Washington Township, Clark County, Indiana

According to History of the Ohio Falls Counties, published 1882:


"On the Charlestown and New Washington road, on a little eminence near Flag run, Jesse Henly laid out a small graveyard as early as 1807, on his farm. At this time, there were few graveyards in the country. The health was generally good, except some fever and ague, which was often quite common in the fall. There is in the inclosure perhaps a quarter of an acre. It has been filled up almost to its full capacity, but yet people bury their dead in it frequently. Mrs. Jesse Henly was the first person who was buried in it. A good stone fence protects the evergreens and flowers from the outside world. Everything looks tasty and in conformity with modern ideas. A number of handsome monuments are particularly attractive.

"The old Walker graveyard, which is now on Colonel Martin Adam's place, was used as early as 1814. It was then surrounded by the woods, having been located in the midst of a strong growth of beech timber. The location was probably determined by the death of Mary Polly Adams, who was the first person buried within its present limits. William Pervine and his daughter were the next who were laid to rest under the shady beech and oak. This old graveyard is now but little used. Its like is seldom met in the history of Clark County.

"Fouts's grave-yards, now known as the Barnes burying-grounds, on the forks of Fourteen-mile creek, were used by the settlers fifty or sixty years ago. Squire Jacob Fouts, who lived near the East fork of Fourteen-mile [Creek], had at first a private burying place. It was afterwards used by the neighbors and came to be regarded as public property. The other, laid out by a relative of Mr. Fouts, perhaps a brother, was situated on the West fork of Fourteen-mile creek. Both sustained about the same relation to the public. They are now among those things of bygone days which in history must ever be regarded with affection, and which are reminders that we must all pass away."

I have no further information on these cemeteries.

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