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McClintick Cemetery
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Location: McClintick Cemetery is located on what was the Sylvester farm on Potters Road (now known as Coopers Lane), in the 3200 block, across from Tuckiana Services, near Watson. It is just south of the I-265 overpass. 
History:  The Jeffersonville Township Trustee, Mr. Dale Popp, was unaware that this cemetery existed until we told him about its pitiful condition back in June of 1997. Since that time, Mr. Popp has made diligent efforts to get it cleaned up enough that we can get in there to probe for buried stones and to try to restore this little pioneer family cemetery.
First Known Burial: 1847
Last Known Burial: 1885
Project Status: A community service labor crew from Judge Steven Fleece's Court has removed some of the trees and done some clearing; however, much remains to be done. The Township Trustee wants to help get this one cleaned up and Lois Mauk is trying to coordinate his efforts by drumming up community volunteers to help. 

Clean-up work is currently underway.

Permissions/Permits: Township Trustee is handling this aspect.
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