(Re: History of DeKalb County, Indiana; B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc., Indianapolis, 1914, pages 309 to 315)

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On May 28, 1857, DeKalb Lodge No. 214, Free and Accepted Masons, was chartered, and on June 5th was instituted. The first officers were: Milton F. Pierce, worshipful master; John Butt, senior warden; Alva O. Espy, Junior warden; Aaron Wolf, treasurer; Eli Weaver, secretary; Joseph H. Ford, senior deacon; James Barclay, junior deacon; William E. Rush, tyler, and John Butt, James Barclay and A. O. Espy, trustees.

In 1913 the lodge has one hundred and sixty-two members, and the following officers: Joseph N. Grover, worshipful master; Philip Holman, senior warden, Donald P. Sprott, junior warden; Fred W. Knott, Treasurer; Thomas H. Sprott, secretary; Ira A. Thrush, senior deacon; John E. Graham, junior deacon; Thomas C. Ford, senior steward; W. Gage Zigler, junior steward; George W. Rudolph, tyler; James L. Lewis, James Y. W. McClellan, Jon E. Graham, trustees.

William Hacker Chapter No. 63, Royal Arch Masons, was organized under dispensation on September 3, 1866, and chartered May 23, 1867. John Butt was high priest until 1878. The chapter now has sixty-two members, and is officered by the following: William H. Leas, high priest; Joseph N. Grover, king; Charles H. Knapp, scribe; James L. Lewis, treasurer; Thomas H. Sprott, secretary; William C. Howard, captain of host; Harry M. Richwine, principal sojourner; Daniel J. Whipple, royal arch captain; James Y. W. McClellan, master third veil; Noah A. Bash, master second veil; George A. Bishop, master first veil; George W. Rudolph, guard.

DeKalb Council No. 57, Royal and Select Masters, was chartered on July 15, 1885. The council has a present membership of forty-five, and has the following officers: Harry M. Richwine, thrice illustrious master; Willis Baughman, deputy illustrious master; Sam F. Davenport, illustrious principal conductor of work; Price D. West, treasurer; Thomas H. Sprott, recorder; William C. Howard, captain of guard; Howard A. Marvin, conductor of council; F. L. Rodebaugh, steward, and George W. Rudolph, sentinel.

Auburn Chapter No. 103, Order of Eastern Star, had a good membership.

Waterloo City Lodge No. 307, Free and Accepted Masons, was organized in Waterloo in 1861. The charter is dated May 26, 1864. At present there are sixty members, and the officers are: Clark Campbell, worshipful master; Frank Fisk, senior warden; J. Harris Reed, junior warden; C. Ellsworth Montavon, treasurer; William H. Leas, secretary; W. R. Newcomer, senior deacon; W. E. Montavon, junior deacon; John R. Rohm and A. H. Erwin, stewards; John J. Lightner, tyler; N. T. Jackman, J. J. Lightner, John W. Frick, trustees. The Masons own their own hall, and part of the Abbey block, which they use as an annex.

Waterloo Chapter No. 142, Order of the Eastern Star, had about ninety-six members at Waterloo.

Garrett City Lodge No. 537, Free and Accepted Masons, was united under dispensation on July 17, 1876, and the charter is dated May 15, 1877. The present lodge has about two hundred and thirty-five members. The officers are: Harry E. Wert, worshipful master; Howard A. Marion, senior warden; Harry B. Hill, junior warden; Harry M. Brown treasurer; Job C. Smith, secretary.

Garrett Chapter No. 129, Royal Arch Masons, was united under dispensation on May 23, 1903, and the charter is dated October, 22 1903. The chapter has a membership of about one hundred and twenty-five, and is officered by the following: Franklin Rodebaugh, high priest; Thomas A. Smith, king; Edwin Van Fleit, scribe; Harry M. Brown, treasurer; Job C. Smith secretary.

Harmony Chapter No. 67, Order of Eastern Star, has about one hundred members in Garrett.

Ashley Lodge No. 614, Free and Accepted Masons, has about fifty members. A. N. Ellis is worshipful master; C. H. Bruce, past master; W. N. Folkerson, senior warden; Jess McClugen, junior warden; L. C. Hunt, secretary; C. A. Lakins, treasurer.

