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Moses and Susannah Bennington Bible Records

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Moses Bennington was born in Bourbon County in Kentucky in the year -- 1791 January the 29th and moved to Indiana in -- 1813 and married Susannah Johnson -- March the 1st --1821. Susannah was born March the 31st, 1799.

These are the children of Moses and Sussanah (Susannah) Bennington

William Bennington was born -- June the 30 1822
Elizaann Bennington was born Sept the 29th 1823
James Bennington was born -- July the -- 17th 1825
Nancy Bennington was born February the -- 23 -- 1827
Lucinda Bennington was born November the -- 17th -- 1828
Eliza Bennington was born Sept the 21st -- 1830
Hannah Bennington was born March the 17th 1832
Mary Bennington was born Novem the -- 5th -- 1833
John Bennington was born Oct the -- 31st --1835
Andrew J. Bennington was born March the -- 18th -- 1838
Thomas Bennington was born March the -- 29th -- 1840
Ailcy Bennington was born July the -- 19th -- 1842

Bennington marriages in Daviess Co

by the Rev. J. M. Elroy, Wm Bennington to wife Elizabeth Osmon on 1st Oct. 1840
Sarah O. Bennington B. Feb. 25th 1842
Wm F. Bennington b. Aug. 4th 1846
John J. Henry & Mary Bennington was married August 24. 1865
Andrew J. Bennington & Sarah J. Barr was married Nov 8 1863
Thomas Bennington and Ann Funcannon was mared (married) Nov. 17. 1872
Nancy A. Funcannon was born December the 3th 1848

Bennington deaths:

Elizaann Bennington died the 24th of Sept 1824
James Bennington died the 6th of Oct 1828
William Bennington died the -- 29th of August 1846 John Bennington the son of Moses and Susanah (Susannah) Bennington died the -- 13th of December 1860 aged 25 years one month and 13 days
Susannah the wife of Moses Bennington died the 15th of Sept 1861 aged 62 years and 5 months and 15 days
Eliza (Bennington) Lester died Aug. 30th 1864
Moses Bennington died March the 30 1864
Thomas Bennington died March 13. 1931
Andrew J. Bennington died Feb 6 -- 1905
Nancy A. Bennington wife of Thos Bennington died Aug 4 -- 1925

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