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Whalen Cemetery
Project Coordinator: John Caufield
Location: Whalen Cemetery is located in Grant 90 off Sellersburg-Utica Pike in Silver Creek Township on property owned by Sellersburg Stone. It is adjacent to a quarry.
History:  To date, John has located only a single stone, although there are surrounding depressions which may indicate additional burials here. To date, probing efforts have been unsuccessful in finding additional stones.
First Known Burial: 1839
Last Known Burial: 1839
Project Status: Clearing of the area has begun and other graves are strongly believed to be present; however, only the stone of Sarah Whalen Phelps has been found to date. Investigation continues.
Permissions/Permits: Sellersburg Stone, owner of the surrounding property, has encouraged and assisted in this project, including building a gravel road to permit easier access to the site. Before the construction of this access road, John Caulfield had to crawl on his hands and knees to get to the grave site.
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