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Licking Township

Licking Township is the southwest township in Blackford County, Indiana. (Range: 10 East; Townships: 22 North, 23 North) The township was named after Lick Creek with a salt lick in the area. The first settlers in what became Blackford County arrived in the Lick Creek area in 1831.

Click to Enlarge: Map of Licking Township

Benjamin Reasoner, Sr., made the first entry of lands in the county, July 9, 1831, the tracts entered being in section 6 in the southwest corner of Licking township. At that time he and his family, ... resided in Muskingum county, Ohio. ... They stopped a few weeks with the family of John Grimes, just across the line in Grant county, until a cabin was built in their land, into which they moved the following month. Soon afterward a hewed-log house was erected as a place of residence for the old gentleman and lady. ... Benjamin died in 1841, or 1842, and his wife died some ten years later. -- Benjamin G. Shinn. "The Early Settler," Biographical Memiors of Blackford County, Ind. Chicago: The Bowen Publishing Company, 1900. p. 235.

Cities, Towns & Unincorporated Towns

Licking Township contains two cities/towns and an unincorporated town.

  • Hartford City
  • Shamrock Lakes
  • Renner


The township contains at least seven cemeteries:

  • Sprague
  • Stewart (off-site)
  • Willman (off-site)
          (a.k.a. Hartford City Cemetery)


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