Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana

The FIFTY-FOUR CEMETERY is located on the road near the Administration Building of the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant. The cemetery has a stone wall. The following inscriptions were copied by B. C. Holmes before 1940 or shortly after that date as in July 1940, the property was condemned and taken by the federal government for construction of the Ammunition Plant (recently deactivated). To enter the plant, you must first obtain permission by calling the Plant at (812) 284-7600.

Jonathan (63 yrs)       KING            b. ????         d. 06/17/1853

Collista (68 yrs,

  10 mo., 19 days,

  wife of Jonathan)     KING            b. ????         d. 05/06/1862

David                   KING            b. 06/11/1817   d. 07/18/1881

Hugh                    GIBSON          b. 03/28/1801   d. 03/08/1860

Joseph, Sr. (37 yrs.)   GIBSON          b. ????         d. 06/08/1825

Jacob (45 yrs.)         DAILY           b. ????         d. 06/14/1832

George (age 83)         HUCKLEBERRY     b. ????         d. 06/19/1856

Ann                     HUCKLEBERRY     b. 01/21/1815   d. 05/03/1888


Andrew J.               HUCKLEBERRY     b. 01/21/1815   d. 05/31/1888

Rebecca, wife of 

  A. J.)                HUCKLEBERRY     b. 04/15/1814   d. 11/29/1886

Rosanna (daughter

  of Jacob &

  Winifred)             HUCKLEBERRY     b. 03/08/1804   d. 07/20/1888

Peter                   HUCKLEBERRY     b. 01/25/1825   d. 05/15/1899

Mary Huckleberry,

  wife of Jacob

  Strutt (married

  11/23/1819)           STRUTT          b. 05/03/1802   d. 12/02/1875

I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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