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-- Conway/Tufts Cemetery --
Washington Township

Originally known as the Daniel Conaway(Conway)(Sr.) Cemetery. It is now known as the Conaway/Tufts Cemetery. It is located on private land in Dearborn Co., Indiana in Washington Township, just South of U.S. Highway 50, on Cole Lane Road, three miles west of Aurora, Indiana.
There is mention of this cemetery in the book,** "History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana" by F.E. Weakley, Publishers. Beginning on Page 489, History of Washington Township. This is what the book has to say about this cemetery. "In section 11, on the old place of Daniel Conaway is a small public burying ground, which was set apart for burial purposes by Mr. Conaway, whose remains rest there, and also a number of his family. His death occurred in 1844, aged seventy years; Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Conaway, was born in 1774 and died in 1856; John Tufts was born in 1798, and died in 1867; John Tufts, Sr. was born in May, in 1775 and died in 1849; Prudence Tufts born in Massachusetts in 1774, died in 1891; others buried here where some of the McConnells, the Parkers, the Willses and the Greers."

It was set aside by Daniel Conaway, son of James and Rachel Conaway. It is now in a state of disrepair, with trees among the graves and stones that have fallen over.

Daniel Conaway, died November 10, 1844 age 70 yrs. 5 months, 14 days.

Elizabeth Conaway, wife of Danile Conaway Sr. born 1774, died February 11, 1856

Mary Conaway, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth born September 5, 1804 and died December 10, 1821

John Conaway, son of Daniel & Elizabeth and husband of Rebecca Lynn Conaway born February 12, 1798 and died August 19, 1833

Rebecca Conaway, son of Daniel Lynn and wife of John Conaway born August 19, 1801 and died December 12, 1844

James Conaway, son of John & Rebecca Conaway died December 19, 1835, 3 yrs. 7 mo., 29 days.

Daniel Conway Blanker, son of Wm. & Mary (Conway) Blanker born February 17, 1865, died December 8, 1869.

Franklin Butterfield, son of Ephraim & Ziporah born in Maine, died July 28, 1867, wife of Rhoda Tufts dau. of John & Prudence Tufts.

John Cloud, died April 27, 1827 age 23 yrs. 6 months, 15 days.

Jane E. Nixon, wife of Rev. Levi R. Bogt, died May 4, 1849 aged 35 years, 5 months, 4 days.

James ? Chamberlin, son of D.R. & Dora, died July 5, 1874

Elizabeth Greer, dau. of George & Sarah, died Oct. 1859

Maj. John McConnell, born December 1797, died November 26, 1864

Fannie B. McConnell, died August 26, 1870

Elizabeth McConnell, wife of Maj. John McDonnell died March 21, 1843 (born Elizabeth Robbins)

Emily Amelial Owens, b. April 16, 1829, died October 5, 1837 daughter of Edward & Sarah

John H. Parker, born Maine, died November 9, 1868

John Tufts, born February 11, 1798 in Maine, died August 9, 1867

Survetus Tufts, born September 3, 1835, died October 10, 1851

Benjamin Tufts, born March 11, 1837 died July 10, 1838

John F. Tufts, born August 20, 1828, died July 7, 1870

Eva Ann Tufts, daughter of J.P. & L.M. Tufts died 1862 aged 7 yrs.

Benjamin M. Tufts, son of Benjn & Ann D. Tufts died July 11, 1849 aged 10 years, 4 months, 22 days

Louis A. Tufts, died July 14, 1863 aged 19 years, 9 months, 5 days. Fought at Gettysburg

Maud K. Tufts, daughter of G.M. & Maggie E. Tufts died September 10, 1867, aged 11 months 3 days.

Elizabeth Wills, wife of James, died September 30, 1838, aged 35 years 4 months, 27 days.

**The book "History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana", can be found and read online at "".

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