Amelia Pearl Elizabeth (Siekerman) Sealing

Born: June 1888 in Dillsboro to Theodore F. and Mary L. Siekerman.
Married: Reverend John Lewis Sealing - Born: September 25,1887, Oak Harbor, Ottawa County, Ohio
Location: Unknown
Date: December 16, 1912

John was a Lutheran Minister serving first at Zion-Obetz Church, Columbus, Ohio. Later at Holland Indiana.
They had two sons Otto John, who was killed while fishing from a railroad bridge, (Oak Harbor, Ohio) at the age of 15.
and Paul Luther Theodore, who later became a minister also.

Pearl had one known brother-Clyde Henry, who remained in Dillsboro and married Eva A.(Surname Unknown)

Pearl was also the grand daughter of Gerald Henry Siekerman of Prussia.
Who appears to be the Ancester of most (if not all) of the Siekermans of Dearborn and Ripley Counties.

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Amelia Pearl Elizabeth Siekerman

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