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Parent Directory - 14 Mile Creek at Cov..> 04-Sep-2017 15:46 717K Believe to be Daniel..> 04-Sep-2017 15:46 709K Blooming Wild Flower..> 04-Sep-2017 15:46 685K Blue Flags marking S..> 04-Sep-2017 15:46 706K Copy of what stone s..> 04-Sep-2017 15:46 659K Covert Cemetery Ston..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 704K Covert Cemetery Ston..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 694K Covert Cemetery View..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 712K Covert Hole 2.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:47 712K Covert Hole.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:47 722K Covert.Hogue.Jerry S..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 698K Creeks Joining.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:47 706K Flagged Stone.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:47 710K Grave Stone.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:47 701K Home of the Sprinkle..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 701K Jerry Sprinkle and T..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 705K Marked Grave with bl..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 711K Nicholson.NewMkt.Cov..> 04-Sep-2017 15:47 714K Nicholson.NewMkt.Cov..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 727K Petit Stone being re..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 705K Repairing in process..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 641K Rocks.Covert.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 707K Rough Stone.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 711K Shirley Sprinkle.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 726K Stone appears someth..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 692K Stone marked by Clif..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 700K Stones.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 699K The hikers returning..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 708K Unknown Grave Stone.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 720K Unknown Stone.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:48 701K View at Covert Cemet..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 713K WS_FTP.LOG 04-Sep-2017 15:49 21K Wild Flowers.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:49 699K Wild Plants.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:49 711K Wild flowers bloomin..> 04-Sep-2017 15:48 709K Will Covert by his a..> 04-Sep-2017 15:49 705K Will Covert visiting..> 04-Sep-2017 15:49 719K Will Covert.and.Shir..> 04-Sep-2017 15:49 696K Will Covert.jpg 04-Sep-2017 15:49 705K