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23 Mar 2007
This section is currently under construction to remove the background color that is making the photos difficult for some people to read. Please check back later!


Many of the following photos are contained in History of Clinton County (1913), A Portrait and Biographical Record of Boone and Clinton Counties (1895). We have photos submitted by Clinton County researchers as well.

Thank You to everyone who contributed photos to this site!

Moses R. and Margaret J. (Pence) Allen

Abner and Sarah E. (Van Sickle) Baker

John Barner

Ira H. and Mary L. (Kreisher) Beard

Peter and Ann (Parker) Beebout

William N. Berryman

David S. Brant and family

Amos D. Brock

Miles A. Carver

Jonathan K. Clapper and Matilda (Nehard) Clapper

Charles J. Clendenning, Jr.

Joseph Combs

John Hayes and Pheobe Ann (Wookey) Conard

Daniel E. Cripe, M. D.

John H. and Elizabeth J. (Sheets) Crum

Morton Perry and Anna (Rathfon) Davis

Flora E. Davison

Samuel N. Davison and family

Samuel H. Doyal

Stephen S., Eliza (Miller), and son, Allen L. S. Earhart

Samuel G. Fickle and family

Fisher Family Reunion - Heaton, Walters, Zerfas, Clark

Oliver Gard, M.D.

Hackerd Family.

George C. Harbaugh

Taylor Harshman and family

James A. Hedgecock

Francis M. and Hattie (Roush) Hendricks

Reverend Jesse Hill

Harriet L. ( Pence) Hinds   

Jesse Hinds

William R. Hines

Abraham Hollcratt

Harriet (Campbell) Hollcratt

David and Lavinia B. (Watt) Horlacher

Frank A. and Phynette (Grice) Lamphier

James Monrow and Maria (Wehr) Leibenguth family

Peter Leibenguth

Samuel W. and Clarrisa (Strain) Lyon

David Maish

William H. McGuire, M. D.

McKinzie Family

Isaac N. Painter

Daniel Petre

Denton W. and Etta Elen (Conard) Ratcliff

Lewis Richards

John A. Ross

Philip M. Sheets and family

Zimri Elisha Sheets and family

Joseph H. Steckel and family

James Watt 

Levi Wratten

The following photos are very large files. Please be patient. They will take a while to load. According to History of Clinton County, the Old Settler's Union was organized July 31, 1875.

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Company I, 28th Regiment, U.S. Volunteers - Spanish American War