On the Southeast end of the Harrison Hill Cemetery, a small separated cemetery exists.
It was once fenced separately from the Harrison Hill Cemetery with wrought iron fence.
The northeast corner of this cemetery was adjacent to the Harrison Hill Cemetery.
This small cemetery used to be called the Haas Cemetery. It is now just part
of the Harrison Hill Cemetery. There are eight grave stones in this lot.
The Haas Cemetery
Name: Date of Birth  Date of Death Misc 1: Misc 2:
Haas, Conrad  1857 1921 Born in Ungstein     
Haas, Catherine 1848 1914     
Haas, Albert 1898 1947      
Haas, John 1869 1939     
Haas, Estella (nee Wegand) 1885 1939 W/O     John Haas
Haas, Louise 1898 1947     
Haas, Albert 1898 1947     
Weil, George 5/22/1899 5/04/1962 Indiana S2 US Navy - World War 1     
Weil, Lorena C.) 3/01/1901 1/08/1971 W/O    George Weil