The following are the 2000 Trustees of Clark County's 12 Twp.s,
per the Indiana State Board of Accounts <>:

Ms. Melanie Higdon
Bethlehem Twp. Trustee
Flintridge Road
P.O. Box 306
New Washington, IN 47162
Ms. Donna Graf Jackson
Carr Twp. Trustee 
8500 Highway 111 
Memphis, IN 47143
Jimmy E. Keith
Charlestown Twp. Trustee
301 Birch Drive 
Charlestown, IN 47111
Dale F. Popp
Jeffersonville Twp. Trustee 
Room 103 
City-County Building 
501 East Court Avenue 
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Mr. Michael Sandifer
Monroe Twp. Trustee
P.O. Box 263
Henryville, IN 47126
Mr. William A. Bussey
Oregon Twp. Trustee
14220 New Market Road
Marysville, IN 47141
Mr. Leroy Graebe
Owen Twp. Trustee
6209 Hibernia Road
Charlestown, IN 47111
Mr. Carl Kamer
Silver Creek Twp. Trustee
250 Highland Avenue
Sellersburg, IN 47172
Mr. William E. Stewart
Union Twp. Trustee
14213 Highway 31
Memphis, IN 47143
Mr. Robert DeArk
Utica Twp. Trustee
804 Utica-Sellersburg Road
Utica, IN 47130
Mr. Ronald S. Ross
Washington Twp. Trustee
305 Kettlebottom Road
P.O. Box 297
New Washington, IN 47162
Mr. Joseph N. Nolot, Sr.
Wood Twp. Trustee
22652 Conway Road
Borden, IN 47106

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