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This site is a repository for all types of Bible, Prayer Book, and any other written records that have been passed down through the years. These sources of information are a valuable source. Thank you for the records that you are willing to share to other genealogists, researchers and historians on this web site. Preservation of these records IS important and this page will help you to share your valuable information with others that may have an interest in the same records. What is important is preservation.



Simple, yet important guidelines for your entry, whether it is through email, handwritten, typed, or photocopied. Please supply all the information as much as possible. This will provide the most accurate recording for this archive.

Send your submissions in a message that are either scanned, attached to an email, or typed, handwritten or photocopied and then snail mailed to me. Copy the information so it may then be mailed to my snail mail address which I will supply upon request.

E-Mail to Dan Terry - dangen@acd.net


 Bible Entries

Bible Owner

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Surnames included

Michael L. Slentz

Hammond, Williams, Jameson, McCurdy, Griffith, Durrim, Wilkens, Cunningham, Everhart, Blaisdell, Kepler, Firestone, Aldrich

TROUTNER, Harriet Eliza Coil
Carolyn Sanders

Coil, Troutner, Wollett, Humiston


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