Ashley Chapter No. 229, Order of Eastern Star has a good membership.

Forest Lodge No. 239, Free and Accepted Masons, at Butler, was organized in 1858, with the following as first officers: H. S. Madden, worshipful master; W. W. Straight, senior warden; W. R. Chilson, junior warden; Jason Hubbell, secretary; J. H. Boon, treasurer; W. H. Madden, senior deacon; A. Lampson, junior deacon, and Z. Handy, tyler. The charter is dated May 25, 1859. The present membership is one hundred and twelve, and the following are the present officers: Marion M. Knepper, worshipful master; Charles H. Miller, senior warden; Clifford R. Decker, junior warden; Samuel G. Stone, treasurer; Charles T. Apt, secretary; C. H. Grube senior deacon; George A. Powers, junior deacon; Hugh T. Berkey and Harry M. Hatch, stewards; Peter Whitman, tyler.

Butler Chapter No. 106, Royal Arch Masons, at Butler, was chartered on October 22, 1891. At present there are seventy-three members. The officers are: Clyde J. Shaffer, high priest; M. M. Knepper, king; Henry Grube, scribe; Frank P. Stump, treasurer; Charles T. Apt, secretary; C. H. Grube, captain of host; John A. Daniels, principal sojourner; J. Bruce Pessel, royal arch captain; O. C. Waterman, guard master third veil; Frank P. Stump, guard master second veil; Ed. A. Karle, guard master first veil; Peter Whitman, guard.

Butler Council No. 83, Royal and Select Masters, at Butler, was chartered October 20, 1909. The present membership totals thirty-eight. The following are the officers: Walter J. Mondhank, thrice illustrious master; Clyde J. Shaffer, right illustrious deputy master; Oris C. Waterman, Illustrious principal conductor of work; Morrison Brunstetter, treasurer; Charles T. Apt, recorder; M. M. Knepper, captain of guard; Henry M. Showalter, conductor of council; F. P. Stump, steward; Peter Whitmen, sentinel.

Forest Chapter No. 44, Order of Eastern Star, was chartered at Butler on April 15, 1880



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Auburn Lodge No. 191, Knights of Pythias, was chartered on May 4, 1888, and now has a membership of three hundred and thirty members. T. L. Hoodlemier is chancellor commander; Guy Clement, vice commander; L. F. Moore, prelate; Arthur Grube, master of work; D. C. Norris, keeper of records and seals; W. C. Kettering, master of exchequer; E. E. Shilling, master of finance; F. H. Fury, master at arms; R. A. Gramlin, inner guard; Charles E. Kingsury, outer guard; F. D. Smith, Charles E. Renier, Dr. D. N. Fitch, trustees. The hall is in the third story of the building at Seventh and Cedar street. The property is valued at six thousand dollars.

Butler Lodge No. 158, Knights of Pythias, was organized on December 11, 1886, and at present has a membership of two hundred and sixty-five, being the largest lodge in Butler. The lodge owns the second story of the Oberlin block, and the property, including fixtures, is valued at six thousand dollars. The officers are: A. A. Kramer, chancellor commander; W. P. Endicott, vice commander; George W. Geddus, master of finance; T. J. Knisely, master of exchequer; C. W. Campbell, secretary; Roy Johnson, master of work, W. R. Lennon, inner guard; J. O. Gee, outer guard; trustee, R. C. Campbell.

Butler Temple No. 126, Pythian Sisters, is also active in Butler.

Garrett City Lodge No. 130, Knights of Pythias, was organized on June 2, 1886, with fifteen charter members. The present membership totals seventy-nine, and the lodge is officered by the following: Carl Moyer, chancellor commander; C. H. Hamilton, vice commander; L. Stoner, prelate; J. Hill, master of work; D. C.

Beehler, Keeper of records and seal, also master of finance; J. A. Moore, master of exchequer; L. J. Gengler, master at arms; S. E. Boogher, inner guard; Louis Eberle, outer guard.

Ruth Temple No. 56, Pythian Sisters, was organized at Garrett on June 17, 1892.

