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More pictures of the restoration of Plum Run Cemetery
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(Taken July 5, 1997)

Example of the damage done by the trees in this cemetery. Even the small trees can topple a headstone or heave the stone and its base from its spot. 
Stumps of two of the large, old-growth trees (mostly cedars) removed from Plum Run Cemetery. 
On the left, an uprooted base; on the right, a fallen stone, leaning on a tree. 
A number of broken, fallen stones, some excavated by the people restoring Plum Run Cemetery.
One of the huge, old-growth cedars felled by the local REMC. The arrangement was that REMC would have the trees taken down, but the volunteers had to strip them of their limbs and drag the limbs across the graveyard, where a local excavation contractor agreed to grind them into wood chips. 

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