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Blackford County Directory 1902-1903

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Gazetteer of Blackford County


Caine Anna E. 810 w Main
Caine Daniel W. glass wkr 810 w Main

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 27

Caine John J. bar tender 810 w Main
Caine Katie deputy County Auditor 200 e Main
Caine Mary H. 209 s Spring
Caine Mary L Sio \v Main
Caine Mike (Laura) glass wkr 610 s Monroe
Caine Rachel widow 510 w Main
Caldwell A. M. (Adda) prop Ingram cigar store 706 n Walnut phone 356
Caldwell Thomas M. (E. J.) retired 717 n Jefferson
Calvert Ernest (Cora) glass wkr 923 s Richmond
Campbell Calvin glass wkr 218 n Jeff
Campbell Edward street commissioner 215 w Leonard
Campbell E. C. (Belle) hardware Lieber & Campbell 508 w Wash
Campbell J. W. clk Kick and Cherry
Campbell N. J. carp 720 w Franklin
Campbell William H. student 121 e Kick phone 19
Campbell Wilmot H. (Frances H.) Campbell & Ervin 121 e Kick phone 19
Campbell Roy glass wkr 21S n Jeff
Campbell W. E. (Vesta E.) hardware 703 n Jeff
Candlish J. W. (Maud) glass wkr 217 e Chestnut
Canter Jno. S. (Laura E.) driver 707 w Water
Canter J. W. (Martha E.) carp and contractor 510 w Franklin
Cantwell S. W. (Flora L.) attorney at law Cantwell & Simmons 309 n High phone 95
Cantwell O. R. prop cigar store 219 w Wash
Cantwell Harold student 309 n High
Cantwell Hazel student 309 n High
Capper Michael (Lacy E.) house mover 912 w Main phone 364
Capper Minnie 912 w Main phone 364
Carley Ann widow s Walnut
Carley Patrick laborer s Walnut
Carey Wm L. painter 811 w Cleveland

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 28

Carll Robert (Sadie A.) plumber 425 e Main
Carnes Nancy 614 w Main
Carrell H. B. (Laura) prop meat market 609 nWalnut phone 253
Carrell Samuel S. retired 232 w Kick
Carrell S. S. Jr. bicycle dealer 402 n Walnut
Carnigg William (Anna) iron wkr 620 w Com
Carroll Roy laborer 222 n Mill
Carroll Earl laborer 222 n Mill
Carroll James (Lavarah) paper mkr 307 e Patterson
Carroll Orval laborere 222 n Mill
Carroll William teamster 222 n Mill
Carson Albert glass wkr 436 e Water
Carvill Joseph (Louisa) laborer 1706 s Mulberry
Cary W. L. (Chalrottie) painter 807 w Cleveland
Casey ______ engineer 218 n Jeff
Cashman Anna widow 414 s Spring
Cashman Gertrude 414 s Spring
Cassel E. N. (Blanche) farmer 1105 n High
Cassell Samuel A. (Martha) retired 315 w Main
Cassanbon Jno. (Georgina) glass wkr 1512 s Monroe
Cassanbon Jno. B. (Palmyra) glass wkr 309 e Third
Cassanbon Oscar glass wkr 309 e Third
Casterline Chas glass wkr 1015 w Elm
Casterline Emerson (Emma) glass wkr 521 w Kick
Casterline Eva 1015 w Elm
Casterline Geo. driver 1015 w Elm
Casterline James (Mary E.) laborer 622 n Walnut
Casterline Mrs. C. L. mgr Central Union Tel office e Elm
Casterline Pearl student 21 w Kick
Casterline Minnie w Perkins
Casterline Smith (Ellen) surveyor 1015 w Elm
Castiaux Camile (Adline) glass wkr 415 s Jeff
Cawley James M. (Ella F.) tailor 722 n High
Cawley J. W. tailor 110 s Jeff
Cawley Mary E. 114 e Water
Cawley E. Maie 114 e Water