St. Joe Lodge No. 400, Knights of Pythias, was organized on February 28, 1894, and chartered on June 6, 1894, with the following charter members: Sol Barney, H. M. Widney, S. Openlauder, J. C. Hull, J. A. Culbertson, Daniel Hamm, W. C. Patterson, Frank Barney, Leo Bleeks, J. P. Bonnell, John Williams, Ed. Leighty, C. H. Brown, B. F. Walter, John Deets, Joseph Harrods, Logan Fuller, B. S. Sheffer, John Alten, F. J. White, F. H. Abel, D. J. Baker, L. Gee, J. L. Stewart, William Curie, J. C. F. Abel, C. A. Patterson, O. M. Saylor and Ballard Bowen. F. W. Abel was the first chancellor commander. C. H. Brown, H. M. Widney, C. A. Patterson, J. C. F. Abel, Frank Walters, D. J. Baker, John Allen and Ed. Leighty were other first officers. At the present writing there are seventy-six members in the St. Joe lodge, and the officers are Edwin Cox, chancellor commander; William Curie, vice chancellor; Wilson Kock, prelate; Clarence Hart, master of work; J. C. Hull, master of exchequer; Abner Copp, master of finance; B. S. Sheffer, keeper of records and seal; Charles Collins, inner guard; Ira Bowen, other guard; H. M. Widney, Joseph Haifley and Ed. Leighty, trustees. Azalea Temple No. 152, Pythian Sisters, is active in St. Joe.

Leonidas Lodge No. 205, Knight of Pythias, was organized about fifteen years ago in Waterloo. At present there are one hundred and seventy-two members, and the officers are: Frank Walker, chancellor commander; Isaac Johnson, vice-commander; Charles Barton, prelate; Henry Link, keeper of records and seal; J. J. Beck, master of exchequer; W. H. Leas, master of finance; John Mann, master at arms; Dan Rumm, inner guard; Roy Shuman, outer guard.

Ashley Lodge No. 394, Knights of Pythias, was instituted on July 12, 1893, and at present has forty-one active members. The officers are as follows: Frank Baughman, chancellor commander; Jesse Camp, vice-commander; George Parks, prelate; S. C. Hunt, secretary; Dave Furney, master of exchequer; F. P. Hoover, master of finance; Frank Jennings, inner guard; Jacob Hood, outer guard.

Ashley temple No. 98, Pythias Sisters, had a membership of thirty-nine.

Corunna Lodge No. 248, Knights of Pythias, has a small membership.


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The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was first introduced in Auburn at a very early date, but the records have been destroyed. A charter was granted to Bradford C. Cosgrove and others on July 21, 1852, and on July 21, 1853, Auburn Lodge No. 116 was instituted. The first officers were: Wesley Park, noble grand; W. H. Straight, vice grand; W. W. Griswold, secretary, and S. W. Ralston, treasurer. The fire of January 1856, destroyed the hall and the lodge reorganized on June 25th, with A. O. Espy, noble grand; S. W. Ralston, vice grand; W. W. Griswold, secretary, and Wesley Park, treasurer. In the fall of 1872 a brick building was begun on the north side of Seventh street opposite the court yard. In October a storm ruined the structure and bankrupted the lodge. The charter was returned and the members disbanded.

A new charter was granted January 17, 1882, as Mentor Lodge No. 591, and on January 30th of the same year the lodge was instituted. The first officers were: F. T. Zimmerman, noble grand; P. Noel, vice grand; W. H. Rakestraw, secretary, and G. W. Gordon, treasurer. The lodge at this date has one hundred and fifteen members and is officered by the following: Kent Provines, noble grand; Lester Cobler, vice grand; E. C. Atenburg, recording secretary; J. F. Baughman, financial secretary; F. E. Draggoo, treasurer; A. A. Rowland, trustee. The lodge owns its hall and equipment.

St. Joe Lodge No. 671, Independent Order of Odd Fellows was chartered on March 18, 1891, with the following as charter members: William Curie, John Y. Davis, James K. Stafford, J. R. Culbertson, Sol Barney and L. L. Stanton. At present there are one hundred and three members. The officers are: Jay Rickets, noble grand; Ray Herrick, secretary; W. A. G. Smith, treasurer; Fred Reeder, vice grand; Frank Quinsy, financial secretary. Sol Barney, of this lodge, is district deputy grand master for DeKalb county, having held the office for fifteen years. St. Joe Valley Lodge No. 505, Rebekahs, was chartered on January 16, 1896.

