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"B" Names

BACHMAN, Henry CBook B, pp 264-266
Wife: ElizabethDated 15 Sep 1866
Grandson: William Henry Bigler, son of his deceased daughter Julia Bigler
"My Children:" Edwin J, Henry T, Caroline S
Adeline C, Cyrus C, Sarah J
Recorded 16 Jan 1867
His piano and U S Bonds are mentioned, and he wants to be buried at Hope, Ind.

Executors: His sons Edwin J & Henry T and John Plum
Witnesses: J H Kluge and Solomon S Lineback.
BACHMAN, Mary ABook B, pp 389-390
Brothers & SistersDated 9 Mar 1875
 Recorded 14 Dec 1876
A tract of land adjoining her mother's on the south side is mentioned.

Executor: Calvin C Blume
Witnesses: Edward J Regemas and Charles G Michael (both of Hope, IN)
BAGEMAN, FrederickBook D, pp 500-502
Brother: Detrich who resides in GermanyDated 17 Dec 1898
Stepdaughters: Mary Wagner, Lizzie Kreig and her husband Jacob
Rachel Boose, deceased, and her husband Herman H
Stepson: Henry Bagerholtz
Recorded approximately 1899
Mention is made of the Wagner property in Columbus.

Executors: Henry H Boose and Henry Bagerholtz
Witnesses: Henry W Rethwisch and Oscar F Fiegenbaum..
BAILEY, AllenBook E, pp 61-62
Anna Truex, Matilda Elkins, Ora Dunlop, John W Bailey,
Frank, William & Lewis Mackey, Catherine Rice, Barto Bailey, Mary Smith, Carrie Bolinger, Elmer Bailey (Relationship of these not stated in the will.)
30 Apr 1898
 Recorded 30 Sep 1901
Executor: John W Bailey
Witnesses: Samuel A Dennison and John A Lloyd
BALZER, ElizabethBook E, pp 304-305
Son: Mike NicklausDated 17 Sep 1894
Daughter in law, the wife of my son George Nicklaus, she is not here named.Recorded 22 Apr 1905
Executor: C J Kollmeyer
Witnesses C J Kollmeyer & Emma Miller
BANKS, JamesBook A, pp 246-247
(of Clifty Twp)Dated 20 Dec 1856
Children: John, Elizabeth, James, William, Mary Jane, Eliza AnnRecorded 1 Jan 1857
Executor: Levi Boyer
Witnesses: Richard Wood, Daniel Carter and Andrew Cohee.
BANTE, HermanBook B, pp 102-103
"My heirs & relations"
Miss Anna Marie Lickman of Jackson TwpRecorded 1 Aug 1865
Herman states that it is likely that he will have to serve one year in the army of the US and will have to leave his home and occupation and may not come back to his present home.

Executor: Not Listed
Witnesses: Gerhard H Dettmer and H Wilhelm Mutler?
BARBOUR, JosephBook D, pp 328-330
(of Burnsville)Dated 16 Nov 1893
"My several children"Recorded 24 Nov 1896
Executor:  Francis W Barbour
Witnesses: Schuyler C Hughes and Nathaniel Cohee
BARMES (BARNES?), Angeline SBook B, pp 35-36
(Of Jonesville)Dated 20 Apr 1859
Husband: John C
Sons: William, J Challen
Recorded 15 Mar 1862
Executor: Not listed
Witnesses: Smith Jones and L J Bradley.
BARMES, MargaretBook B, pp 195-196
Children: William, Jake, Philip, John,
Frederick, Charles, Christene, Marr?, Mike
Dated 16 Nov 1867
 Recorded 1 Feb 1869
A house and lot in the town of Hope is mentioned.

Executor: Frank Pfieffer
Witnesses: Jacob Pfeiffer and George Kitzinger.
BARMES, PhilipBook A, pp 259-260
Wife: MargaretDated 18 Mar 1857
 Recorded 6 Aug 1857
Executor: His wife
Witnesses:  John Wochler and Henry Miller.
BARNHART, ElizabethBook D, pp 203-205
Son: George of Bartholomew County
Daughter: Katie John of Fort Howard, Wisc
Dated 30 Mar 1893
 Recorded 8 Mar 1895
It is her desire that a tombstone be erected at her grave.

Executor: George Kitzinger
Witnesses:& David Stobo and William Kitzinger.
BARNHILL, Lucretia A.Book D, pp 379 - 386
(of Nineveh Twp)Dated 1 Aug 1892
John W Barnhill, Samuel S Barnhill, Hiram Hawkins, Dora Canaday, Betty McQueen, Sarah - the widow of William Barnhill, Mary C Butler, James G Barnhill, George H Barnhill, Grandson Joshua S HawkinsRecorded 23 Aug 1897
A tract of land heretofore set aside to Edward and John Barnhill  is mentioned. A codicil to this will dated 21 Jan 1893 changes the legacies to Betty McQueen and to John W Barnhill and his wife, and to Mary C Butler.

Executor: John W Barnhill
Witnesses:  W T Banker and M V Jewell
Witnesses to codicil: James F Cox and M V Jewell.
BASS, NathanBook A, pp 122-123
(of Flat Rock Twp)Dated 3 Mar 1845
Wife: Ruhannah
"My eleven children:" Elizabeth Hiner, Sarah Hiner, William, Josiah, Susannah Owens, Charity Lewis, David, Jonathan, N W, P J, Thomas W
Recorded 19 Mar 1850
Executors: His sons Josiah, Jonathan & Thomas W
Witnesses: William Nye and Robert Chase.

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