Bartholomew County Births

Various Sources

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Name Date Father Mother Source
ARBUCKLE, Lucien 23 Mar 1876 Martin Mary Benson Delayed Birth
BRUNER, John Martin 16 Nov 1846 Charles Eliza Snyder See Obit
CARTER, Sarah Pence 20 Feb 1847 John B. Sarah Carter See Obit
CHANDLER, Everett Lee 25 Jul 1895 See Obit
COLEE, Roscoe Forrest 21 Nov 1890 Edward Rebecca Jane Bennett Delayed Birth
EARLYWINE, George R. 16 Jun 1841 George W. Sarah Doan See Bio
ELKINS, Irma Irene 4 Mar 1891 Edgar Waltz Lillian Wolford Delayed Birth
ESSEX, Miranda A. 9 Feb 1836 Thomas Rebecca Fry See Obit
GOSCH, John William 18 Oct 1889 John F. Elizabeth Sherrer Delayed Birth
HAILWAY, William H. 11 Nov 1873 Henry Sarah Kitzmiller Bio
HAMBLEN, Eliakim 22 Oct 1832 Jesse Rachel Taggart See Bio
HAMILTON, John Robert 18 Jul 1885 Lewis D. Sarah Elizabeth Shephard Delayed Birth
HARRISON, Carter V. 23 Feb 1856 Carter Julia A. St. Clair See Bio
HASCH, John Marion 3 Feb 1892 Alfred Nancy G. Newton Delayed Birth
HAYES, Homer Harrison 27 Jun 1880 Lewis Jessie Carter Delayed Birth
HOMSHER, Alice Margaret 21 Jul 1904 Lewis Morland Arda Xantippi Vogler Obituary
McCALLIE, Charles Frank 1862 Thomas Sarah Jane Frost See Obit
MILLER, Maud Rebecca 11 Mar 1875 William Simeon Lucy Ziegler See Obit
NEWLAND, Donetta 25 Jan 1935 John Olive Olmstead Obit
NICHOLS, Russell Eric 13 Nov 1967 Vernon Ed Lucille Vance Obit
NICHOLSON, Samuel Forrest 18 Oct 1887 William T. Anna Jane Freeland Delayed Birth
PENCE, Orville Jasper 19 Sep 1891 Fohn Franklin Jane Pickens Delayed Birth
RICHARDSON, Oren 17 Sep 1904 Amos Lizzie Hogan Delayed Birth
ROBERTSON, William 29 Aug 1846 John Mary See Obit
ROMINGER, Cassius Marion 9 Oct 181 Granville L. Mary Carter See Obit
ROMINGER, Charles A. 13 Feb 1856 Charles W. Mary A. Walter See Obit
ROMINGER, Freeman 18 May 1848 Jonas Caroline See Obit
ROMINGER, Irwin Theodore 1858 Levi Joseph Rebecca Ann Fetter See Obit
SCHAEFER, William 28 May 1872 Louis Marie Sanders See Obit
SCUDDER, Sarah Emily 6 Jan 1891 Samuel Joseph Sawyer Mary Catharine Wasson Delayed Birth
SHULTZ, Anderson W. Oct 1851 Louis T. Catherine M. Pickett See Obit
SHULTZ, Frances Abt. 1855 Louis T. Catherine M. Pickett See Obit
SHULTZ, Laura Belle 4 Apr 1860 Louis T. Catherine M. Pickett See Obit
SLATER, Stella 8 Apr 1899 Charles A. See Obit
SMITH, Herman J. 17 Aug 1935 Herman L. Grace Haymaker Obituary
STILLABOWER, Carrol D. 30 Nov 1929 Roscoe Mary I. Milnes Obituary
TALBERT, Anna Katerine 12 Jan 1885 William Mount Mary Ellen Gibson Delayed Birth
THOMPSON, Timothy Lee 20 Sep 1972 Ronald L. Joyce A. Wentworth Obituary
WILSON, Mary M. 16 Sep 1927 Oral Lena Miller Obituary

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