Garrett Lodge No. 602, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was instituted August 29, 1883, with T. C. Sargent as noble grand; H. M. Bicknell, as vice grand; Charles W. Camp, as secretary, and B. D. Thomas, as treasurer. The present enrollment numbers two hundred and thirty-five men. The hall was remodeled in 1901, and now has a valuation of twelve thousand dollars. The charter members of the order are: Charles W. Camp, T. C. Sargent, A. H. Philips, Thomas H. Stewart, Charles S. Stewart, H. M. Bicknell, B. D. Thomas H. F. Sembower, Lyman Lockwood and Henry Schelter. The present officers are: Howard Ross, noble grand; J. L. Ghrum, vice grand; William Watson, secretary; S. D. Johnston, treasurer; G. W. Rowe, trustee.

Butler Lodge No. 282, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was instituted May 22, 1867, and the five charter members were: Leonard P. Waterhouse, Jacob Apple, John T. Champion, William Macartney and Warren Closson. There are now one hundred and twenty-four members. The elective officers are: Jacob Farner, noble grand; William Tefft, vice grand; C. A. Engles, recording secretary; S. G. Stone, treasurer, Charles Mumaw, financial secretary. There is also a lodge of the Rebekahs in Butler.

Butler Encampment No. 160, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was established on March 17, 1884, with seven charter members.

Waterloo Lodge No. 221, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, was organized in Waterloo, DeKalb county in 1860. There are now about ninety-five members, and the elective officers are: O. B. Arthur, noble grand; Henry Shultz, vice grand; D. E. Newcomer, recording secretary; R. W. McBride, financial secretary, and C. J. Myer, trustee.

Ashley Lodge No. 829, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, has twenty-five members, and was organized by Sol Barney, of St. Joe. The present officers are: Arthur C. Wolfe, noble grand; Ira Moortorff, secretary; C. S. Thomson, treasurer, and Thomas Robinett, vice grand.


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DeLong Post No. 67, Grand Army of the Republic, was organized and chartered at Auburn on May 8, 1882. The charter members were: Henry C. Peterson, P. W. Silber, George W. Gordon, Michael Ensley, Henry Wolf, John Otto, Ezra D. Hartman, J. J. Littlefield, John A. Cowan, H. E. Altenburg, Adolph Pairan, C. P. Houser, Fred Abel and William Schneider. The post was named in honor of Colonel Solomon DeLong, of the One Hundred and Twenty-ninth and Forty-fourth Indiana Volunteer Infantry. The past commanders have been: Nicholas G. Ensley, Philip Noel, John Otto, A. P. Green, Joseph Ranier, J. O. Davidson, D. C. Marvin, Robert Simpson, Joseph Davidson at present, and on January 1, 1914, O. H. Widney assumes the office of commander. In December, 1913, there are forty-three living members of the DeLong Post. A special room has been provided for the veterans in the new DeKalb county court house, a room in which will also be kept the records and relics of the post.

John C. Carnes Post No. 144, at St. Joe, was organized in March, 1883, and named after the first man killed from Concord township in the Civil war. Carnes was killed at Paducah, Kentucky while mounting a cannon. There were about thirty-six charter members, and the post was organized in the hall over Jacob D. Leighty’s store. Leighty was the first commander of the post. They remained in the hall until about 1889, when they occupied the hall over the St. Joe Valley bank. In 1910 a monument was erected in the cemetery, commemorating the heroes of ’61. This monument is twenty-two feet six inches in height, cost twenty-two hundred and sixteen dollars, and was dedicated on May 30, 1912.

Charles Case Post No. 233, existed in Garrett, but has been disbanded. The post was organized in 1883.

Waterloo Post No. 52 was mustered in March, 1882, and is still in existent, with a good membership.

Meade Post No. 44, at Butler, was mustered in February, 1882, with D. S. Stoy as commander.