The Warehouse on Last Tuesday had a Narrow Escape.
Mrs. Albright’s Boarding House Came Near Burning.
To Kill Chicken Lice Mrs. Lumsden Burns a Hen House and
Barn Containing Hay, Grain and Farming Utinsels.


A little blaze occurred at the warehouse of Kerlin & Ryan, Tuesday morning. Through the prompt action of their fire department under the management of Capt. Jake Logan it was soon extinguished without much damage to the building.


Last Thursday morning Mrs. Albright came near having a disastrous fire at her residence, near the depot. She had built a fire in a stove that had a heater in an upper room, the carpet about the ventilation became ignited, and but for the timely action of Mr. T. M. Campbell, a poultry exhibitor from Darlington, with a pitcher of water the house would have burned.


The barn and poultry house on the farm of Mrs. Hawkins at Pikes Peak was totally destroyed by fire about noon Tuesday with some hay, corn and farming implements belonging to C. M. Lumsden.

Mr. Lumsden has the place rented and it seems the poultry house became infested with lice. Mrs. Lumsden conceived the idea of destroying them by means of fire. She burned them, and burned them to a finish. The fire got beyond her control and soon the lice, hen house and barn which stood near by, were going up in smoke. It killed the lice.

This thing of destroying lice by fire is no experiment any longer it has been tried often and has generally been successful.

Anyone wishing to try this method, the following are the directions: Place plenty of straw, hay, coal oil and any inflammable substance profusely in the nests or places that are infested, touch a lighted match to it and away she goes. You will seldom fail if you follow these directions.

Source: Hoosier Democrat, Flora, Indiana, Saturday, September 25, 1897, page 9
Contributed by: Lena Harper
Added: 8 Nov 2017