Crusse Family Reunion
Circa 1940

This is a photograph of a Crusse Family reunion held at the Greendale Cabin
located in Greendale, Indiana. The photo was taken circa 1940.

(L-R); Eleanora Crusse Warburton, Harry H. Warburton,
Margaret Crusse Chrisman, Joseph B. Chrisman, Marie Crusse Richard,
William L. Richard, Helen Crusse Ryan, Elmer J. Ryan, Frances Crusse Shehane,
J. Wesley Shehane, (Enda Mazie) Maze Shehane Dennis, (Arthur) "Pug" Dennis,
William A. E. Richard, Emma Schwarz Richard.
Thank you to Terri Duff for identifying the previously two unknown people (Dennis').
The photograph was submitted by Kurt Cook. Thank you Kurt!

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