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Plum Run Cemetery
Project Coordinator: Dan and Betty Johnson
Jamie and Jerry Huffman
Location: On Highway 311 (formerly "31-W", also known as Charlestown Road [just West of intersection of Highway 311 and Highway 60]); near Hamburg area; literally at the edge of the pavement on Charlestown Road
History:  Many of the persons buried at Plum Run Cemetery are descendants of Francis Wells and Hannah Howell, two of Silver Creek Township's earliest pioneers. (See also Francis Wells Family Cemetery.) The property has been sadly neglected for many years, despite its physical prominence.
First Known Burial: 1848
Last Known Burial: 1935
Project Status:
  • Restoration completed Fall of 1997.
  • 15 old-growth cedar trees removed.
  • Most stumps ground out, but some have stones INSIDE them.
  • Re-indexing and mapping completed. Indexes provided to area libraries.
  • Sign made from some of the cedar trees removed from the site erected.
  • Fence blocking motor traffic installed.
  • Many stones excavated, repaired and reset.
  • Additional information on Plum Run Cemetery online
  • Township Trustee has arranged from continuing maintenance
Permissions/Permits: Work done in conjunction and in cooperation with Township Trustee, Carl Kamer
Plat Map/Record: Available at area libraries, courtesy of Dan and Betty Johnson
Photos: See Lois Mauk's Clark County Cemeteries page for Plum Run Cemetery
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