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German Passenger List

Departure Port: Hamburg, Germany
Ship: Gutemberg
Port of Arrival: New York
Date of Arrival: July 1, 1851

Mary McGinnis has transcribed a passenger list for the ship Gutemberg that departed Hamburg, Germany and arrived in New York on July 1, 1851. She has given me permission to post it to the Dearborn county web page. She knows of at least one name from the list that came to the Cincinnati/Covington area.
Any questions, please contact Mary McGinnis.
Thank you Mary!

German Passenger List
Departure Port: Hamburg, Germany
Ship: Gutemberg
Port of Arrival: New York
Date of Arrival: July 1, 1851

Surname |  Given Name  | Age | Sex  |  Occupation  |  Province

Abel Sophie 24 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Abel Doris 22 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Ahlert Hermann 26 M Farmer Germany
Ahlert Sophia 21 F Unkn Germany
Ahrendz Carl 27 M Carpenter Prussia
Ainheim Paul 23 M Tailor Prussia
Alexander Rosalie 22 F Unkn Prussia
Alexander Doris 21 M Tailor Prussia
Alondhorst Fritz 28 M Merchant Germany
Alondhorst Carolina 27 F Unkn Germany
Antusch August 25 M Glazier Germany
Appel Selig 30 M Butcher Bavaria
Bach Leonore 40 F Unkn Prussia
Balzar Eduard 24 M Upholster Germany
Bchream Geo. A. 30 M Farmer Prussia
Benque Wilhelm 35 M Farmer USA
Benque Christina 20 F Unkn USA
Benthier David 21 M Farmer USA
Botter Barbary 34 F Unkn Bavaria
Bracklow Georg 30 M Turner Schleswig
Bracklow Theodor 26 M Gun maker Schleswig
Brady Heinrich 29 M Weaver Hamburg
Brady Emilie 24 F Unkn Hamburg
Brady Fritz .06 M Infant Hamburg
Brockmann Ludwig 25 M Engineer Mecklenburg
Brockmann Carl 28 M Dr. of Philosophy Mecklenburg
Brumm Johann A. 30 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Brumsner Fritz 30 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Brumsner Carl 28 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Brumsner Sophia 30 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Brumsner Wilhelmina 5 F Child Mecklenburg
Brumsner Fredericka 2 F Child Mecklenburg
Brumsner Sophia .06 F Infant Mecklenburg
Brumsner Julius 17 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Buckhollz Wilhelm 23 M Carpenter Prussia
Cassel Fredle. 31 M Farmer Prussia
Cassel Beata 30 F Unkn Prussia
Cassel Ernst 5 M Child Prussia
Chriseansen Peter 40 M Tailor Denmark
Christeansea Carl 26 M Engraver Denmark
Christensen Christian 42 M Engineer Hamburg
Christensen Magdalena 36 F Unkn Hamburg
Christensen Henriette 18 F Unkn Hamburg
Christensen Christine 15 F Unkn Hamburg
Christensen Friedericke 12 F Unkn Hamburg
Christensen August 9 M Child Hamburg
Christensen Heinrich 7 M Child Hamburg
Ciesielky Ksaver 31 M Farmer Poland
Cohnmann Hermann 14 M Bookbinder Bavaria
Collin Manuel 24 M Bookbinder Bavaria
Dey Adolph 26 M Turner Prussia
Dey Agnes 22 F Unkn Prussia
Dittmann Friedr. 32 M Painter Prussia
Dittmann Maria 23 F Unkn Prussia
Dittmann Carl .06 M Infant Prussia
Duusen Louis 29 F Unkn Luebeck
Eckroth Henriette 30 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Eckroth Johanna 4 F Child Mecklenburg
Eckroth Henrietta 3 F Child Mecklenburg
Eckstein Michael 28 M Farmer Prussia
Eiche Carl 25 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Elsner Alexander 36 M Farmer Prussia
Ernst Eduard 29 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Fabian Mashelor 20 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Fabran Carl 54 M Merchant Mecklenburg
Falck August 19 M Joiner Holstein
Feader Emilie 26 F Unkn Luebeck
Ferk Johanna 25 F Unkn Hamburg
Fernbocher Regina 19 F Unkn Bavaria
Filde Frederich 26 M Miller Mecklenburg
Filde Sophia 21 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Fischer Fred. A. 14 M Joiner Saxony
Flohn Ferdinand 25 M Tailor Mecklenburg
Flohn Anna 26 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Frilsch Franz 17 M Apprentice Prussia
Frilsch Hermann 23 M Farmer Prussia
Geise Ferdinand 49 M Farmer Prussia
Geise Veronica 50 F Unkn Prussia
Geiss Wilhelm 24 M Laborer Mecklenburg
Giese Johan T. 28 M Unkn Holstein
Glanschow Eduard 21 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Glaser Mas. 38 M Unkn Saxony