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 29

Cazad Mary widow 501 e Wash phone 42
Chaffee K. C. (Augusta) driller 1201 n Jeff
Chaffee Iva 1201 n Jeff
Chaffee Wells (Eva) oil wkr 1201 n Jeff
Chalfant Elmer C. (Lulu A.) glass wkr 518 e Kick
Chalfant Elsworth L. (Ida M.) glass wkr 508 e Frank
Chandler Alva (Clara) blacksmith 520 e Water
Chandler Edith student 520 e Water
Chaney Fred well puller 401 Wabash ave
Chapel Diendonne (Maiy) glass wkr 1412 s Monroe
Chapel Joseph (Florence) retired 1411 s Jeff
Chapman Ada F. seamstress 201 e Vancleve
Chapman Alex painter 308 s Monroe
Chainnan Clyde (Malissa) blacksmith 322 w Grant
Chapman H. C. (Nora) laborer 227 w Main
Chapman James (Melle) printer w Main
Chapman James B (Sarah) carpenter 201 e Vancleve
Chapman Lydia A. clerk 201 e Vancleve
Chapman William M. machinist 201 e Vancleve
Charles Leon saloonkeeper e Washington
Cheesman Benj. glass wkr 409 w Commercial
Cheney James R. (Clara M.) laborer 320 n Monroe
Cheney John D. (Arminta B.) laborer 1003 n Mulberry
Childers P. F. bailier upstairs in Dowell block
Christie Frank D. (Catharine) boots and shoes (Christie & Fincher)
Claar Geo. (Eva) rig builder 1004 n High
CIamme John grocer 512 w Water
Clapper Chas laborer 221 s Monroe
Clapper Henry (Lydia) stone mason 221 s Monroe
Clapper Emily widow 513 w Water
Clapper Dr. M. M. (Etta) physician and surgeon 609 n High
Clark Albert F. (Alice) glass wkr 419 e Water
Clark Anna widow 802 e Grant
Clark Ashley (Phebe) glass wkr 519 w Commercial
Clark Belle widow 411 e Grant
Clark Calvin laborer 802 e Grant

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 30

Clark Chas M. laborer 802 e Grant
Clark Eli H. (Emma M.) teamster 523 n Wall
Clark James carpenter smith's add
Clark Laura M. telephone girl 623 n Walnut
Clark Frank iron wkr 808 w Chestnut
Clark Geo W. carpenter 920 w Elm
Claytor J. E. (Louise M.) bottle mkr 407 e Water
Claytor Minnie A. cutter girl 700 s Walnut
Claytor Wm. E. glass wkr 700 s Walnut
Claytor Wm. J. (Johanna) paper maker 700 s Walnut
Clelland Chas. (Minnie) glass wkr 316 e Chestnut
Clelland Daniel glass wkr 1030 w Elm
Clelland Daniel (Perlina) blacksniith 519 e Third
Clelland Daniel laborer 302 e High phone 189
Clelland Frank (Emma A.) machinist 711 w Chestnut
Clelland Grover box mkr 922 e First
Clelland Harry blacksmith 922 e First
Clelland Harry (Nellie) glass wkr 913 w Frank
Clelland James (Dell) Mgr Clelland window glass factorv 302 n High ph 189
Clelland Laura 519 e Third
Clelland May 1030 w Elm
Clelland Pat (M. E.) blacksmith 922 e First
Clelland Wesley (Mary J.) blacksmith 1030 w Elm
Cline Leonard (Molly O.) engineer 503 w Kick
Cline Mary D. widow 503 w Kick
Cline William driver 425 w Main
Clore B. F. (Desdemona) laborer 900 w Frank
Clore Clarence box mkr 900 w Frank
Clouser Ida widow 403 w Main
Clouser J. 1514 e Kick
Coates Carl glass wkr 520 n Mulberry
Coates Clyde glass wkr 514 n Cherry
Cole Alison glass wkr 615 w Commercial
Cole Alfred (Almeda) laborer 41S e Third
Cole Andrew carpenter 319 n Werber
Cole Bessie 600 w Kick

