More pictures of the restoration of
(a/k/a "Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery")
Jeffersonville Township, Clark County, Indiana

This particular cemetery was forgotten for many years and fell into pretty sad shape. When we brought this matter to the attention of Jeffersonville Township Trustee Dale Popp, he immediately wanted to know what could be done to restore this site and how he and the Clark County Cemetery Preservation Committee could work together to this end.
born 10/10/1815, died 5/5/1862
Broken SYLVESTER monument (left and center), "Mother" and "Father" stones (right)
I visited McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery on Sunday, March 8, 1998 in the company of Dr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Cowan from Seattle, Washington, Judy and Ed Ketchem and JoAnn Howard from New Albany, Indiana. 

During our visit Betty Cowan found a stone previously unnoticed -- that of the child SAMUEL S. VERNON (1859-1861). [See photo of Betty at left.] At present we don't know of any connection between Mr. Vernon and the Sylvester/McClintick families. 

My theory is that one-half of this cemetery is the McClintick/Sylvester family cemetery and the other half was the "Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery". To date I have found no information on Hopewell Baptist Church, which is now defunct. 

Betty is researching her Indiana pioneer ancestor, William WILLIAMS, who married a Susannah McCLINTICK, the daughter of Samuel McCLINTICK

Clark County Courts' Community Service Corps
at work cleaning McClintick Cemetery 5/10/1998

Clark County Courts' Community Service Corps vehicle

Wait a minute! What's this under all
these vines and brush?

It's a buried stone!
Oh, look! It's a dove.

Though we had been there many times before over the past year, my husband and I spent the afternoon on May 30, 1998 working at McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery. We uncovered TWO previously undetected stones: the first one was found right after we arrived -- that of Mary J. Nelson, wife of F. R. Nelson. (See photos above and below, left.)

The second stone was found after we had packed up our tools and were about to leave -- that of Martha McClintick. The inscription on her stone reads: "Died August 28, 1870. Birth Unknown". (Photo below, right.)

Buried under FOUR INCHES of rich, black soil:
"Mary J., wife of F. R. Nelson. Died Dec. 14, 1855, aged 32 years, 5 mos. & 5 days
"Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled.
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
When no farewell tear is shed."

After we had finished for the day, after all our
tools and gloves were stowed in the van, we
accidentally found another buried stone, this
one under only about two inches of dirt, which
we pulled back with our bare hands.
Martha McClintick.
The inscription on her stone reads:
"Died August 28, 1870. Birth Unknown".

Mary Nelson was Mary Jane McClintick, daughter of John McClintick, Jr. and Mary Provine. She was the wife of Francis R. Nelson. They were married circa December 23, 1840. They were the parents of Sarah Nelson and John C. Nelson.

We haven't yet confirmed this, but I suspect the Martha McClintick whose stone we found today was Martha Espy, but I'm unclear which McClintick son she married. Or it may be Martha Harrison, who married John Provine McClintick. It could also be the wife of Ravine McClintick, listed in the 1860 Clark County Census (Jeffersonville Twp.):

Ravine McClintick/McClintock's connection to this family is as yet undetermined.

Now that this heavy work has been done, we can continue the clean-up efforts and will soon start probing for buried stones at McClintick/Sylvester Cemetery.

Partially built unmortared brick enclosure around grave of John Aiken (son of William Akin and Rebecca McClintick; grandson of John McClintick). This was constructed many years ago, but never finished.
On 05-16-98, we found the headstone of John Aiken's infant son, William, and suspect the enclosure also contains the grave of John Aiken's wife, Rebecca, but as yet haven't found her stone.

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