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"A" Names

ABBETT, Francis MBook E, pp 66-67
(of Blythedale, Harrison Co, MO)Dated 8 Feb 1901
Wife: Mary ARecorded 14 Oct 1901
William A Abbett a brother of Francis comes into the Bartholomew Co Court and testifies as to Francis' signature.
Executor: His wife
Witnesses: C A Mitchell, Marion Corberly - both of Blythedale, Missouri
ABBETT, JosephBook B, pp 197-198
(of Blythedale, Harrison Co, MO)Dated 27 Jan 1869
Wife: Sarah ARecorded 23 Feb 1869
Executor: His Wife
Witnesses: Oliver D Abbett and Allen Blake
ABBETT, William ABook __, pp 300-301
(of Columbus)Dated 30 Dec 1901
"My children as follows" - Lou A Jett,
Phillip A, Mary A Thornton,
Ella M Thornton, Heirs of James M Abbett
Recorded 22 Mar 1905
Executor: Orville E Thornton
Witnesses: John M. Wells, William Wells and Frank Lindsay.
ADAMS, AmandaBook E, pp 410-412
Daughter Mrs. Ida Perkins of South Bend, Ind.
Daughter Mrs. Cora Arnold of Columbus
"My other children"
Granddaughters: Ida Perkins, Ethel Adams, Marie Adams
Dated 1 Dec 1902
Recorded 7 Dec 1906
She wants a gravestone erected for her deceased husband and herself.
Executor: Her daughter Cora Arnold
Witnesses Elmer Bassett and Orville L Bishop.
ADAMS, John GBook A, pp 173-174
Wife: Elizabeth G
"My Children"
Dated 3 May 1853
Recorded 1 Jun 1853
Land mentioned that he purchased from Isaac S Boardman.
Executor: Joseph Robinson
Witnesses: H A Chenoweth and Nathan Tompkins.
AHERN, Frankie LBook C, pp 422-423
Husband: Thomas C
"Our little son Thomas Shirley Ahern"
Dated 24 Feb 1890
Recorded 8 Mar 1890
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: John W Morgan and Anna Stull
AHLBRAND, John PhilipBook A, pp 40-41
Wife Mary
"My Children"
Dated 7 Dec 1846
Recorded 26 Jan 1847
Executor: John Henry Kerkhoff - who is also listed here as John Henry Donhos and John Henry Curchugh.
Witnesses: John Henry Kerkhoss and W H H Lind.
AICHMAN, HermanBook B, pp 93-94
Wife: Margaret
Sons: Henry, Frederick
Son in law: Frederick Miller
Dated (none given)
Recorded 11 Mar 1865
Entry states that Herman died in September of 1864. George Schluter comes before the court and testifies as to the signature of John Henry Schluter - a witness to this will.  He states that John Henry died in March of 1857 and Frederick Baker, April of 1864.
Executor: Not Listed
Witnesses: Frederick Buken and John Henry Schluter.
AIKENS, JamesBook E, pp 137-139
 Dated 8 Jun 1898
 Recorded 12 Sep 1902
Niece: Elizabeth the wife of John Simmons, Minnie George - the daughter of Elizabeth, Charles - the son of Elizabeth

Nieces: Catharine - the widow of Henry Willett deceased, Margaret - the wife of Joseph Aikens, Mollie - the wife of Peter McDonald (above are the children of my deceased sister Mary Hott)

Mary - the wife of John Gant and her children
Anna - the wife of William Marr and her children
(the relationship of these two is not stated)

Nieces: Elizabeth - the wife of John Johnson, Margaret - the wife of ______ Johnson, Emma - formerly Emma Aikens, Mary Aikens
(the above are the children of my deceased brother John Aikens)

Lots in the town of Walesboro are mentioned.

Executor: William Marr
Witnesses: Louis K Ong and Charles F Dehmer.
ALBRIGHT, JohnBook E, pp 165-167
(Of Hope)Dated 12 Feb 1902
Wife: Emma
Daughters: Mary Johnson, Emma, Annie Young
Recorded 17 Mar 1903
It is his wish that a tombstone be erected on his grave and a similar one on that of his wife, after her death.
Codicil to this will of 14 Feb 1902 increases the legacy to his son Allen.

The widow does not accept the terms of the will as they pertain to her.

Executor: His son Lewellen
Witnesses: W H Aikin & William Williams to codicil W H Aikin & Eugene Chandler.
ALBRIGHT, LlewellynBook E, pp 260-262
(Of Hope)Dated 10 Apr 1898
Wife: Lucy J
Children: Maggie, Harvey E, Maud, Carrie E, Harry L, Raymond
Recorded 26 Apr 1904
He mentions his carriage factory in Hope.

Executor: His wife
Witnesses:  John L Moore and John W Shore
ALDENDORF, WilliamBook B, pp 369-370
Wife: Leasata
Children: Ida, William, Charles, George
Dated 23 Dec 1875
Recorded 28 Dec 1875
Executor: Not Listed
Witnesses: John Bruning and Lewis Donhost.
ALLEN, CalvinBook B, pp 254-256
Wife: PriscillaDated 24 Nov 1870
"My own children and John W Nickles"Recorded 25 Feb 1871
Codicil to this will dated 13 Dec 1870 concerns his legacy to John W Nickles and the sale of his real estate

Executor: James M Wynn
Witnesses: John W Morgan and Joseph H Wynn
ANDERSON, HiramBook C, pp 278-281
Wife: MariahDated 24 Aug 1887
"My children and grandchildren"
Priscilla Warren, Wiley, Perry, Nancy J Moore
Hiram, Seymour Smith - son of my daughter Angeline Cooper
Francis & Lucy Deagan - the children of my deceased daughter Elizabeth Deagan
Recorded 16 Feb 1888
His son Perry is to act as guardian for his grand children Francis & Lucy Deagan.