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 31

Cole Karl pumper 302 e Wash
Cole Enos (Bertha E.) atty-at-law 207 e North
Cole Jessie student 320 n Walnut
Cole Myrle domestic 210 w Elm ph 166
Cole S. B. (M. E.) retired 320 n Walnut
Cole Vernon glass wkr 708 e Grant
Colgan E. G. (Liza) machinist 1603 n Cherry
Colgan Laura widow 906 w Main
Colhower Harry (Nettie) blacksmith 603 n Walnut ph 258
Collet August (Virginia) glass wkr 1500 s Monroe
Collett Bert clerk 420 w Main
Collett C. W. 308 e Grant
Collins Nelson L. pastor Grant st M.E. church 515 e Chestnut
Condron R. F. w Franklin
Conrad Allen B. (Jennie J.) teamster 908 e Grant
Conrad Anna B. teacher 901 n High
Conrad Jno. O. (Susannah) retired 901 n High
Cook Chas. junk dealer 315 s Richmond
Cook Jesse (Martha) laborer 717 n Cherry
Cook Marv 717 n Cherry
Cook S L (Ollie) clerk 221 n High
Cook Scott student 717 n Cherry
Cooley Catharine B widow 418 e Wash
Cooley Clara widow 428 e Wash phone 11
Cooley James Clayton student 609 e Wash ph 21
Cooley Mable E. student 609 e Wash ph 21
Cooley William B. (Cora M.) grain dealer 609 e Wash ph 21
Cooper Edward teamster w Franklin
Cooper E. G. (Lucinda) laborer 613 e Second
Coover Geo. (Mattie) oil wkr 526 w Kick
Corey Dr. C. W. (Jennie) physician and surgeon 115 w Kick
Corey Clyde clerk 801 n Cherry
Cornell Jno. F. (Jessie) contractor 705 w Frank
Cornell Minnie clerk 705 w Frank
Cotton L. C. (Myrtie B.) cashier H.C. paper mill 212 s Jeff ph 174
Cotton Serepta 525 w Frank
Cotton W. F. (M. A.) stock buyer 525 w F'rank

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 32

Coughlin Jennie 315 e Chestnut
Coughlin John 315 e Chestnut
Coughlin Margaret J. widow 315 e Chestnut
Coughlin Martin laborer 315 e Chestnut
Coulson Riley (Tryphena) cement contractor 211 s Cherry
Coulson Rolland glass wkr 211 s Cherry
Councilman Geo. (Anna) glass wkr 531 w Main
Courtney Cornelius (Margaret) laborer 521 e Chestnut
Courtney Johanna widow 321 e Chestnut
Courtney M. C. (Hattie) carpenter 308 s Monroe
Courtney William F. bagagge clerk L.E.W. 321 e Chestnut
Courtright Arthur glass wkr 1310 s High
Courtright Isaiah laborer 712 e Kick
Courtright Lewis glass wkr 1317 s High
Covault Cora clerk 232 w Wash
Covault P. M. (E. L.) jeweler 232 w Wash
Cox E. E. (Nellie) pub News and Telegram 615 n Jeff ph 58
Cox Edward laborer 222 s Wlanut
Cox Jacob M. (C. V.) laborer 222 s Walnut
Cox Jodpeh P. laborer 222 s Walnut
Cox Mary M. widow 802 e Wash
Cox W. H. (Adda) glass mfr 415 w Wash ph 100
Crabtree Geo. T. ass't cook 407 e Main
Crabtree Isaac P. (Ethel C.) glass wkr 516 e Frank
Crabtree John C. (Sarah A.) retired 407 e Main
Craft Eleanor widow 618 n High
Craft F. M. (Alice) horse trainer 308 w Main
Craft Homer oil wkr 704 w Wash
Craft Jesse R. mail carrier 308 w Main
Craft Thomas E. (Martha J.) teamster 202 s Walnut
Craig Anthony H. (Lelia) 511 n Broadway
Craig Calvin paper maker 604 w Main
Craig Edwin E. clerk 604 w Main
Craig Jacob H. laborer 522 n Broadway
Craig Jno. (Prudence) mill wright 604 w Main
Craig Jno. glass wkr 320 e Kick
Craig Joseph laborer 511 n Broadway

