Owen Township, Clark County, Indiana

Northern section of Shiloh Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Blue Ridge Road (not Westport Road as sometimes noted), about 3/4 of a mile south of Hibernia Christian Church Cemetery.  It is in Grant 82, on the eastern boundary of Clark's Grant. Heading South, the cemetery will be in a clearing on your right, slightly above the roadway.  Look for the metal farm gate.

When we visited on July 11, 1998, it had recently been mowed, presumably by LeRoy Graebe, the Owen Township Trustee.

We visited Shiloh Cemetery again on July 3, 1999.  Since our last visit, Mr. Graebe has remove the bushes and "detrimental vegetation" at Shiloh Cemetery.  We understand this was done with the assistance of inmate labor provided by the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

Prior to this clean-up efforts, several stones had been "swallowed up" by briars and brambles; at least one has been rubbed clean of its carvings by the limb of a bush rubbing up against it.

The graves are in two sections, one on the north side of the cemetery and the other on the south side.  We understand there was once a church here, known as "Shiloh Church" and later a schoolhouse.  Perhaps the church stood in the large open spot between the two sections of the cemetery.

You might be interested in reviewing the on-line 1860 Census for Owen Township, which can be found on the USGENWEB site for Clark County.
.               .                       .               .
ADAMS           Infant daughter of

                W. D. & S. 1/            b. 1851         d. 1851
ADAMS           Lavicy A. {or "Luicy"}1/,

                daughter of

                Samuel and Ruth         b. 03-01-1824   d. 07-31-1852

                  The Bowers' index for this site lists a birth date of 5/1/1824,

                  and identifies this person as the daughter of "F. & R."1/
ADAMS           Ruth, wife of Samuel;

                45 years                b. ????         d. Aug. 1828
ADAMS           Samuel, husband of Ruth b. 02-03-1773   d. 02-22-1857
ADAMS           William D., son of

                Williams D. and S.      b. 10-20-1849   d. 09-20-1852
ALLHANDS        Anna H., daughter of

                George D. and Sarah A.  b. 02-01-1879   d. 06-01-1889
ALLHANDS        Ellen, wife of C.

                ________                b. 10-17-1804   d. 10-08-1872

                The Bowers' index indicates Ellen was the wife of George;

                that index lists her birth date as 09/17/1804 1/
ALLHANDS        George ("father")       b. 1800         d. 1885
ALLHANDS        George D., husband of

                Sarah A.                b. 1845         d. 1923
ALLHANDS        George W., husband of

                Sarah Duke              b. 10-23-1850   d. 06-02-1895
ALLHANDS        Jacob W., consort of    b. 07-22-1831   d. 08-04-1897

                Nancy J.

                From the Bowers' index 1/
ALLHANDS        Rev. John H.            b. 10-31-1827   d. 1852

                The Bowers' index lists Rev. Allhands' death date as 5/15/1852. 1/
ALLHANDS        Lavinia E.              b. 08-19-1829   d. 10-02-1855

                The Bowers' index lists Lavinia's birth date as 8/9/1829. 1/
ALLHANDS        Lizzie D., daughter of

                George D. and Sarah A.  b. 03-04-1887   d. 11-08-1889

                The Bowers' index lists Lizzie's death date as 11-06-1889 1/
ALLHANDS        Lucinda                 b. 06-21-1815   d. 04-18-1866
ALLHANDS        Malinda A.              b. 03-28-1843   d. 09-08-1878
ALLHANDS        Martin W.               b. 10-23-1836   d. 02/20/1860

                The Bowers' index lists Martin as son of G. & E. 1/
ALLHANDS        Mollie A.               b. 10-16-1856   d. 12-20-1894

                The Bowers' index lists her as the daughter of George D. & S. A. 1/
ALLHANDS        Ruthemma, daughter of

                George D. & Sarah A.    b. 12-22-1888   d. 12-10-1889

                The Bowers' index lists her given name as "Ruthanna" 1/
ALLHANDS        Sarah A., wife of

                George D.               b. 1848         d. 1894
ALLHANDS        Sarah Duke, wife of

                George W.               b. 05-16-1840   d. 03-17-1895
ALLHANDS        Willie, infant son of 

                Dr. David S. and M. A.  b. 09-17-1858   d. 02-20-1860
AMICK           Mildred A., wife of

