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As was common in pioneer families of that period, the names Hezekiah, Samuel, Thomas, et al, repeat generation after generation. I am confident that the following connections are accurate; however, I am depending on the work of Hugh Voress <> and his contributors for the bulk of this information. I have no reason to believe his work is inaccurate, but I do not have the original source material myself.

Samuel APPLEGATE (ca 1750s-1824) and Hezekiah APPLEGATE (ca 1750s-ca 1824) were brothers.

Samuel married Sarah ________. Her last name is unknown by Voress. Her full given name could have been Sarah Elizabeth, a very common combination in that time and place, and therefore she could well be the "Elizabeth" buried at Montgomery Cemetery. This is a good likelihood, but still must be considered conjecture. Voress states that Samuel was living in Clark Co. in 1820, but died in Grassy Fork Twp., Jackson Co., IN in 1824, and that he was buried there. If he did die in Jackson Co., it seems unlikely that he would have been transported all the way to Charlestown for burial. Therefore, he may not be buried there at all.

Samuel named his first son Hezekiah, for his brother, was born Nov. 6, 1776; died Aug. 31, 1847. He married in 1800 to Eleanor DAILEY, born Apr. 5, 1785 in Ky.; died Apr. 5, 1856, the daughter of Philip DAILEY (1761-1830) and Mary WISE (1769-1845). Hezekiah is supposed to have come to Clark Co., Ind. in 1790 and to have moved to Jackson Co., Ind. in 1819. The History of Jackson Co., Ind. Pt. 3, page 647, states "that he had 9 children. The first sawmill in Grassy Fork was on Hezekiah's farm; the first religious meeting was held at his house; the first school house in the vicinity was located near his house; and he was the first Justice of the Peace in Grassy Fork Twp.". Hezekiah died intestate. In 1850, his widow, Eleanor, was living with their son, Philip.

Thomas (1785-1858) was Samuel's third son. Thomas married Hannah WARDLE (Jan 1788-29 Jul 1865) on 9 May 1811. After his death in 1858, Hannah apparently moved to Polson Twp., Clark Co., Illinois to live with one of her sons. She is buried at the Greenmoss Cemetery in that township. Voress has much more information about this Illinois line of the family. Voress shows seven children of Thomas and Hannah APPLEGATE, none named Mary. There is a break in the birthyears, however, which would allow her birth at the dates you sent me. I will forward the information on Mary to Mr. Voress.

Samuel's brother Hezekiah is believed to be buried at the Old Ox Primitive Baptist Cemetery near Leota, Finley Twp., Scott Co., IN. There is no marker for him there, however, although his second wife Susan BRITTAIN Applegate is buried there. Hezekiah's first son was Aaron (6 Oct 1779-26 Sep 1863). He was born in Pennsylvania and died in Clark Co., IN. He married Mary Rebecca ROSS.

This would make Aaron APPLEGATE (of Clarksville, Indiana) and Thomas APPLEGATE (buried at Hibernia Cemetery) first cousins.

Please feel free to direct anyone else looking for APPLEGATE information to me or to the Voress web site you already have linked to on the cemetery pages.

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Some of the above information came from Hugh Voress'
"History of the Applegate Family in America",
which can be found at:

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