Recent CCCPC Clean-up Projects:
  • County Sheriff Mike Becher and Deputy Sheriff Joe Egan are providing inmate labor to clear Adams Cemetery in Jeffersonville Township, on the Utica Township line.
  • Plans are underway to restore Grayson Cemetery in Jeffersonville Township.  This is an enormous undertaking and additional information will be released as soon as the plans are definite.
  • Dan and Betty Johnson tackled another cemetery restoration project at Whalen Cemetery in Silver Creek Township.  The property is slated for development as a high-density, high-income housing project.  We hope to protect the three-grave site during the development process and the property owner wants to "do the right thing".
  • Shortly after finishing their work at Whalen Cemetery, Dan and Betty Johnson cleaned up Allen-Jenkins Cemetery.
  • Restoration work at McClintick/Sylvester Family Cemetery is completed and on-going care is being provided by the Clark County Sheriff's Office in the way of inmate work crews.  Steve Overton, a Sellersburg Eagle Scout, was responsible for most of the stone repair, which was done after a Community Service crew from the Judge Steven Fleece's Clark County Community Service Corps spent a good deal of time there cutting down huge trees and removing tons of debris.
  • Jeanne Burke is trying to organize a clean-up and stone repair day at Dietz Cemetery in Henryville.
  • Nancy Monroe, the Union Twp. Captain, has persuaded Bill Stewart, the Union Township Trustee to tackle the clean-up of Weir Cemetery near Memphis.  An inmate work crew from the Clark County Jail recently spent a week there cleaning and cutting.  A lot more needs to be done, but it's a terrific start at this long-neglected site.  Thank you, Mr. Stewart and County Sheriff Mike Becher.
  • Dan and Betty Johnson coordinated a clean-up at Bottorff/Couch Cemetery (Silver Creek Twp.) with the assistance of Judge Steven Fleece's Community Service Corps.  No stones remain although much of the stone wall is still there.
  • Donny Loweth and his wife Carol are working to restore and protect what remains of Hale McBride Cemetery in Jeffersonville; unfortunately, up to two-thirds of the cemetery is under blacktop.  Even more unfortunate is the fact that, under Indiana law, the paving of these graves was legal.
  • Aaron Smith is coordinating a clean up of Faris Cemetery at the Tunnel Mill Boy Scout Reservation in Charlestown Township as a "dry run" for his Eagle Scout project at an as yet undetermined Clark County cemetery location.
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