Executor: His son Perry
Witnesses: David Stobo and Mattie Schultz
ANDERSON, James HBook E, pp 401-402
Wife: Mary JDated 28 Mar 1904
 Recorded 24 Sep 1906
Stable and lot in Hartsville is mentioned.

Executor: not listed
Witnesses: J L Crim and J W Bline
ANDERSON, John WBook D, pp 77-79
Wife: CharlotteDated 1 Mar 1893
Son Perry, Stepdaughter Rosa J DavisRecorded 22 Apr 1893
Executor: John C. Gross
Witnesses: William Breheeny and James A Redd
ARBUTHNOT, WilliamBook A, pp 201-202
Wife: NancyDated 12 May 1854
Brother: Samuel - now in Ireland
Will states that he has no children
Recorded 11 Dec 1854
Executor: David Stobo
Witnesses: Solomon Howe and Isaac Howe
ARCHER, AbrahamBook A, pp 108-109
Wife: OrillaDated 15 Dec 1832
 Recorded 11 Jan 1833
Nathan Thompson is mentioned in connection with his real estate.

Executor: William Hollowell
Witnesses: John McNeal and Joseph Mounts.
ARDREY, Joseph CBook A, pp 203-204
(of Hartsville)Dated 16 Nov 1854
Brother: James T
Sisters: Sally Ann, Hanna Margaret
Recorded 10 Jan 1855
He mentions a debt due from his father's estate to Polleys and Butler of Madison, Indiana and his interest in the store of J C Ardery and Co of Hartsville.

Executor: John R Morledge
Witnesses: Jacob Messick, James T Ardery and John R Morledge.
ARDERY, William WBook D, pp 503-505
(of Columbus)Dated 7 Mar 1899
Wife: Martha A
"My eight children:"
Merritt, Henry F, William C, Ida A Donaker, Thomas, Cora A Ardery, Jesse B Ardery, Mathe J Ardery.
John W Appleton, the son of my wife
Recorded 21 Apr 1899
The widow accepts the terms of the will insofar as they concern her on page 505. She rejects the terms on page 519 and accepts them again on page 543.

Executor: His son William C
Witnesses: W H Butler and W H Snively
ARNOLD, Elizabeth RBook B, pp 140-141
(Union Twp)Dated 24 Sep 1866
Husband: Thomas HRecorded 24 Oct 1866
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: George B Collings and William P Collings
ARNOLD, EphraimBook A, pp 70-72
Wife: EdithDated 29 Jul 1847
"My three children"
Mary Ellinor, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andrew Jackson
Recorded 17 Jan 1848
Ephraim states that he has sold his mill property in Columbus Twp to John S Mitchell and Samuel Dobbins & Co. Also his right to a depot on the railroad near the land of Thompson Irwin.

Executor: His wife
Witnesses: Lewis F Coppersmith and George W Arnold
ARNOLD, EvanProbate Order Book, p 105
Father: Ephraim TDated 30 Dec 1830
"My children"Recorded 26 Jan 1831
His widow is mentioned in the personal property disbursement. His farm in Clark Co is to be sold and the proceeds invested in U S land.  Each of his children is to receive one half of a quarter section (80 acres)

Executor: His father. (15 May 1833, William Arnold is appointed administrator replacing Ephraim, who is now deceased.)
Witnesses:  Joseph Pownall, Hepple Brough and William Arnold.
ARNOLD, WilliamProbate Order Book A, p 93
Wife: not namedDated 11 Oct 1842
"My children not here named"Recorded 5 Dec 1842
Executors: His sons William and Benjamin
Witnesses:  Calvin Wilkie and Thomas Parker
ARWINE, Harriet AmandaBook D, pp 530-532
Husband: Dr John S
Children: John S Jr, Hattie A Arnold, Lotta Ruth Arwine, James Tevis Arwine
Dated 13 Aug 1896
Grandson: Charles, the son of "my son J M"Recorded 4 Jan 1900
Mentioned are lots in Columbus and Nashville, Brown Co, Ind and real estate in Morgan Co near Mahalasville; also an interest in land in Wise County, Texas near Decatur, Texas.

Executor: Her husband
Witnesses: William Henderson & Wilson S Swengel
ASPY, SarahBook C, pp 182-183
(of Petersville)Dated 28 Feb 1879
Brother: Beverly B TooleyRecorded 27 Apr 1886
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: William F Norton and Lynden W Comstock.
ATKINSON, SelinaBook B, pp 305-306
Sons: Thomas M, John C, George HDated 8 Nov 1872
Daughers: Ann Eliza Burnett, Harriet McNeeseRecorded 27 Jul 1873
Executor: Jeremiah Burnett
Witnesses: G A Bayless, MD and Alexander Kennedy.
AUFDENBERGER, HenryBook C, pp 220-222
Children: G William, Henry, Mary Myer, Wilmena MyerDated 11 Apr 1874
 5 Feb 1887
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: Joseph Whitten and Lewis Donhost.
AUSTIN, AlfredBook B, pp 3-5
Wife: ElenorDated 21 May 1855
"My Children viz" George Thomas, Eliza Ann,
Mary Jane, Alfred, William Henry, Warren R
Recorded 7 Oct 1859
Executor: His wife
Witnesses: James L Adair and Franklin Dale.
AVERNURSER, HenryBook B, pp 142-143
Wife: ElizabethDated 15 Sep 1866
 Recorded 16 Jan 1867
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: Fred Dorfmier and Gerhard H Avernurser.

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