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1848 - Names of St. Mary's Families

Barr Township, Daviess Co, Indiana

Ash, Raphael; Ash, Thomas; Ash, Francis; Ash, Charles

Bowling, James William; Bradley, James; Bradley, Widow; Bramble, Thomas; Bramble, Robert A.; Brothers, Edward 1850; Brothers, Jeremiah; Brothers, William; Brothers, John; Brown, Felix 1852

Carico, Joseph, Cecil, James; Cecil, James Ambrose; Cecil, Lewis 1851; Cleary, Michael 1849; Cunningham, Michael

Doyle, John; Dunn, James; Dunn, Thomas; Drury, G.W.; Drury, Henry 1850 left for KY; Dwyer, David 1850

Fitzgerald, John; Fields, Philip; Fields, Benedict; Fields, David; Fields, Joseph left for KY; Flynn, Thomas 1849

Gates, William; Gibson, George died Dec 1852; Gillan, Edward; Grennan, James; Grennan, George; Grennan, William; Gootee, Charles; Gootee, Henry; Green, John left for KY

Hegan, Philip; Hegan, Pius moved to Natches, Martin Co, IN; Hopkins, Patrick; Healy, Patrick

Jones, James

Kidwell, Sylvester; Kidwell, Thomas

Lents, Nicholas died 1849; Lents, Bernard died 1849; Lents, John; Lents, James Nelson; Lents, William; Lents, Raymond; Lents, Vincent; Lents, Jonathan; Levely, William

Mattingly, Henry; Mattingly, Felix; Mattingly, Bernard; Mattingly, Joseph; Mattingly, John; McAtee, David; McAtee, George; McAtee, Felix; McAtee, Hilary; McAtee, John Henry; Madden, Malachy 1850; Maquire, Daniel; Maguire, Peter 1849, left 1852; Matthews, Michael; Milton, Calistus; Milton, Robert; Milton, Francis; Milton, Charles Milton, George 1850; Milton, Stephan C.; McCarthy, Denis; McMullin, James 1850

Norris, John D.; Norris, George

O'Neil, James

Paget, Benedict; Paget, Benedict Joseph, Jr.; Paget, Charles; Paget, Charles, Jr.; Paget, George; Paget, James B.; Paget, James Hilary; Paget, Pius; Paget, William; Paget, William B.; Paget, William, Jr.; Prince, Prissly John; Patterson, Pius moved to Mt. Pleasant 1851; Patterson, George Washington 1849; Patterson, Hilary

Riley, Michael; Riley, James; Riley, Luke; Riley, James Scotch; Raney, Matthew

Seals, William; Seals, John; Sherman, Harvey; Sherman, William died 1848; Shircliff, Thomas; Shircliff, Widow; Smith, Andrew; Smith, James F.; Smith, Sylvester; Smith, John Hilary; Smith, Wilson; Spalding, Joseph; Spalding, Elzere; Spalding, Cyrus M.; Spalding, Thomas; Spalding, William Evan; Spalding, Hilary; Spalding, Valentine Spalding, John B.; Spalding, Widow; Strange, William; Strange, James; Strange, Charles; Summers, Ambrose; Summers, John moved to Mt. Pleasant 1851

Twohil (Tewell), James; Twohil (Tewell), Charles

Williams, Thomas E.; Williams, Alexander S.; Williams, Edward; Williams, William; Williams, Thomas Jr. moved to Mt. Pleasant 1850; Wade, Benedict Joseph; Wade, Joseph; Walker, Henry; Walker, William; Wells, 1852; Winstandley, Thomas

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