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 33

Craig Walter student 604 w Main
Crandell Jerry (Anna) driller 621 w Commercial
Crannell Almeron H. (Laura) engineer 513 e Frank
Craven Geneva teacher 712 n High
Craven Pearl student 712 n High
Crawford Wm (Hattie) laborer 1304 w Wabash ave
Crawley Claude (Mary) iron wkr 618 w Franklin
Crawley Harry (Marie) iron wkr 320 w Wash
Crawley Mary typewriter 318 w Commercial
Cray W. A. (Florence) hostler 406 s Walnut
Creek Delila widow 718 e Water
Creek Kessie 71S e Water
Creek Jason laborer 718 e Water
Creek Robert laborer 718 e Water
Crego A. (Trac} oil wkr 216 n Richmond
Crimmel A. Clyde (Flora E.) secy Sneath Glass Co 512 n Jeff ph 182
Crimmel Daisy 602 n JefT ph 57
Crimmel Henry (Catharine) mgr Sneath Glass Co 602 n Jeff ph 57
Crist W. F. prop Hotel Ingram
Crites W. E. glass wkr 632 e Kick
Critten Jacob J. (Eugenia) well shooter 404 e Franklin ph 77
Cromas Jennie H. dressmaker 502 e Grant
Cromas Taylor (Minnie) laborer 713 e Frank
Cronin John (Ann) retired 618 n Mulberry
Cronin Bernard F. glass wkr 618 n Mulberry
Cronin James Catharine M.) shoemaker 311 s Walnut
Cronin Mary M. music teacher 311 s Walnut
Cronin James M. student 311s Walnut
Cronin Dr. N. (Effie) physician and surgeon 214 s High ph 73
Cronin J. P. (Dollie) asst cashier Citizens State Bank 517 n Jeff ph 254
Cronin Sylvester 309 s Walnut
Cronin T. J. (Elizabeth) prop Opera House drug store 621 n Jeff ph 335
Cronin William clerk 621 n Jeff ph 335

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 34

Cronin Chas. M. (Josephine) clerk 310 s High
Croninger Clark H. (Mary D.) prop tile mill 525 e Frank
Crosser Lemon iron wkr 621 w Commercial
Crumrine Chas. (Grace) oil wkr 603 w Kick
Crumrine D. F. (Tilla) oil wkr 409 w Franklin
Crumrine William (Lelia B.) rig bldr 402 e Main ph 20
Culbertson L. B. (Lura) prop second hand store 712 n Cherry
Culbertson F. G iron wkr north High
Culot Abel glass wkr 1322 s Mulberry
Culto Ochille (Elvire) glass wkr 1322 s Mulbery
Culto Aline clerk 132 s Mulberry
Culto Evaline 1322 s Mulbery
Cullen Laurence w Main
Cummings Charles E. driver 320 n Mulberry
Bummings James L. (Lucinda) laborer 320 n Mulberry
Cummings Lida T. glass wkr 230 n Mulberry
Cummings Susanna widow 422 s Spring
Curry W. A. (Florence) county clerk 316 s High ph 87
Cummingham Sarah weaver w Franklin
Cunningham William N. (Allie) carpenter 202 e North
Cummingham Newman contractor 202 e North
Curtis E. B. (Edith) oil and gas well contractor 443 e Water ph 252

Gazetter of Blackford County -- 35


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