Glenburg Augus 34 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Glenburg Auguste 32 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Godcke Christian 27 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Godcke Carl 13 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Goldbaum David 25 M Merchant Prussia
Goldschmidt Jacob 22 M Clerk Hesse
Greitzmacher Christoph 23 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Gunther Ferdinand 19 M Tailor Prussia
Hager Heinrich 32 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Hallien Carl 31 M Painter Mecklenburg
Hallien Christine 31 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Hallien Carl 4 M Child Mecklenburg
Ham Fredh. 60 M Farmer Prussia
Ham Maria 58 F Unkn Prussia
Hartmann Wilhelm 25 M Bookbinder Bremen
Hartwis Wilhelmina 46 F Unkn Holstein
Hartwis Maria 12 F Unkn Holstein
Hartwis Otto 11 M Unkn Holstein
Hatter Herch 30 M Tailor Bavaria
Hehn Dorothea 30 F Unkn Holstein
Heich Frederich 26 M Upholster Germany
Heim Emanuel 28 M Joiner Prussia
Heim Louise 20 F Unkn Prussia
Heim August 3 M Child Prussia
Henne Robert 28 M Farmer Prussia
Herms Fredh. 27 M Wagon maker Holstein
Hobe Eduard 27 M Shoemaker Saxony
Hockbuscher Heinrich 18 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Hollien Carolina 2 F Child Mecklenburg
Hollien Wilhelmina .06 F Infant Mecklenburg
Honold Rosina 20 F Unkn Bavaria
Hovet Anna 47 F Unkn Unkn
Hovet Heinrich R. 18 M Merchant Unkn
Hubel Sophia 48 F Unkn Prussia
Hubel Christina 14 F Unkn Prussia
Jager Fredh 38 M Smith Prussia
James John 41 M Merchant Prussia
Jarry Gohaien 29 M Tailor Prussia
Kalleski Louis 26 M Joiner Prussia
Kalleski Haryonimus 28 M Tailor Prussia
Kasch August 25 M Farmer Holstein
Kaster Wilhelm 34 M Shoemaker Mecklenburg
Kaster Fredericke 25 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Kemach Heinrich 27 M Shoemaker Saxony
Kemach Emilie A. 24 F Unkn Saxony
Kemach Emilie A. 4 F Child Saxony
Kerl Sigfried 37 M Farmer Prussia
Kerl Fredericke 30 F Unkn Prussia
Kleesath Johanna 10 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Klinge Wilhelm 27 M Baker Prussia
Koning Franzshea 20 F Unkn Prussia
Kosf Fredrich 32 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Kramer Ferdinand 41 M Baker Prussia
Kramer Ernestine 31 F Unkn Prussia
Kramer Seigfried 9 M Child Prussia
Kramer Susanna 7 F Child Prussia
Kramer Aleora 5 M Child Prussia
Kreese Christoph 33 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Kreese Maria 31 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Kreese Wilhelm .06 M Infant Mecklenburg
Kuntz Sophia 24 F Unkn Hamburg
Lauermeyer Andreas 25 M Shoemaker Bavaria
Leurcke Wilhelm 24 M Baker Mecklenburg
Leurcke Sophia 23 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Levy Meyer 27 M Tailor Prussia
Levy Hermann 22 M Tailor Prussia
Levy Henrette 23 F Unkn Holstein
Lochou Moritz 29 M Farmer Prussia
Lure Joachim 34 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Lure Jette 26 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Mahan Fritz 35 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Mannigel Johann 34 M Farmer Prussia
Martens Henrich 33 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Matissen Maria 18 F Unkn Prussia
Meissner Eduard 26 M Joiner Saxony
Mendel Sarah 28 F Unkn Holstein
Meyer Ollelive .03 F Child Prussia
Meyer Auguste 35 F Unkn Prussia
Meyer Taluis 6 M Child Prussia
Meyer Martin 5 M Child Prussia
Monch Otto 21 M Farmer Schleswig
Muckecke Frederick 36 M Turner Mecklenburg
Muckecke Johanna 30 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Mungell Johanna L. 27 F Unkn Prussia
Mungell Maria E. 11 F Infant Prussia
Mussehl Adolph 38 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Oehrens Johann 28 M Shoemaker Mecklenburg
Oehrens Maria 30 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Ohrt Herrmann 25 M Teacher Holstein
Paetau Henreich 46 M Laborer Hamburg
Paetau Johanna 35 F Unkn Hamburg
Passchel Carl 25 M Miller Mecklenburg
Prosch Johann 29 M Shoemaker Mecklenburg
Prosch Louise 29 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Prosch Christian .06 M Infant Mecklenburg
Prosch Christian 27 M Tailor Mecklenburg
Raber Ernst 42 M Physician Mecklenburg
Raber Sophia 36 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Rabus Mathius 27 M Weaver Bavaria
Rarschak Salaman 26 M Upholster Prussia
Reegman Carl 30 M Laborer Mecklenburg
