8th Regiment Indiana Legion- Silver Creek Guards (Sellersburg) Company-Civil War

The following is a transcription of a handwritten record from the records of the Indiana State Archives: (editor's note: spelling errors are not corrected unless in parentheses)
We whoes names are hereto subscribed being citizens and residents of the State of Indiana agree to form ourselves into a volunteer malitia Company in the indiana Legion under the provision of an act for the organization and regulation of the indiana malitia & c. approve may th 11 1861 we severally undertake that we will each uniform ourselves in accordance with the requirements of said Law the Comapany will be organized without delay at Sellersburg in Clark County in said state and be called Silvercreek gards Witness our names this 31st day of July 1863
A. L. Sellers
Wm. Cune
Geor. W. Bottorff
Beason Moore
Johnathin Turpen
P.J. Ash
James Smith
Jacob Creamer
John Jackson
Geo. McCurdy
John Snider
E.W. Moore
Richard Johnson
Wm. F. Little (Littell?)
Charles Popp
Samuel Kelly
John A. Gray
Lewis Utricht (Utrecht?)
Charles Schwengel
C.M. Deaton
L.J.D. Holland
Albert Bieker
Richard Slider
Wm. Tyler
Henry Grosback (Grosbach?)
Edward Gimber
R.C. Hart
Levi Hill
J.S. Bottorff
James Mitchel
Geo. Wever (Weber?)
Wm. Leech
E.T. Leech
Wm. Johnson
Wm. Snider
Leander Ferris
John McCurdy
John Bluer (Bloor?)
James A. Tompson
John S. Crim
Sylus Bluer (Bloor?)
Peter Thieneman
John Smith
Edward Haas
Thomas Halpern
John W. Young
John Fitzjarold (Fitzgerald?)
Samuel Y. Fowler
Thompson Fowler
Thomas Smith
Geo. Shotlyrs (?)
Officers are listed in the Report of the Indiana Adjutant General, Vol. 3, pgs 570-573 as follows:
Capt. E.W. Moore-Comm. 8/12/1863-Resigned 8/12/1864
1st Lt. George Bottorff-Comm. 8/12/1863
2nd Lt. John F. Downes-Comm. 8/12/1863-Declined
2nd Lt. P.J. Ash-Comm. 12/12/1863

All listed as from Sellersburg.

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