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Turn of the Century Miscellaneous Items

The items below will, hopefully, help us learn how our ancestors of the time lived. This page will contain items concerning the people and places of Dearborn County.

-Source : The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 15, 1899 edition

'Dearborn County

"The general merchandise store of Christ. Borgman, at Manchester Station, was broken into by thieves and nearly $325 worth of hardware, shoes, clothing and groceries carried away. The robbers had a wagon and two horses, as shown by the tracks near the store."

"A frame dwelling house on Third street, Aurora belonging to Mrs. W.J. McHenry, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday evening. Loss estimated at $1,500."

'Transfers of Real Estate'
"O.A. Woods and Ella F. Woods to John Fleming--73 16-100 acres, in sec. 4, town 3, range 2. $1,000."

--Source : The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Jan. 4, 1900 edition

"Jerry Brown and John Moran are again on duty as conductor and engineer respectively of the Big Four local passenger train."

"County Treasurer Fangman, who has been in poor health ever since moving to town, is steadily though slowly improving and is able to be at his office every day. The greater part of the office work, however, is performed by his daughter, Miss Josephine Fangman, since Mr. Wulber retired."

"Albert Angevine, 85, was caught on the Miami trestle and narrowly escaped being run over by a passenger train."

"Mrs. J.M. Bauer and two daughters and Mrs. Vic Oberting and four children are arranging to go to the Paris exposition."

"Thomas Winegardner made out the papers Monday to have Dr. A.B. Harryman admitted to the soldiers' home at Lafayette and Henry Bodman, better known as Henry Miller, to the soldiers' home near Marion."

"Miss Lucy Tittel entertained a number of friends Friday evening with a graphophone party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Demann."

"Andrew Skirving has fitted out a fine blacksmith shop on his farm."

"Dr. Davis has gone on his annual trip to Florida."

"Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Jelley attended the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan at Rising Sun recently."

"Herman Prievers, who has been confined to his home for several weeks with inflammatory rheumatism, is no better."

--Source : The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Dec. 20, 1900 edition

"The telephone company has just put in telephones at the following places: Fitch's drug store, Fred Kinsinger's residence, Spanagel's grocery ad Dr. Fagaly's office."

"J. M. Bauer and family now occupy their newly remodeled home in Greendale, after a four month's stay at the Stevenson hotel."

"Lee's department store has five assistants employed now. Besides Miss Nettie Rodenberg and Miss Carrie Zinser, the regular force, Mrs. Lou Marshall, Miss Tena Lommel and Emmet Lee are helping out during the holiday rush. Tomorrow they will put on another, making with Mr. and Mrs. Lee eight persons in the store."

"F.W. McCracken was badly bruised about the legs and body Thursday by a horse slipping and falling on him at the corner of Ninth and Race in Cincinnati. He was able to be about again Monday."

"Earl Gold will begin teaching at district No. 1 after the holidays, and Edward Lommel will take a position with the Lawrenceburg Lumber Company."

'Good Guessers.'
"The following residents of Dearborn county won prizes as follows in the Cincinnati Enquirer's census guessing contest: Jacob Stevens, Aurora, $10; Mrs. Mary E. Wilson, Lawrenceburg, $10; Charles Bell, Chesterville, $10; John Twentyman, Aurora, $5; Charles Junker, Lawrenceburg, $5; Dr. E. J. Emmert, Lawrenceburg, $5; Frank Federle, Lawrenceburg, $5."

--Source : The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Dec. 27, 1900 edition

"Mrs. Emma Brogan Jessup and son Tom leave today for their home at Guatemala, Central America, via California. They have been here a little more than a year."

"Byron Ruble, who runs the "Royal Blue Flyer" between Manchester and Lawrenceburg, talks of putting in an automobile to give better passenger service."

--Source: The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Dec. 28, 1900 edition

"Macie Withrow, Dillsboro, Dec. 26, attempted to commit suicide by shooting herself in the temple, and will probably die."

--Source for below: The Lawrenceburg Press
Thurs., Jan. 3, 1901 edition

"J. Abrahams, the tailor, who came here from Newpoint in March, moved to Vevay this week. This leaves four tailoring establishments in Lawrenceburg-ample for all present requirements."

"Dr. J.W. Van Osdol, having decided to locate permanently in this city, has opened an office at 38 Walnut street, over the city offices. Dr. Van Osdol practiced medicine successfully at Allensville, Switzerland county, for 32 years previous to coming to Lawrenceburg a few weeks ago."

For Sale
"The residence of John Schrader, corner of Elm and Tate streets, 8 rooms, good stable, bath room, and many other conviences." Warren Tebbs

-Source : The Recorder, Rising Sun
Fri., Jan. 4, 1901 edition


"Last week Miller went to Cincinnati and enlisted for service in the Philippines, but hearing that Miss Withrow had attempted suicide, came home on a furlough. Miller says his attempt at suicide had nothing to do with his enlistment in the army."

"Thomas Baker has purchased five acres of land on Trester hill, with good house, barn, etc., for $1,000, occupied by C. Buchanan."

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