                John H.                 b. 1847         d. 1914
BAIRD           Infant son of J. A.     b. 10/17/1890   d. 10/17/1890

                & M. R., per Bowers' index 1/
BAIRD           James A.                b. 1828         d. 1904
BAIRD           John, husband of Sarah  b. 02-1788      d. 06-19-1880
BAIRD           Sarah, wife of John     b. 02-22-1790   d. 10-22-1868
BAIRD           Son of James A. and

                M. R.                   b. 10-17-1890   d. 10-17-1890
BOTTORFF        Fletcher Buttorff; 74

                yrs, 11 mos, 8 days     b. ????         d. 03-19-1886

                The Bowers' index lists his birth date as 1812 1/
BOTTORFF        Isabel, wife of Silas   b. 06-09-1818   d. 11-05-1896
BOTTORFF        J. Hamilton, husband

                of Mary J. "Pottorff";

                64 years                b. ????         d. 09-18-1886

                The Bowers' index lists him just as "Hamilton" 1/
BOTTORFF        Jacob "Pottorff"; age

                64 years                b. 02-15-1786   d. 05-12-1870
BOTTORFF        Mary J. "Pottorff",

                wife of J. Hamilton;

                36 yrs., 8 mos, 4 days  b. ????         d. 12-01-1862

                The Bowers' index lists her birth date as 1826
BOTTORFF        Mary J. Buttorff, wife

                of Fletcher             b. 11-23-1819   d. 02-15-1903
BOTTORFF        Rhoda "Pottorff", wife

                of Jacob; 100 yrs., 19

                days                    b. 1778         d. 02-16-1879
BOTTORFF        Robert F., son of J.

                Hamilton and Mary J.    b. 12-18-1851   d. 10-04-1852

                The Bowers' index lists him as Robert T., son of W. H. and M. J. 1/
BOTTORFF        Silas, husband of

                Isabel                  b. 11-09-1808   d. 01-06-1881
BOWSER          Elizabeth, wife of

                Daniel; 24 yrs.         b. ????         d. 04-16-1843
BOWYER          Benjamin, son of A.

                & H.                    b. 02-03-1831   d. 01-13-1837

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BOWYER          Catherine               b. 03-29-1835   d. 07-16-1837

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BOWYER          Eliza Ellen, daughter

                of Allen & Harriett     b. 01-26-1840   d. 03-06-1854

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BOWYER          Sarah A.                b. 01-31-1834   d. 08-01-1848

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BOWYER          Winfield S.             b. 09-08-1852   d. 07-10-1854

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BRENTLINGER     Mary E., daughter of

                L. & S.                 b. 06-23-1869   d. 03-17-1870

                Per the Bowers' index list; stone not visible in 1999 1/
BRIGHTWELL      Eliza M., daughter of

                William H. and M. E.    b. 10-04-1858   d. 12-05-1865

                The Bowers' index lists a birth date of 11-04-1858 1/
BRIGHTWELL      Elnula, daughter of

                William H. and M. E.    b. 03-13-1865   d. 12-14-1868

                The Bowers' index lists her given name as Elnola 1/
BRIGHTWELL      Ida F., daughter of

                William H. and M. E.    b. 07-06-1862   d. 09-30-1885
BRIGHTWELL      Warren J., son of Wm.

                H. and Mary             b. 03-10-1849   d. 01-07-1862
BRIGHTWELL      William H.              b. 03-10-1821   d. 12-03-1865
BROWN           Ellis B., "father"      b. 09-02-1867   d. 04-04-1895
COLE            Harriet S., wife of

                Joseph R.               b. 02-27-1810   d. 12-10-1891
COLE            Joseph M., son of

                Joseph R. and Harriett

                S.; died at Paducah in

                the 23rd Reg., Indiana

                Volunteers; Civil War;

                19 yrs, 2 mos, 4 days   b. ????         d. 12-22-1861

                Per the Bowers' index lists Joseph M.'s birth date as 1842 1/
COLE            Joseph R., husband of

                Harriet S.; 74 yrs.     b. ????         d. 06-16-1877

                The Bowers' index lists Joseph R.'s birth date as 1803 1/
CONN            Benoni A., son of

