1807 Indiana Territory Census - Dearborn County
 Davis, Thomas
 Davis, Thos T,
 Davis, Timothy
 Davis, Thomas Jr.
 Dawson, Charles
 Dawson, Thomas
 Dawson, Charles Jr.
 Dearmon, Alexander
 Deckers, Joel
 Deford, Charles
 Deford, George
 Deggs, Thomas
 Demeree, Peter
 Devenport, Jesse
 DeWitt, John
 DeWitt, William
 Dickenson, Jacob
 Dickenson, John
 Dickerson Griffy
 Dill, James
 Dougherty, James
 Drake, Benjamin
 Drake, Jesse
 Draake, John
 Drake, Robert
 Dubois, Alexander
 Dubois, Isaac
 Dubois, Jacob
 Dubois, William
 Due, John
 Duff, J.
 Dufore, Daniel
 Dunn, William
 Dunn, Isaac
 Dunn, Isaac
 Eads, Gibson
 Eads, Henry
 Eads, Henry
 Eads, Jonathan
 Eads, William
 Eaten, Peter
 Edgerby, Elijah
 Edwards, Elijah
 Edwards, Isaac
 Edwards, Joshua
 Ely, Adam
 Ely, Simon
 Endersey, Thomas
 Endsley, Abraham
 Endsley, Andrew
 Endsley, John
 Endsley, Samuel
 Estes, Abediah
 Evans, Samuel
 Eves, Henrry
 Ewing, David
 Ewing, John
 Ewing, William

 Fagan, George
 Fall, Tetrach
 Fendlaay, /david
 Fenton, John
 Fenton, John Jr.
 Ferrand, John
 Ferris. Ezric
 Fisher, Elyah
 Fisher, John
 Flack, Adam
 Flack, Michael
 Fleming, Peter
 Fouch, John
 Fouts, Danieel
 Fouts, Jacob
 Fouts, William
 Frakes, Nathan
 Froman, Jacob
 Fulton, Samuel * *
 Fulton, John * *
 Fulton, Thomas * *
 Galbreath, David
 Galbreath, Robert
 Galon, Bazil
 Gano, Stephen
 Gard, Alexander
 Gard, David 
 Garrett, Nathaan
 Garton, Z.
 Gaynes, Richard T.
 Gex, Lewis
 Gibbs, Justus
 Gill, David
 Gilleem, John
 Glass, John
 Glidewell, Thomas
 Gully David
 Goodman, John
 Goodwin, Benjamin
 Goodwin, James
 Goodwin, James
 Goodwin, Moses
 Gorden, John
 Goslen, Adam
 Graham , John K.
 Graay, John
 Grimm, John
 Grove, Daniel
 Grove, George
 Grove, Henry
 Grubbs, Edward
 Griest, Job
 Grillion, Robert
 Gwathney, Samuel

NOTE: * * John(Father) and Samuel(Son) were listed as Revolutionary War Soldiers. Thomas(Son) and Christopher Huston(Son inlaw) and their families, made the first permanent settlement on the bank of the Ohio River in present day Rising Sun. Jane Dills Fulton was the Mother. The Fultons migrated from Pennsylvania, and were cofounders of the first Presbyterian Churchs in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Rising Sun, Indiana. Samuel and Robert Fulton, the inventor were Cousins.

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