Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located off Tunnel Mill Road, on Old Highway 62, 3 miles South of New Washington. Though this cemetery was believed to be in Charlestown Township, the Charlestown Township Trustee reported on 07/02/97 that Works Cemetery was in Oregon Township.  However, the Washington Township map clearly shows this site to be in Section 145 of Washington Township (see Washington Twp. map in PDF format).

This site is referred to by several names, including Henly/Work Cemetery and Bower/Work Cemetery.

This cemetery is located on Old State Road 62, west of Hibernia Road, in Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana. 

The following index was extracted prior to 1947 by B. C. Holmes:

BOWEN          Dr. Abraham Bowen,

               son of Absolem &

               Nancy (28 yrs.)          b. ????        d. 01/08/1868

BOWEN          Absolem                  b. 09/22/1804  d. 01/07/1877

BOWEN          Adam (age 74 yrs.)       b. ????        d. 07/17/1828

BOWEN          Adam, son of A. & N.

               (infant)                 b. ????        d. 1825

BOWEN          Infant son of Oliver

               & Emma Bowen             b. 10/11/1870  d. 04/1871

BOWEN          Julia Ann (age 48)       b. ????        d. 10/11/1807

BOWEN          Nancy                    b. 02/13/1808  d. 01/03/1875

BOWEN          Nancy Emiline Bowen      b. 05/06/1837  d. 12/06/1856

BOWEN          William E. Bowen, M.D.   b. 05/06/1826  d. 10/27/1866

HENLY          Cartarmis, wife of 

               Jesse (age 32 yrs.,

               4 mos., 18 days)         b. ????        d. 03/12/1806

HENLY          Catherine, wife of

               Jacob (63 yrs., 2

               mo., 23 days)            b. ????        d. 07/26/1863

HENLY          Jacob (age 42 yrs.,

               2 mo., 13 days)          b. ????        d. 03/03/1840

HENLY          Jesse (age 59 yrs.)      b. ????        d. 11/27/1829

RATTS          Malinda, wife of

               Francis                  b. 05/11/1816  d. 08/22/1855

WATERSON       Infant son of J. &

               Ann E. Waterson          b. 02/15/1888  d. 02/15/1888

WATERSON       James                    b. ????        d. 01/26/1894

WORK           Elizabeth                b. 07/03/1796  d. 07/05/1850

WORK           Henry                    b. 04/26/1792  d. 10/04/1873

WORK           Nora E. Work, daugh-

               ter of Jesse & Jane      b. 1863        d. 1864

WORK           Samuel                   b. 10/01/1787  d. 12/28/1871

The following excerpt is from History of the Ohio Falls Counties, published 1882, concerning the Bower/Work Cemetery: 


     "On the Charlestown and New Washington road, on a little eminence near Flag run, Jesse Henly laid out a small
     graveyard as early as 1807, on his farm. At this time [1807], there were few graveyards in the country. The health was
     generally good, except some fever and ague, which was often quite common in the fall. There is in the inclosure
     perhaps a quarter of an acre. It has been filled up almost to its full capacity, but yet people bury their dead in it
     frequently. Mrs. Jesse Henly was the first person who was buried in it. A good stone fence protects the evergreens and
     flowers from the outside world. Everything looks tasty and in conformity with modern ideas. A number of handsome
     monuments are particularly attractive."

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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