                Silas C. and Hannah;

                4 years, 5 mos, 21

                days                    b. ????         d. 09-16-1864

                The Bowers' index lists Benoni's birth date as 1860 1/
CONN            Hannah, 2nd wife of

                Silas C.; 20 yrs, 3

                days                    b. ????         d. 05-10-1862

                The Bowers' index lists Hanna's birth date as 1833 1/
CONN            Jasper -- The Bowers' index notes that Jasper Conn was

                the son of Millard & Laura and he buried at New Washington 1/
CONN            The Bowers' index notes that Laura, wife of Millard Conn,

                mother of Jasper Conn, is buried at Shiloh Cemetery;

                however, there is no stone. 1/
CONN            Louisa J., wife of

                Silas C.; 29 years      b. ????         d. 04-20-1854

                The Bowers' index lists Louisa's birth date as 1825 1/
CONN            Martha, 3rd wife of

                Silas C.; 27 yrs., 7

                mos., 2 days            b. ????         d. 06-19-1866

                The Bowers' index lists Martha's birth date as 1839 1/
CONN            The Bowers' index notes that Millard, husband of Laura Conn,

                father of Jasper Conn, is buried at Shiloh Cemetery;

                however, there is no stone. 1/
CONN            Nelson L.               b. 02-22-1819   d. 11-16-1865

                The Bowers' index lists Nelson's birth date as 02-23-1819 1/
CONN            Silas C., husband of

                Louisa J.               b. 11-04-1821   d. 11-09-1895
CONN            Viola J., wife of

                R. H.; 25 yrs, 4 mos,

                8 days                  b. ????         d. 12-04-1879

                The Bowers' index lists Viola's birth date as 1854 1/
COONS           Anna Mary, wife of

                John; 68 yrs.           b. ????         d. 12-13-1844

                The Bowers' index lists Anna Mary's birth date as 1776 1/
COONS           Avarilla, wife of

                William; 64 yrs, 7

                mos, 3 days             b. ????         d. 08-10-1871

                The Bowers' index lists Avarilla's birth date as 1807 1/
COONS           George W.                     [No other markings]
COONS           Silas P., son of

                William & Avarilla      b. ????         d. ????
COONS           William                 b. 11-09-1803   d. 09-09-1854
COONS           William, son of J. & J. b. 11-09-1818   d. 03-23-1857 1/

                Per the Bowers' index
GILTNER         Mary                    b. ????         d. 10-19-1865 1/

                Per the Bowers' index
GOFORTH         George W. ("father")    b. 1870         d. 1929

                The Bowers' index indicates that George's wife Alabama

                is buried at Owen Creek Cemetery on Vesta Road in Owen Twp. 1/
GOFORTH         William N.              b. 09-27-1830   d. 03-25-1894
GRAVES          John T., son of David

                and Mary O.             b. 07-01-1860   d. 08-17-1864
GRAVES          Mary O., wife of David  b. 11-05-1838   d. 07-25-1864

                The Bowers' index lists Mary's middle initial as "A." 1/
HALL            Malinda A., wife of

                Samuel A.               b. 03-28-1843   d. 09-08-1878

                The Bowers' index lists Malinda's birth date as 07-28-1843 1/
HUTCHINGS       Aquilla, husband of

                Margaret                b. 12-16-1803   d. 05-17-1879
HUTCHINGS       Catharine, wife of

                Joseph                  b. 07-22-1767   d. 02-11-1843
HUTCHINGS       Elmer E., son of

                J. L. & S. J.           b. 12-07-1866   d. 08-18-1872
HUTCHINGS       Eva E., daughter of

                J. L. & S. J.           b. 10-23-1864   d. 08-24-1872
HUTCHINGS       Isabelle A.             b. 06-27-1846   d. 06-13-1912
HUTCHINGS       Jacob Riley, son of

                John and Lydia          b. 05-22-1849   d. 05-24-1865

                The Bowers' index lists Jacob Riley's birth date as 05-23-1849 1/
HUTCHINGS       John, husband of Lydia  b. 04-11-1802   d. 07-10-1884
HUTCHINGS       John Hamilton, son of

                John and Lydia          b. 10-03-1842   d. 06-19-1863

                The Bowers' index lists John H. as a member of Co. I,

                81st Reg., Indiana Volunteers 1/
HUTCHINGS       John L., son of A & M;

