St. Lawrence Catholic School

This is a photograph of a class at St. Lawrence school, located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.
The photograph was taken circa 1914. The group has had their second communion.
The names are, front row, (L-R); Ethel Hutton, Sabina Kennerline, Antionette Schwarz,
Anna Huber, Rosemilda Tekulve, Molly Liddle;
middle row, (L-R); "Red" Fasnacht, Cataldus Lang, Louis Bessler, Charles Allan,
Philip Welsh, Francis Little, Henry Hodapp;
back row, (L-R); Fr Sonderman, Mary Armbruster, unknown, Helen Crusse,
Margaret Crusse, Fr Kreiss.
The photograph was submitted by Kurt Cook. Thank you Kurt!

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