Civil War Photographs

Submitted by: Kenneth Warstler from his collection.


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Delong Post, #67 GAR. Located in Auburn, Indiana. Named after Solomon Delong, who was one of the first settlers in Newville. In the first row, first from the left: Ezra D. Hartman, Co. A 100th Indiana. First row, fourth from left: Nicholas Ensley, Co. K 44th Indiana. Late 1880ís.

John C. Carnes Post, GAR. Located in St. Joe, Indiana. Named after the first soldier to die from Concord Township. Last row, 2nd from left: Oliver H. Widney, Co. H 88th Indiana.

Cyrus Olinger, Co. F 118th Indiana. Then Co. A 100th Indiana. He was from Auburn, Indiana and buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.


Cyrus Olinger, in later years. Wearing a GAR uniform.

Co. A 100th Indiana, known as the "DeKalb Tigers". In the late 1920ís, the reunion for the 100th Indiana was held at Auburn in the old hotel. Only 6 members of the regiment were present; Olinger being on of them. He died January 3, 1931.

Joseph C. Prosser, Co. A 100th Indiana, and wife. From Auburn and buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

John and Henry P. McConnell. John: Co. A 100th Indiana. Badly wounded at the battle of Missionary Ridge. Died in Auburn, Indiana, January 1, 1864. Henry P.: Co. F 129th Indiana. Died in 1865. Both are buried in the Sixteen Cemetery in Corunna, Indiana.

Isaiah Baughman, Co. H 30th Indiana. "DeKalb County Guards". Discharged for disability. Re-enlisted, Corporal Co. A 88th Indiana. Received a gunshot wound in the battle of Stones River. Discharged for disability. And re-enlisted, Co. A 1st Indiana, heavy artillery at Waterloo City, Indiana. Finally discharged in 1866. From Auburn and buried in Woodlawn cemetery.

William Freeman, Co. H 30th Indiana. "DeKalb County Guards". He was from Auburn.

Robert H. Johnson, Co. H 30th Indiana. "DeKalb County Guards". He was from Newville. Buried in White City Cemetery in Spencerville.

Job C. Smith, Lt. Co. H 30th Indiana. "DeKalb County Guards". He resigned in 1862. Reason, disability. He was a resident of Auburn. Occupation, merchant. In later years, moved to Portland, Oregon.

Moses B. Willis, Sergt. Co. K 44th Indiana. Promoted to captain. Wounded at the battle of Shiloh. He was from Waterloo City. Moved to Auburn in 1875. Was prominent businessman. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Moses B. Willis, Capt. Co. K 44th Indiana.

David N. Hart, Co. F 44th Indiana. He was from Newville. Later in life, he moved to Columbia City, Indiana.

John R. Hamacher, Capt. Co. D 49th Indiana. Promoted to major. He was from Vienna (Newville) Indiana.

Reunion of the 88th Indiana. Held in Auburn, October 8th 1913.

Lemonosky R. Willard, Co. A 88th Indiana. He was from Waterloo City. Occupation, painter. Died in Clio, Michigan.

George W. Edinger, Musician Co. A 88th Indiana. Mustered out as principle musician. He had 3 children that all died young. He died in South Bend, Indiana in 1886.

Walter E. Boley, Lt. Co. A 88th Indiana. Killed in action May 15, 1864 at the battle of Resaca, GA. He was from Waterloo City. His father died in 1859. He had a brother, John Boley, who was in Co. B 12th Indiana Cavalry and who also died of disease at Louisville, Kentucky in 1864.

Thomas I. Jones, Co. H 88th Indiana. He was from Jarvis (Butler).

Enoch R. Culbertson, Co. A 21st Indiana. which in 1863 became Co. A 1st Indiana Heavy Artillery. He was from Auburn.

Manius Buchanan, he was first in Co. B 29th Indiana. Discharged for disability in 1862. Commissioned Captain Co. F 118th Indiana. He was from Corunna. He was elected surveyor of DeKalb County in 1860. In later years, he went west to survey land. Died in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. James N. Chamberlain, prominent doctor of Auburn and Waterloo. He was sheriff of DeKalb County from 1860 to 1862. After the bloody battle of Shiloh, he was called upon to care for the wounded in Tennessee. In 1865, he became surgeon of the 152nd Indiana.

Dr. James N. Chamberlain and wife.

Unidentified Civil War Soldier photographed in Waterloo City, Indiana. Waterloo was called Waterloo City during and before the Civil War.

Unidentified Civil War Soldier and wife photographed in Auburn, Indiana.