Silver Creek Township, Clark County, Indiana

On 5/29/2001, an ORDER TO DISINTER WHALEN CEMETERY was issued in Clark Circuit Court.  Seems these three little graves stand in the way of "progress" and will be moved to Ebenezer Cemetery.  The 5/23/2001 Petition to Disinter and subsequent Order are on-line in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (880K).

According to both the 1986 and 1998 deeds for the surrounding property, this cemetery was a clearly-stated EXCEPTION, but that apparently had no bearing on the Court's decision to order this cemetery dismantled.


Betty Johnson, Dan Johnson, Sammy Johnson and Greg Furnish inspecting the Whalen Cemetery site.

On February 27, 1999, Dan and Betty Johnson, their grandson Sammy, property owner Greg Furnish and I visited the old Whalen Cemetery in Silver Creek Township.

The site is very small, approximately 10 feet by 20 feet, and contains only three graves.

During the first week of March, 1999, Dan and Betty set about restoring this little cemetery and have already made significant progress.

A very sad tale of murder-suicide is associated with this site.  It is available in text form at http://www.rootsweb.com/~incccpc/clarkbios/whalen.html.

Confirmed to have been buried here are:

     Elizabeth Whalen         b. Circa 1830        d. 12-14-1861

                                                   or 1864 (probably 1864)
     William Whalen, Sr.      b. 10-15-1820        d. 10-13-1910
     Jacob Whalen             b. 1856              d. 1912

The Indiana State Library 1790-1850 Marriages Database lists the following:

Sarah WHALAN married Thomas PHELPS in Clark County on 2-10-1831
Charles WHALEN married Margarett J. SLIDER in Clark County on 7-23-1846
David H. WHALEN  married Margaret ROBERTSON in Clark County on 4-10-1834
Edward WHALEN married Charlotte THOMAS in Clark County on 4-29-1837
Jacob WHALEN married Julian REEDMAN in Clark County on 8-16-1832
Maria WHALEN married Jonathan EMMONS in Clark County on 4-22-1842
William WHALEN married Elizabeth J. SHILER (SLIDER) on 2-22-1850
Elizabeth WHALLEN married William NEELD in Clark County on 9-9-1825

The 1820 Census for Clark County indicates the following WHALENs living here: The 1830 Census for Clark County indicates the following WHALENs living here:

The 1860 Census for Clark County indicates the following WHALENs living here:
We presently have no further information on this cemetery.

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