Borden Institute, Clark County, Indiana

Program submitted by Judy Campton Cochran
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Scientific Course:
Horace Dunbar--Indianapolis, Ind.
Fred Winslow--Canton, Ind.

Academic Course:
W.F. Enteman,- Leota, Ind.
James Baker,- Borden, Ind.
S.C. Rickard, -Borden, Ind.
Clara Coombes, -Borden, Ind.
Isalene Coombes, -Borden, Ind.
Augusta P Durbin, -New Philadelphia, Ind.

Teachers' Course:
Elmer Packwood, -Borden, Ind
Eugene Garriott, -Little York, Ind.
Charles Colglazier, -Salem, Ind.
C.F. Harrod, -Austin, Ind.
Eva Littell, -Borden, Ind
Maggie Toombs, -Scottsburg, Ind.
Emma Furnish, -Vienna, Ind.
Daisy smith,- Vienna, Ind.
Lily Schlichter, -Otisco, Ind.
Ethel Baker, -Pekin, Ind.
Bertha Bartle, -Bartle, Ind.

Anyone having more information on Borden or any of the other communities in Clark County, please contact me Jeannie Noe Carlisle