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Turn of the Century Births

--Source for below: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Jan. 4, 1900 edition

"A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Anderson Christmas day."

"A little daughter was added to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hayes the day after Christmas."

Source: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Dec. 27, 1900 edition
Under the heading 'Newtown'
"Born, to George Welle and wife, a daughter."

Source: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Jan. 3, 1901 edition
"The fathers and mothers in the year 2001 will not present any prettier babies than the blue-eyed darling of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Kestner, who was the youngest guest at the firemen's watch meeting Monday night.

Source for bekow:
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Located in Dover, Kelso Twp.
Baptismal records
Records located at Lawrenceburg Public Library
BRAUN, Charles (Carl) Felix, born, Dec 15, 1900
Parents: Joseph Braun and Mary Bauch

BYRNE, Edward Hugo Randolph, born, July 11, 1899
Parents: Edward Byrnes & Caroline Derflein

KNUE, John Bernard, born; Aug. 29, 1899
Parents: John Knue & Elizabeth Volzelogl

KNUF, Josephine Anna, born; Dec 18, 1900
Parents: Clement Knuf and Elizabeth Grimme

KNUF, Philomena Angeline, born; July 6, 1899
Parents: Clement Knuf & Elizabeth Grimme

KUNTZ, Dorothea Johanna, born; July 18, 1899
Parents: Michael Kuntz & Emina Miller

MOEMKE, Gertrude Constance born; Dec. 1, 1899 Parents: Alfred Moemke & Catherine Connelly

NEAD, Elizabeth Lucinda, born; Dec 22, 1900
Parents: John Nead and Mary Merkl

NEAD, Francis Leo, born: Aug. 21, 1899
Parents: William Nead & Elenora Schaefer

NEAD, Prudence Romola, born; Apr. 30, 1900
Parents: Edward Nead, Mary Hammerle

NEAD, Rosetta Cecilia, born; May 18, 1899
Parents: John Nead & Mary Merkl

OTT, Edward Joseph, born; July 19, 1900
Parents: Jacob (James) Ott & Louise Gruber

SEIFERT, Mary Loretta, born; June 24, 1900
Parents: Joseph Siefert & Elizabeth Nead

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