Owen Township, Clark County, Indiana

Conn Cemetery, after cleanup on July 2, 2001
Much of the labor needed to clear the site was provided by the Clark County Sheriff Mike Becher in the form of inmate labor
Pictured above is Owen Township Trustee LeRoy Graebe,
shown viewing the fruits of the labors to clean up
Conn Cemetery in July 2001
Photos courtesy of John Conn <>

This cemetery is located on Blue Ridge Road, on the river hill, off Orchard Road, about three miles east of Hibernia. Coming from Hibernia, it is on the left side, about 1/4 mile off the road. There is no drive or road to it. According to the Owen Township Trustee, there is presently no access to the property, without the permission of the property owner.

Conn Cemetery, after cleanup on July 5, 2001
Conn Cemetery, after cleanup on July 5, 2001

If you appreciate the efforts of the Owen Township Trustee to oversee and implement the clean-up of this cemetery, please contact him at:

Mr. LeRoy Graebe
Owen Township Trustee
6209 Hibernia Road
Charlestown, Indiana  47111
The earliest date on the stones at Conn Cemetery is 1839. The information below is from an index at the Charlestown Library dated 7/15/1994.
CONN      Cordelia (daughter

          of E. H. & E. A.,

          1 yr.)                   b. 1855        d. 1856

CONN      Eliza A. (wife of

          Ed. H. Conn; 32 yrs)     b. 1835        d. 1868

CONN      Eliza Ann (age 2)        b. 1837        d. 1839

CONN      Frank                    b. ????        d. ????

CONN      Hugh G. (age 78)         b. 1788        d. 1866

CONN      Julia Ana (age 84)       b. 1793        d. 1877

CONN      Julianna (age 23)        b. 1829        d. 1852

CONN      Lulla (daughter of

          E. H. & E. A.;

          5 years)                 b. 1862        d. 1867

CONN      Marie (daughter of

          G. W. & M. N.; 2 yr)     b. 1866        d. 1868

CONN      Martin L. (son of

          G. W. & M. N.; 1 yr)     b. 1864        d. 1865

CONN      Richard L. (son of

          F. M. & L. M.)           b. 1864        d. 1864

CONN      Daughters of Hugh

          and Julia Ann Conn

          are buried in Conn


I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

E-mail: Dee Pavey

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