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Source for the following Article, The Book "History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana".
F.E. Weakley & Co., Publishers
John Morris Company, Printers
Published 1885


The original disposition of the lands of the Lawrenceburg Township by the Government, with the names of the persons to whom sold, and the dates when sold, is given below:

Township: 5
Range: 1 west

Fractional Section 1: sold April 9, 1801, to Joseph Hayes.
Fractional Section 2: April 27, 1801, to George Crist and H. Hardin. Section 3: sold, in 1802, to Barnett Hulick.
A portion of Section 4: in 1809, to Samuel Bond, in 1812 to William Caldwell and John Howard, in 1815, to Timothy Guard.
A portion of Section 5: in 1808, to Samuel Bond; in 1809, to Thomas Townsend; in 1814, to John Ferris; in 1815, to Amos Way and Isaac Lamasters.
A portion of Section 6: in 1815, to Jacob Brasher, Leonard Chase and David Rees.
A portion of Section 8: in 1811, to Caleb Pugh; in 1815, to Enoch Pugh and David Rees; in 1817, to Jesse Laird.
A portion of Section 9: in 1808, to Samuel Bond; in 1811, to Dell Elder; in 1816, to Zebulon Pike.
A portion of Section 10: and fractional Sections 11 and 12, to Zebulon Pike; re-entered by Jesse Hunt, assignee; John Brown, December 3, 1806.
Fractional Sections 13, 14, 15: July 23, 1801, to Samuel C. Vance.
A portion of Section 17: in 1810, to David Datton; in 1812, to Adam Pate; in 1814. to George Weaver and John Dumos.

Township: 6,
Range: 1 west.

A portion of Section 25: in 1815, to Daniel Perine; in 1831, to Thomas Brannin, Mary Muer, John Davis.
A portion of Section 34: (part in Miller Township), in 1806, to Jacob Froman, Isaac L. Masters; in 1813, to Samuel Evans; in 1814, to Stephen Ludlow.
A portion of Section 35: in 1811, to Robert Piatt, James Hayes, Job Miller, Hy Hardin; in 1804, to Thomas Miller.
Section 36: April 9, 1801, to Joseph Hayes.

Lawrenceburg Township