Owen Township, Clark County, Indiana

This cemetery is located on Blue Ridge Road, about 1/2 mile south of Hibernia Church, on the west side of the road in Section 83.

For serious Clark County family historians, we recommend the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry's "Clark County Cemeteries" publication, a companion publication of The Clark County Special.

This listing of 26 selected cemeteries in Clark County includes maps of the County and each township, directions to the various sites and row and grave numbers for the burials listed.  The cemetery featured on this page is one of those included in this publication.

The 139-page "Clark County Cemeteries" publication is available from the Hoosier Journal of Ancestry $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  I've added an HTML order form to this website to make it easier for you to obtain a copy of this valuable resource.  I have no financial interest in this publication and provide this information only to facilitate your pursuit of Clark County history.

This is a very old cemetery with only a few 20th Century burials.


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ALLHANDS        Ellen, wife of C.

                (broken stone)          10/17/1840      10/08/1872
ALLHANDS        George ("Father")       1800            1885
ALLHANDS        Rev. John H.            10/31/1827      1852
ALLHANDS        Lavinia E.              08/19/1829      10/02/1855
ALLHANDS        Willie, son of Dr.

                D. S. & M. A.           09/17/1858      02/20/1860
BOTTORFF        J. Hamilton (husband

                of Mary J.; age 64)     ????            09/18/1886
BOTTORFF        Jacob (husband of

                Rhoda; spelled

                "POTTORFF"; part of

                stone missing)          02/15/1786      ????
BOTTORFF        Mary J. (wife of J.

                Hamilton; died at 36

                years, 8 mos., 4 days;

                spelled "POTTORFF")     ????            12/01/1862
BOTTORFF        Rhoda (wife of Jacob;

                spelled "POTTORFF";

                age 100 years, 19 days) 1779            02/16/1879
BOTTORFF        Robert (son of J.

                Hamilton and Mary J.;

                spelled "POTTORFF")     12/18/1851      10/04/1852
BRIGHTWELL      Eliza M., daughter of

                William H. and Mary E.  10/04/1858      12/05/1865
BRIGHTWELL      Elnula, daughter of

                William H. and Mary E.  03/13/1865      12/14/1868
BRIGHTWELL      Ida F., daughter of

                William H. and Mary E.  07/06/1862      09/30/1885
BRIGHTWELL      Warren J., son of

                William H. and Mary E.  03/10/1849      01/07/1862
BRIGHTWELL      William H. (husband

                of Mary E.)             03/10/1821      12/03/1865
CONN            Benoni A. (son of

                Silas C. and Hannah;

                died at 4 years, 5

                mos., 21 days)          ????            09/16/1864
CONN            Hannah (2nd wife of

                Silas C.; died at 20

                years, 3 days)          ????            05/10/1862
CONN            Louisa J. (1st wife of

                Silas C.; died at 29)   ????            04/20/1854
CONN            Martha (3rd wife of

                Silas C.; died at 27

                years, 7 mos., 2 days)  ????            06/19/1866
CONN            Silas C. (husband of

                Louisa J. and then

                husband of Hannah and

                then husband of Martha) 11/04/1821      11/09/1895
PLASKET         Harry (son of J. M. &

                S. E.)                  10/18/1868      07/16/1869
WOOD            Alice Louise (no age)        Only date: 04/15/1932
I have no further information on this cemetery. This index was obtained from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635. E-mail: Dee Pavey

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