                6 yrs, 2 mos, 13 days   b. ???          d. 06-24-1846

                The Bowers' index lists a John Hutchings with this

                death date having been born 1840 1/
HUTCHINGS       Joshua                  b. 09-10-1856   d. 10-17-1856

                Per the Bowers' index 1/
HUTCHINGS       Lydia, wife of John     b. 09-10-1805   d. 02-21-1897

                The Bowers' index lists Lydia's death date as 03-21-1897 1/
HUTCHINGS       Margaret, wife of

                Aquilla; 72 yrs, 11

                mos, 14 days            b. ????         d. 10-01-1881

                The Bowers' index lists Margaret's birth year as 1809 1/
HUTCHINGS       Mary C.                 b. 06-12-1846   d. 04-03-1889

                The Bowers' index lists Mary's middle initial as "G." 1/
HUTCHINGS       Mary M., daughter of

                William F. and E.       b. 09-24-1853   d. 03-22-1876
HUTCHINGS       William H., son of

                J. L. & S. J.           b. 12-28-1857   d. 10-03-1863

                The Bowers' index lists William H.'s birth date as 12-28-1852 1/
HUTCHINGS       William H. H., son of

                John and Lydia          b. 03-28-1840   d. 02-16-1865
INGRAM          Catharine, consort of

                Job; age 39 years, 11

                mo., 25 days            b. 09-20-1791   d. 08-15-1831
INGRAM          Margaret, consort of

                Job                     b. 10-03-1797   d. 09-17-1813

                Per the Bowers' index 1/
INGRAM          Nancy; age 13 years,

                4 mo., 25 days          b. 03-03-1827   d. 07-28-1840
INGRAM          Seth; age 21 years,

                9 mo., 6 days           b. 09-01-1819   d. 06-26-1841
INGRAM          William R.; age 18

                years, 8 mo., 5 days    b. 05-20-1822   d. 02-15-1840
LLOYD           Polly, wife of C. R.;

                45 yrs 6 mos, 11 days   b. ????         d. 04-22-1846

                The Bowers' index lists Polly's birth year as 1801 1/
LONG            Ann, daughter of

                Michael and Margaret;

                18 yrs., 10 mos, 2 days b. ????         d. 01-17-1841

                The Bowers' index lists Ann's birth date as 1822 1/
LONG            Ida F., daughter of

                John and Nancy J.       b. 05-23-1880   d. 11-18-1884
LONG            John, husband of Nancy

                J.                      b. 03-01-1832   d. 04-16-1897
LONG            Margaret, wife of

                Michael                 b. 06-25-1792   d. 09-16-1872
LONG            Michael, husband of

                Margaret                b. 10-29-1782   d. 12-12-1861

                The Bowers' index lists Michael's birth date as 09/29/1782 1/
LONG            Nancy J., wife of John  b. 09-28-1841   d. 01-29-1884
LONG            William S., son of John

                and Nancy J.            b. 06-03-1868   d. 01-15-1887

                The Bowers' index lists William S.'s birth year as 1865 1/
MILLER          Aaron; 26 yrs, 2 mos,

                15 days                 b. ????         d. 04-30-1843

                The Bowers' index lists Aaron's birth year as 1817 1/
MILLER          John B., husband of

                Mary                    b. 1781         d. 06-02-1869
MILLER          Mary, wife of John B.;

                73 years                b. ????         d. 07-15-1862

                The Bowers' index lists Mary's birth year as 1789 1/
PLASKET         ____________ (broken)

                19 yrs, 5 mos, 20 days  b. ????         d. ????
PLASKETT        Barbara Bottorff, wife

                of Robert L.            b. 04-21-1797   d. 07-08-1873 1/

                Per the Bowers' index
PLASKET         Eliza A.                b. 05-03-1812   d. 08-1884
PLASKET         Harry, son of J. M.

                and S. E.               b. 10-18-1868   d. 07-16-1869
PLASKET         Joseph; 25 yrs, 8 mos,

                21 days                 b. ????         d. 06-09-1839
PLASKETT        Mary M., wife of S. M.  b. 1845         d. 07-04-1881 1/

