(now known as EASTERN CEMETERY)
Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This large, old, active community cemetery is bounded by Eighth Street and Graham Street, not far from downtown Jeffersonville.  Click here for a map to Eastern CemeteryClick here for a topographical map of this site, courtesy of

The property was originally known as "Chestnut Grove Cemetery", but is now known as "Eastern Cemetery".

Adjacent to Eastern Cemetery (in fact, the boundary between the two is not easy to discern), is St. Anthony's Cemetery, which occupies the section bounded by Eighth Street and Main Street.

Pat Durham McRae <>
has begun transcribing burial records for
Eastern Cemetery.  The ledger book for
1882 through 1908 is now completed and
available on-line at:

I have been told that many of the records of the Cemetery were lost in the 1937 Flood. However, I have recently been advised that some 20th Century burial records may be available from:

I have not yet spoken with Jeff Grayson to ascertain his customary charge for providing copies of burial records. However, if you write Mr. Grayson requesting information, I recommend that you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. As an expression of appreciation for his efforts, I personally would enclose a token donation of a dollar or two for each look-up requested to be used for the maintenance of the cemetery.

It is important that you provide as much data as possible when requesting a look-up by a cemetery. Provide the ancestor's full name, maiden name (if known), date of birth, date of death, reason you believe he or she is buried at this location, etc. This will greatly improve your odds of getting the result you want and will make the records keeper's job much easier.

The following is excerpted from page 447 of History of the Ohio Falls Counties, published in 1882:
"In 1864, a tract of five acres was bought adjoining the eastern limits of the city, which was set apart by action of the council in August, the management being vested in a board consisting of five directors.

In addition to this, the members of the Catholic churches purchased grounds nearby where the dead of that faith are buried." This would be St. Anthony's Cemetery on Eighth Street, adjacent to Eastern Cemetery, formerly known as Chestnut Grove Cemetery.

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I presently have no further information on this cemetery. Additional information may be available from either the:
Jeffersonville Twp. Library     or      Charlestown Library

211 East Court Avenue                   51 Clark Road

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130           Charlestown, Indiana  47111

Telephone:  (812) 285-5635              Telephone:  (812) 256-3337

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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