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Blackford County Marriage Records

Marriage records are primary sources about one's marriage to another as it has been created at the time of the union. There are several reasons to research marriage records. It can contains information of establish religious and congregation affiliation, and other details that includes age and place of birth, occupation, residences, and parents' names.

Marriage Book B

Thanks to Lucinda Van Landingham for her time and effort in transcribing a few names from the local marriage book.



Marriage Date


Park Christopher

Ballard Susan

September 29 1857

J.C. Skinner

Kendall Clayton B

Baldwin Marcella A

September 26 1857

Jacob Balsley

Marshall Solomon

Leffingwell Marry Ann

November 21 1857

Michael Cline (justice of peace)

Casterline Ira

Dupler Charlotte

November 15 1857

Michael Cline (justice of peace)

Huey Isaac

Ballard Mary

November 12 1857

Jacob Balsley

Bennett Jonah

Crawford Margaret

October 11 1857

James Gillespie

Philabaum William H

Anderson Elizabeth Ann

December 25 1857


Frash john

Stahl Esther

December 24 1857

John Buckles

Connett Joseph

Jewell Penelope

October 4 1857

Jose K Hodson (justice of peace)

Harrise James

McDorman Luhannah

October 15 1857

Jose K Hodson (justice of peace)

Bobo Pharas

Peck Juliann

December 24 1857

John Hedge( JUstice of peace)

Personett Abraham

Ward Rebecca Ann

December 24 1857

Lair Runyon

Kindlesperger Joseph

Barnthouse Delilah

December 10 1857

Amander G Cole(justice of peace)

Rhine George

Pugh Nancy

December 31 1857

Amander G Cole (justice of peace)

Wilson Lewis Porter

Oliver Sarah Catherine

January 10 1858

Jose Hodson (justice of peace)

Philebum William A

Anderson Elizabeth Ann

December 24 1857

Thomas Dean (justice of peace)

Hughes John W

Ross Adelaide Candes

January 1858

Lair Runyon

Cunningham Henry

Hughes Caroline A

January 14 1858

Lair Runyon

Underhill Thomas Ellwood

Sprague Ann Eliza

January 19 1858

Lair Runyon

Cook John J

Holiday Elizabeth J C

January 25 1858

Elijah Sims (justice of peace)

Benoy Randolph

McVicker Eliza

January11 1858

William McCormick

Gadbury James S

McVicker Mary Ann

March 4 1858

William McCormick

Baldein Henry C

Rose Louisa Amanda

March 25 1858

A.M. Kerwood

Marton Charles

Carkuff Susanah

April 1 1858

Jose K Hodson (justice of peace)

Palmer James

Richardson Maranda

May 12 1858

G McDuffie

Leistenfeltz Peter Nevis

Bliss Martha Keziah

May 1 1858

Jose K Hodson (justice of peace)

Tweedy John

Hawkins Druzilla

May 2 1858

Thomas Slater(justice of peace)

Hogan john

Daugherty Catherine Elizabeth

May 23 1858

M.J. Clark (cath. Priest)

Cain Simeon T

Tweedy Phebe

May 24 1858

Thomas Slater

Boxell William T

Nelson Rachel Ann

June 17 1858

S Bartlett

Weas Hiram

Holden Mary Jane

June 17 1858

Isaiah Sutton

Morris Shadrick

Harris Maary Ann

June 17 1858

Amos Wilson (justice of peace)

Gable George

Taughinbaugh Martha Jane

June 17 1858

Elijah Sims

Stobie John

Hadden Susanah

July 8 1858

David Morrow

Fulton Robert R

Hadden Rachel

JUly 8 1858

David Morrow

Kindlesperger Joseph

Blunt Jane

July 11 1858

Amanda Cole (justice of peace)

Spencer John

Porter Lavina

August 31 1858

Wm Cortright (justice of peace)

McCarty John

Simpson Lamira

September 4 1858

James Roberts

Vance Henry W

Palmer Martha

September 2 1858

John Buckles

Stanley Jeremiah

Coats Sarah Ann

September 26 1858

Lair Runyon


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