Deer Creek Toll House Fire

What Remained of the Deer Creek Toll House Goes Up in Smoke.

What remained of the wrecked toll house at Deer Creek went up in flames last Saturday night. It will be recalled that the house was dynamited some time ago, following other depredations of a similar character along the line of the road and last Saturday night a torch was applied to what remained of the wreck. It went up in smoke before anything could be done to subdue the flames. Following the dynamite incident some weeks ago a large reward was posted for the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the destruction of the property belonging to the turnpike company, but the offer of reward has been without results and the Logansport Reporter takes the view that the organization which has been formed against the pike is so firmly cemented that money is no temptation to any of the members.

Whether justly or not this road has become a menace to the peace of that community and the controversy should be settled one way or another and as early as possible. There is no excuse for these outbreaks of mob violence and the men guilty of them should be punished. There is a way of reaching the turnpike conspiracy legally and regularly through the courts. It may be tedious, it may require some patience, but in the end the question can be settled without disgracing the country, the state and particularly the community where these outbreaks occur.

Certainly the company is making no profit out of the road. Certainly the people are not satisifed with conditions as they exist. These conditions have become intolerable to both sides and there ought to be and there is still enough common sense and business judgement to bring this question to a focus without further depredations.

Source: Delphi Journal, Thursday, Oct. 25, 1900, page 1
Contributed by: Lena Harper
Added: 4 July 2016

Carroll County Turnpike Raiders Burn a Toll House.

Delphi, Ind., Oct. 23- The mob that a few weeks ago dynamited two toll houses and burned a bridge on the Logansport and Burlington toll pike has completed its work at Deer creek.

Several masked horsemen appeared in the village, and a few minutes later rode rapidly away. The toll house was then discovered ablaze, and it burned to the ground before the citizens could extinguish the flames. The farmers living along the road were indignant because the company had refused to repair the road, but still collected toll. The commissioners of Carroll county have offered to buy the road and settle the trouble, but the company refuses to accept the price, $212 a mile, as fixed by the appraisers. There are only nine miles of the road in this county.

Source: Delphi Journal, Thursday, Oct. 25, 1900, page 6
Contributed by: Lena Harper
Added: 4 July 2016