Reinhardt Heinrich 32 M Joiner Mecklenburg
Reinhardt David 24 M Joiner Mecklenburg
Reinhardt Bertha .06 F Infant Mecklenburg
Remtz Wilhelm 23 M Farmer Prussia
Retheke Louis 25 M Merchant Mecklenburg
Reussner Carl 41 M Lawyer Austria
Roch Peter H. 25 M Unkn Holstein
Roch Adolph G. 21 M Unkn Holstein
Rosenbann Moritz 24 M Merchant Hamburg
Ruichardt Ernst 26 M Farmer Prussia
Ruichardt Christian 20 M Unkn Prussia
Russ Joachim 36 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Sayer Johann 36 M Laborer Holstein
Schaltz Fredk. 41 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Schaltz Fredericke 39 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schaltz Frederich 18 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Schaltz Heinrich 16 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Schaltz Fredericke 14 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schaltz Sophia 10 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schaltz Louise 8 F Child Mecklenburg
Schaltz Auguste 6 F Child Mecklenburg
Schaltz Wilhelm 3 M Child Mecklenburg
Schaltz Ludwig .06 M Child Mecklenburg
Schamacher Henriet 32 M Butcher Holstein
Schecker Carl 25 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Schecker Friedrich 22 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schecker Carl .06 M Infant Mecklenburg
Schecker Rudolph 17 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Scheiver Heinrich 23 M Clerk Mecklenburg
Scheller Wilhelmine 26 F Unkn Hamburg
Schmidt Emilie 30 F Unkn Anhalt Dessau
Schneider Otto 18 M Clerk Saxony
Schubel Gottlieb 23 M Brewer Prussia
Schultz Johann 23 M Engineer Germany
Schultz Christine 31 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schultz Heinrich 4 M Child Mecklenburg
Schultz Anna .03 F Infant Mecklenburg
Schultz Heinrich 35 M Unkn Mecklenburg
Schultz Johann 32 M Farmer Mecklenburg
Schultz Sophia 23 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schultz Helena 21 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Schuppan Wilhelm 28 M Glove Maker Saxony
Sehern Georg 40 M Turner Holstein
Simon Hermann 25 F Farmer Mecklenburg
Simon Charoltte 27 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Simon Jseder 27 M Furrier Prussia
Strobel Johann G. 30 M Shoemaker Hamburg
Strobel Eleonore 35 F Unkn Hamburg
Strobel Charlotte 17 F Unkn Hamburg
Tapp Johaein 20 M Wagoner Mecklenburg
Tess Joh. H. 56 M Private Man Hamburg
Tiede Wilhelm 29 M Farmer Hamburg
Tiede Henrette 24 F Unkn Hamburg
Tiede August 4 M Child Hamburg
Tiede Anna 2 F Child Hamburg
Tiede Ernst ,06 M Infant Hamburg
Toplitz Fabrab 20 M Carpet Maker Prussia
Voight Christian 52 M Farmer Prussia
Voight Juliane 43 F Unkn Prussia
Voight Ferdinand 23 M Unkn Prussia
Voight Welhelm 16 M Unkn Prussia
Voight Rosalie 13 F Unkn Prussia
Voight Carl 12 M Child Prussia
Voight Frederich 8 M Child Prussia
Voight Emilie 4 F Child Prussia
Weber Carl 32 M Barber Hanover
Weber Hanna 24 F Unkn Hanover
Weiss Ernst 24 M Farmer Prussia
Weiss Fredericke 25 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Daniel 52 M Joiner Prussia
Weiss Fredericke 45 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Christian 58 M Farmer Prussia
Weiss Christiane 27 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Gattegren 43 M Farmer Prussia
Weiss Catharina 42 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Lucuan 20 M Unkn Prussia
Weiss Ernestine 17 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Wilhelmine 13 F Unkn Prussia
Weiss Eduard 11 M Child Prussia
Weiss Louise 9 F Child Prussia
Weiss Frederick 23 M Unkn Prussia
Weiss Laurette 28 F Unkn Prussia
Wetterstroem August 33 M Pastor Mecklenburg
Wetterstroem Caroline 21 F Unkn Mecklenburg
Wiest Anna A. 30 F Unkn Bavaria
Wilcke Laura 24 F Unkn Prussia
Wilke Johann 20 M Upholster Mecklenburg
Winckler Johann. F. 26 M Joiner Saxony
Wolter Johann 27 M Blacksmith Mecklenburg
Woollmann Jonas 27 M Merchant Prussia
Wulff Adolph H. 35 M Dr. of Philosophy Holstein
Wulff Maria 26 F Unkn Holstein
Wulff Johann 2 M Child Holstein
Wulff David 43 M Unkn Prussia
Wulff Christiana 35 F Unkn Prussia
Wulff Fredrick 16 M Unkn Prussia
Wunder Geo. 17 M Unkn Saxony

Thanks to Mary McGinnis who submitted the information for this page!

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