Brother, Henry Samuel Rominger m. (1) Otelia Keller, of Sharon, Ohio; four children. Henry m. in 1892, (2) Laura S Fishel; no issue.
Niece, Florence Hyantha Rominger, d/o Clara & Julius Romigner, m. M Wallace Yost; two sons.

"Romingers Roam", Vol 1 - "Irvin Theodore Rominger, the youngest son of Levi & Rebecca Fetters [sic] ...worked with his father and brothers in the mercantile business for many years. After marriage, they went to Winston-Salem where he died in . One child was born to them in 1898."


From the Hope Star Journal Thursday January 29 1914.

In Memoriam of Louise Rebecca (Lick) Rominger
Louisa Rebecca Lick was born May 10th, 1828, in Salem, Stokes County N. C.
and died January 18, 1914, her age being 83 years, 8 months and 8 days. She
was the oldest daughter of John M. and Marian Lick. She came with her
parents to Indiana in October 1835. Joined the M. E. Church at Old St.
Louis, May 27th, 1840. Was converted at a camp meeting on Flat Rock in
September in 1841. She was married to John Rominger, September 3rd, 1845.
They moved to Iowa soon after their marriage, where they helped to organize
the first Methodist society in Bloomfield-Davis County, where they held their
meeting in a log cabin about 15 feet square. They with ten others, formed
the society in 1847.
They returned to their native state, and settled in the woods near where her
loved one died in 1902. They belonged to the Old St. Louis church when both
the old and the present church was built. Attended the dedication of both,
belonging to the above church 25 years in all. In 1866, she united with the
M. E. Church at Hope. Up till the time of her death, her mother's house was
the home of the pioneer preachers, when this was a four weeks circuit. The
preachers often would come horseback through storm and sleet. After she was
married, she still entertained the preachers; such as Ames, Terrell, John V.
R. Miller, Havens, Montgomery, Maupin, Old Father Lynch, and a great many
others. She was a faithful and earnest worker in the church. Never was her
seat vacant when she could be at church. She said at one time, 'I do thank
God that there will be some stars in my crown. I have been the means in the
hands of God of saving some souls."
I know that God converted my soul in 1849. But I was not satisfied, and kept
seeking for a greater blessing, until 1870, when I attended a camp meeting at
Acton. I received such a great blessing that I was satisfied with the
fullness of God's love. I have passed through sorrows, afflictions, and
bereavements, but his grace has ever been sufficient. I feel that he is ever
present and leads me by his own hand. I have been the mother of 6 children:
five boys and one girl. Four of these children are gone. Only two sons
remain, Alvis, and Lin. Her only daughter died in 1889. She left three
children, the oldest one only 7 years old. The Lord helped me to rear them
to mature years, and see them converted and in the church.
Mr. Rominger has been a reader of the Western Christian Advocate since 1819.
My husband died May 19th 1902. I am quite lonely now, but I know he is at
rest, and his works do follow him.
This is a beautiful New Year's day, Jan 1st, 1906. I feel that I am one year
nearer my Heavenly Home."
Here Mrs. Rominger quotes the Old Long Meter Doxology, as the best expression
of the feeling and hope that animated her mind at this time.
"Praise God from whom all blessings flow, &c."
Mrs. Rominger was a good woman. Her life was another of the many
exemplifications of the beauty and grace of Christian womanhood.
Like her husband, and with him, she rests from her labors, and her works will
follow her.

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Source: Hope Star-Journal, Obits, compiled by Mildred Dixon Harrod

ROMINGER, Margaret
Daughter of W T and Sarah Rominger, she died Tuesday [February 14, 1933] at
Hartsville where she had lived all her life. Surviving are her mother; three sisters,
Mrs William Wilson of near Greensburg, Miss [sic] Berdie Clapp of Hartsville, and Mrs
Arthur Mahaffey of Indianapolis. Funeral service was Saturday, February 18 [sic] 1933,
at the Hartsville Methodist Church with burial at Garland Brook cemetery in Columbus.
She was 62.

Hope Star-Journal - Friday, February 17, 1933

On August 11, 1870 in Bartholomew Co, IN, Margaret's father, William T Rominger
married Martha Elrod - before birth of Margaret Rominger.
Siblings of Margaret Rominger, and children of Martha Elrod and William Rominger:
Minnie B Rominger, b. abt. 1872, married in 1892, Barth Co, IN, Arthur M Mahaffey.
Birt L Rominger, b. abt. 1872, married in 1891, Barth Co, IN, Alonzo B Clapp.
Minnie B Rominger & Birt L Rominger were twin girls, b. 1872)
Mary M Rominger, b. 1879, married in 1907, Barth Co, IN, William H Wilson.
Margaret Rominger, b. abt. 1871, was survived by her mother, named in obit as "Sarah"
"Sarah and/or Martha Elrod", married in 1870 to William T Rominger - appear to be one
and the same person.