                35 years; 11 mos, 

                23 days

                Per the Bowers' index
PLASKETT        Robert L.; 80 yrs.,

                4 mos, 14 days          b. 12-16-1782   d. 1862 1/

                Per the Bowers' index
PLASKET         Robert L. (Jr.), son of

                Robert L. & Barbara     b. 09-28-1822   d. 03-21-1850
PLASKETT        Sarah E., wife of J. M.;

                42 yrs, 6 mos, 19 days  b. 1844         d. 07-03-1886

                Per the Bowers' index 1/
PLASKET         Viola F., daughter of

                John M. and Mary A.     b. 11-01-1856   d. 03-01-1861
POUND           Catherine, wife of      b. ????         d. 10-03-1803 1/

                I. J. Pound (broken

                stone found leaning

                against that of 

                Louisa J. Conn)
POUND           James Madison           b. 05-09-1850   d. 12-11-1921
POUND           Laura V.                b. 01-18-1850   d. 03-05-1889

PURDUE          Maggie M., daughter of

                Benjamin Whitson &

                Catherine Goodman       b. ????         d. 05-07-1857

                Per the Bowers' index list 1/
PURDUE          Nathan P.; 39 yrs.      b. 17___??      d. 07-27-1833

                Per the Bowers' index list
SHRADER         Eliza                   b. 03-23-1816   d. 12-26-1896
SHRADER         Hamilton, husband of

                Laura J.                b. 05-08-1842   d. 01-12-1897
SHRADER         James W., husband of

                Mary A.                 b. 12-03-1810   d. 02-09-1873
SHRADER         Joseph                  b. 04-21-1814   d. 10-06-1889
SHRADER         Laura J., wife of

                Hamilton                b. 11-01-1839   d. 01-02-1897
SHRADER         Mary A., wife of James

                W.                      b. 07-14-1820   d. 11-12-1901
SHRADER         Viola, daughter of

                W. R. & P. M.           b. 11-29-1896   d. 12-12-1896
SPENCER         Lavina S.               b. 12-28-1805   d. 08-21-1890

                The Bowers' index lists Lavina's death date as 08-21-1870 1/
SPENCER         Virgil T.               b. 08-14-1836   d. 04-06-1852

                The Bowers' index lists Virgil's birth date as 08-11-1830

                and his death date as 04-06-1872 1/

STUTSMAN        Margaret F., daughter

                of J. H. & M. J.        b. 02-15-1853   d. 01-20-1861

                The Bowers' index lists Margaret's birth date as 02-16-1853 1/
SULLIVAN        Etta, daughter of

                William and M. E.       b. 08-22-1865   d. 10-31-1869
SUTTON          Sarah, consort of

                William L.              b. 09-27-1791   d. 07-31-1847

                The Bowers' index lists Sarah's birth date as 09-27-1781 1/
SWITZER         Grace, consort of       [see photo of stone above,

                George; 28 yrs, 11      which was erected by her parents]

                mos., 2 days; daughter

                of Michael and Margaret

                Long                    b. ????         d. 03-13-1843

                The Bowers' index lists Grace's birth date as 1814 1/
SWITZER         Joseph                  b. 10-02-1779   d. 07-28-1848
WILSON          Nancy, consort of H. D.,

                first wife of Jacob

                Ingram, having been the

                wife of H. D. Wilson for

                upward of 31 years      b. 02-16-1761   d. 10-19-1829

                The Bowers' index lists Nancy Wilson as "Consort of Wm. D." 1/
WOOD            Alice Louise (no age)   b. ????         d. 04-15-1932
WOOD            Daisy R.                b. 09-15-1883   d. 07-05-1920
WOOD            Robert ("father")       b. 01-29-1836   d. 02-03-1899
WOOD            Roy H.                  b. 01-15-1889   d. 12-08-1908
WOOD            Thomas H.               b. 02-12-1865   d. 04-14-1904

1/The italicized comments above are from the books the late Buford Bower and his wife Mrs. Pearl Bower (who celebrated her 97th birthday on 10/16/1999) wrote about the Hibernia area of Clark County.  The Bowers' records appear to go up to 1987.  This supplemental information courtesy of Dian Leezer.

I have no further information on this cemetery.  Additional information may be available from the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 211 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130, telephone: (812) 285-5635.

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