Clark County Cemetery Restoration Workshop 9-23-2000

I don't have any pictures from the first hour or so of the on-site demonstrations that John Walters and Jack Briles conducted at Silver Creek Cemetery.  My husband, Mike Beavers (Bless His Heart), stayed behind at the church to clean up after the morning session and took pictures when he arrived at the cemetery.  All the photos below were taken by Mike.

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A really nice crowd of about 60 people attended our Workshop

Our thanks to Stony Point Christian Church for making its Fellowship Hall available to us.

Clark Superior Court Judge Stephen Fleece talked about the use of Community Service workers to clean up cemeteries.

Laura Dreistadt of the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana (L), Judge Fleece (standing) and Sheriff Mike Becher (R) were featured speakers.

So many broken stones found at Silver Creek Cemetery.

Simultaneous demonstrations took place.  These folks are watching the repair of a globe broken off the top of this monument.

The carved globe from the top of this monument has fallen from a height of about 7 feet and broken into several pieces.

This one is going to require some heavy equipment.  Fortunately, the stone fence is still holding up the mid-section.  The crown is on the other side of the fence.

Digging for the lost bottom section of a beautiful Civil War stone.

The search continues.

This Woodsman of the World monument remains in excellent condition.

This is a shot of a small section of Silver Creek Cemetery.

The work on the globe repair continues.

Still looking for the bottom section.

The bottom was found, as was the base.

John Walters and Jack Briles demonstrating more stone epoxy techniques.

This stone is ready to be re-attached to the stub and base.

A lot of interest in the buried stone we found under 8" inches of soil, in the same hole where we found the bottom and base of the Civil War marker.

This stone has BENT under its own weight.  It is likely to break soon due to the strain.

So many broken stones.

The repaired stone is reattached to its stub and base.

The rain held off until 3:45 P.M.

This stone needs to be straightened before it falls.

So many broken stones.

So much attention needed.

This stone won't last long in this position.

Jack and John are ready to reattach the globe to the monument.

This piece fits!

Another piece attached.

Patience and attention to detail.


This stone was retrieved from almost a foot under the surface of the soil.

Only one small piece missing from this lovely Civil War Marker.

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